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This is an article about Astrid the Fox, a character created by BlazingLeopard on 10/29/2013.


Physical Appearance

Astrid is a relatively average sized red fox. Her fur covers the majority of her body and is a red-brown colour. Her tail is also red-brown but slowly changes to white at the tip. Her muzzle and palms are white and her eyes are green. Her hair is very similar in colour to her fur, being brunette.


Astrid likes to wear thin, but protective wine red and black clothing so that she can maintain her speed and agility without slowing down. She also sports a red hood and a mask that covers her mouth to mask her identity. She wears a pair of black boots and on her waist is a leather belt with a sheathe for her dagger. Across her back is a leather strap with a metallic holster for her bow and a specially designed leather quiver for her arrows.


Before the day she lost her sister, Astrid was a somewhat happy child. She was happy when she and her sister were together, but around her uncle she felt sad and sometimes angry, specifically at him. After Amelia died, Astrid was no longer a happy person. She had lost the only thing keeping her lively. The way her uncle treated Amelia's death only made it worse. The two of them constantly fought, having at least one argument a day. Then, one day he died, which left her homeless and even more depressed than before.

When she joined The Clan, she had regained some of the hope in her life, but remained unhappy. When she found out that The Clan were a group of murderers, she became enraged and killed them all.

Now, Astrid is quiet and prefers to hide away from normal society. However, as she lurks in the shadows, she also protects the people of the world without them even knowing. She has also become incredibly serious, but likes to take advantage of what the world can give her when she has spare time.


Astrid is very skilled with the bow, having almost pinpoint accuracy with it. She also knows basic hand-to-hand combat which can come in very useful when she's been spotted. As well as these, she can take down enemies silently and manage to sneak into guarded areas with ease. When it comes to heavily guarded areas, she tends to take a lot more care with what she does. She usually chooses what targets need to be taken down by seeing where they are in relation to what her main target is. If they're far from her main target, she'll usually leave them. If they are close to the main target, then she will usually take them down quickly and with discretion.


  • Umbra - A blade worthy of only an assassin, it is sharp, fairly light and dead silent. It also has a strange ability to never get blunted or broken, so it is always ready for use no matter what.
  • Silentus - This bow is very light and packs a punch. It can be stretched further than most other bows so that the arrow can travel faster when launched. Whilst easy to use, a trained archer can turn this tool into an extremely deadly weapon.


These relationships are with my characters only.


  • Blake the Fox - While he does exaggerate things quite a bit, Astrid trusts him a great deal.
  • Dustin the Sable - She likes Dustin a whole lot since he's one of the few people that can truly help her relax.
  • Arin the Mink - Though he is shy, Astrid finds him to be a great deal of help and wishes to help him overcome is shyness.
  • Charlotte the Lioness - She is kind, friendly and helpful, three things that Astrid likes about a person.
  • Katherine the Cat - These two have developed an almost sister-like bond since they met. This is most likely because of their link with Jacob Lawson.


  • Agent Jacob Lawson - While Astrid constantly questions his motives, she realises that his goals are the same as hers and considers him a powerful ally.
  • Nicola Watts - Unlike her brother, Joseph Watts, Nicola is thankful toward Astrid from saving her from the clan. After that, they hadn't seen each other.


  • Joseph "Voltric" Watts - After finding out that he has turned from a harmless kid into a possible danger to the world, she is determined to stop him.
  • Spectre - Astrid considers him to be one of the biggest threats to exist.

Relationships with Other Characters

These are relationships with other users characters, both in my canon and out of it.


  • None


  • Blitz the Wolf - Though they've only met once, she considers him a good ally.


  • None


These are listed in the order of which they happen within the timeline.


Attack 7/10
Defence 4/10
Speed 7/10
Agility 8/10
Strength 3/10
Kinetics 0/10
Intelligence 7/10
Social 4/10

Theme Song

Reluctant Heroes (Slow Cover)

Connection to Character

Reluctant Heroes (Slow Cover)

Reluctant Heroes (Slow Cover)

Nobody wants to die that fast.

  • It was like a nightmare that could make you scream - Astrid when revisiting the events on the day her sister died.
  • I could see your face/I could hear your voice - Astrid describing the feeling of watching her sister die in front of her.
  • Day by day, we're losing out edge - The realisation that the enemy will always be stronger.
  • The peaceful times have made you blind - Astrid when she looks at civilisation thriving.
  • You can't fly if you never try/You told so long ago - Astrid uses the advice her sister gave her to keep her moving forward.
  • I wanna be brave like you - Amelia inspired Astrid that day.
  • And now the day we dreamed is just pain for me - Thinking about her and the future they could've had hurts Astrid emotionally.


  • Astrid is based heavily off of both the Dark Brotherhood Assassins from Skyrim and the Assassins Order from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  • Her name is taken directly from Skyrim.
  • Her clothing is a mix between the Dark Brotherhood outfit and the Italian Assassins Outfit.
  • Astrid's name is very fitting. 'Astrid' means 'beautiful' which describes her appearance. Her surname, 'Alessia' means 'defender of man' which represents her defending the people of Mobius from threats.

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