The Aslo-class Shuttle is a Hammerforge Industries-built shuttle, capable of interstellar flight.

Aslo-class Shuttle

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineHistorical-type Shuttles
ModelAslo-type Shuttle
ClassTransport Shuttle
Technical Information
Length20 meters
Maximum Speed880 km/h (in atmosphere)
Maximum Acceleration900 G
  • Standard - None
  • Armed - Rear-facing mine chute, holding six 'shrapnel mines'
  • Standard - Pilot (1)
  • Armed - Pilot & Gunner (2)
Maximum PassengersSix
Prototype DesignationRCG-9A Shuttle
Role(s)Short-ranged transport
AffiliationVaried, available for sale
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

The Aslo-class Shuttle is unusual for a Hammerforge design, as it lacks a lot of the typical traits of the company's starships. Unlike the majority of starships, with sleek, elegant designs, compared to those of well-maintained swords, the Aslo was compared with a giant, four-legged beetle.

These shuttles were designed to transport people from planet to planet within a single star-system, or as a form of transport to and from star stations and starships. However, despite Ronan's dislike for the ugly design, it was decided that the units be added to the sales list, instead of being purely for the company to transport workers around the construction platforms.

With the sales, it was decided that even a short-distance shuttle with no warp-drive had to be able to defend itself against pirates, and so an armed variant appeared. However, this armed form was still very lightly armed and armored, relying on a minelayer with six 'shrapnel' mines fitted to the back to prevent attack.

Needless to say, at least three replacements are in the design phase.


Slow, lightly armored, and with next-to-no defensive armament, the Aslo-class has a common reputation amongst pilots as a worthless bucket-of-junk. Indeed, it's sales have so-far been limited to a few companies who cannot afford a more stylish Hammerforge shuttle, as well as a few G.U.N. orders for crew shuttles.

The standard variant, designed for carrying crew and personnel from planet to space station, or between planets at a slow speed, is unarmed, and only carries six crew at a time. This lowers the effectiveness of the unit as a transport, and as such is typically only used by senior staff, due to the smaller limit meaning more space for them.

The armed versions, typically used for transporting important cargo (such as rare armaments, technologies, money, etc.) are only just barely armed, with a small mine bay containing specialized mines designed to clog an engine with shrapnel, causing long-term damage to the fusion-based engines of a starfighter the only weapons. The unit only carries six mines, which further limits it's potential.

With a single broad-spectrum fusion engine, and an inertial compensator fixed at max, the shuttle has a very poor image in the eyes of pilots, who describe it as a wallowing pig who can't turn or evade anything.


Stock Production Variants

  • RCG-9S - Unarmed variant
  • RCG-9A - Armed variant

Custom Ordered Variants

These units were modified to suit orders, and as such, multiple of each variant exists, although only with each group. Information pending

Custom Variants - Aftermarket

These units were either standard or custom ordered originally, and then modified further aftermarket. These fighters are unique, and perform in unusual ways. Information pending

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