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Atlanta the Hedgehog: Runaway Rebel
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Julia Finitevus
Julia Finitevus
ReensRedux & Max Irvaron
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Atlanta Diana Janeway, formerly known as Elise Pacifica Marcina, is on the run from a rogue faction of G.U.N. that is hell-bent on ending the world. She ends up fighting not only for her life, but also to destroy the faction. It's a year into her war with the faction when she is approached by a strange being of immense power who promises to help her change the past.

Atlanta takes the offer, unaware that this supposedly benevolent being has nefarious intentions for her and the galaxy. Will she find out in time to stop him? Or will he succeed in his evil plans?


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Characters (Add Here)

Atlanta the Hedgehog (Julia & Reens)

Chloe-Su the Echidna (Julia Finitevus)

Mai the Panda (MaxIrvaron)

Tronci the Monkey (MaxIrvaron)

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