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Cquote1 "...I'm like a small fish in a really big pond. So many things to discover, but it seems almost impossible to discover them in the time I have...But I won't let that discourage me. Cquote2

Aster the Fish (シガナ ザ フィッシュ Shigana za Fisshu) is a 16-year-old anthropomorphic fish born near the waters of Apotos. She was gifted with the ability to control water, and is also strong when around it. She is noticed mostly for her amazing swimming, but has never participated in any competitions or classes.



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Aster is a 16 year old anthropomorphic female Koi fish with blue-grey skin/scales. She has one fin that falls over the backside of her head, and another piece that falls shoulder-length on the right side of her face, taking the appearance of hair. She also has another two fins, each on the back of her arms. Aster's eyes are pearl pink, and her muzzle is white with no nose.


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Aster wears a light green crop top with a white trimming at the tip, and has no sleeves. Along with that, she wears a navy blue frilly skirt, and wears a pear of waterproof short leggings under it. She also wears grey knee-high socks under her navy blue and white water shoes, which are designed with fin-like accessories that help her swim. For accessories, Aster wears a pink seashell at the top of her head which her mother gave her, and is usually worn for luck where she comes from. She also has a yellow gemstone in the center of her forehead, which is required to be worn by the Atlantians. Aster wears golden ring bracelets on her right arm and leg, and navy blue zip-up cuffs on her left arm and leg.


Aster is a level headed girl with a pure heart. She is very courteous when around others, especially towards the king and queen. She also tries to be very kind to people she has never met too, making her easy to befriend. However, Aster can be very humble, sometimes to the points where she would seriously doubt herself and her abilities, questioning herself and having low faith. She is very thankful for whatever support she can get from others, and tries to stay positive even when things are looking bad.

Also, Aster has good knowledge about both land as well, but knows more about the sea. Aster only goes on land during rare occasions, usually when she's not needed in Olous. Because this is usually rare, she doesn't get to known everything about the world above her.


Aster was born in an underwater city names Olous. It was a very beautiful city, and a place where many different ocean species lived. King Neptune and Queen Eelise are the rulers of this underwater city, and chose Aster's parents to serve as protectors of the royal scepter. After their retirement, the new generation of warriors were born. Aster obtained the job after it was passed down.


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  • S: That's right, i'm good!
  • A: "Woohoo, couldn't have been better!"
  • B: "Not bad, not bad at all!"
  • C: "Ahaha...I guess I did okay."
  • D: "Whoa, could've done better..."
  • E: "Ah! Go away, go away, go away!!!"
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