Athena is rather short, being about 3' 4" in height. She has stark black fur, and she wears a long sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She wears a rather short blue tie, and long black pants and high-heeled boots. She has black hair that is curled into short ringlets that fall upon her shoulders. She wears a long business jacket of sorts, with the buttons meeting in the middle. She wears a black bowler hat upon her head, with a blue stripe in the middle. Athena wears light blue eyeshadow, and she has a tattoo of a spade on her right cheek. She also tends to wear blush, and mascara jsut to give herself a more appealing look.


Jane is extremely blunt, not afraid to do anything. She does not let anybody tell her what to do, which is ironic because of the fact that she alludes to the Jack of Spades, which is a servant of sorts. Athena tends to act fairly innocent around men, flirting with them relentlessly to get what she wants out of them. 

Jane is also a rather emotionless person, rarely genuinely showing emotion. She also tends to be a bit snarky and sarcastic, but she does have her moments when she is genuinely kind to others. She generally only actually likes the other members of The Cardtel. She also has a rather fake personality, which is where her nickname "The Painted Lady" comes from, because nobody actually knows her genuine personality yet.


Jane was born to her young, poor parents on a spring day. As a child, Jane began to develop mysterious powers such as X-ray vision and hypnosis. She would hypnotize people to get what she wanted, and she would get what she wanted, no matter the cost.

Jane's parents were frightened at their young child's abilities, and they had her locked up at a facility at the age of thirteen. Jane didn't realize what she was doing was wrong, simply because they had allowed it for so long because their own daughter had hypnotized them into thinking that what she was doing was right, and that she should allowed to be getting everything she wanted.

Jane eventually planned an escape route in the facility and hypnotized everyone in the facility by accident to release her. Jane's powers soon grew to be uncontrolled, she was starting to see through everything and hypnotizing almost everyone in her path. She once sealed a deal with a young woman to help her control her powers, but for a price: she was never to see her parents again. Jane happily agreed and learned to control her powers over time.

Jane soon went by a new name; Athena. She was generally happy with the nickname until her personality began to change aggressively. She became an entirely new person, with a dreadful personality. She then developed the nickname "The Painted Lady" because nobody knew who Jane Valet Spatha actually was. 

"Athena" began to gamble, and using her powers, she would often win. She cheated numerous times by gliding through the game using her special vision and hypnotic abilties. She eventually met three other people with similar ideals to hers, and they formed a gang called The Cardtel.


X-ray Vision- Jane also uses her X-ray vision to look at people's cards, so she can cheat and win. She also uses her X-ray vision to look through card decks.

Hypnosis- Jane uses her hypnosis ability to primarily cheat her way through games, by commanding the others to purposefully lose the game. By doing this, she would win most of the games she played, unless by some lucky chance they won.


  • The word Spatha, her last name, means Spade in Greek.
  • Valet is a card nickname for the Jack of Spades.
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