Cquote1 There are secrets in this world that not even God may see. That is why we were destined to protect them from all who seek their power. Cquote2
Asima the Meerkat

Asima is the Aunt of Shamia. She makes her first appearance in a 25 years later story arc where she doesn't even interact with Shamia at all. Asima is the younger sister to Shamia's mother. Asima also holds many secrets that her now deceased sister (well by time she makes her first appearance her sister is dead) never knew. Asima is tasked with finding the Prophet of Dreams and the Prophet of Nightmares.


Asima the Meerkat

Current Years and Days
Name Asima the Meerkat
Kana N/A
Weapons Knowledge Realm
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Protector
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Chronological Age: Present-25 25 Years Later-50
  • Physical Age: Forever 25
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Orchid
  • Gender: Female
Description (Pending)
Attire [Clothing] (Pending)
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Hand-To-Hnad Combat
  • Excessive Knowledge
  • Ageless
  • Great Magic Abilities
Likes Protecting, her legacy, her family, freedom, what's right, knowing things
Dislikes Her brother and sister(Alim and Hessa), not having closer ties with the her family that is still alive, losing.
  • A Small Town Near Jerusalie
Current Residence
  • Jerusalie
Alternative Names
  • Asi
  • Ma
  • Aunt
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
Theme Song(s)
Maya Nasri - Dehko Oyoni

Maya Nasri - Dehko Oyoni

Asima was the youngest of all of her eight siblings. Being so she was supposed to be the last to become a "Protector". However her eldest sister Maelana (Mother of Shamia) refused to be apart of it as she saw it as a conspiracy and waste of time. Maelana always had dreams of travelling, and making a difference in the world. So of course she became a G.U.N agent. However the rest of her siblings took on their duties to become Protectors. Asima while being the youngest, was the toughest, and most stubborn. She however had a great deal of power. At one point her parents thought her to be "The Prophet of Dreams". However Asima was just slightly more gifted than the others in her family.

Asima trained hard with her family. She would become a master at hand-to-hand combat as well as the ability to conjure spells. Asima was anxious to fulfill her destiny as a child. Asima could also never understand why Maelana didn't want to fulfill her destiny. Asima had two older siblings that were the most powerful. There was the eldest child and son Alim, and the second eldest daughter Hessa. They studied the field of Nightmare Magic. This Nightmare Magic however is only supposed to be wield by those chosen. The overwhelming power took over their bodies. It made them feel the need to spread fear, and pain. They attacked and killed all of the family besides Asima and Maelana (being that she had left to work with G.U.N a year before.) Asima was saved by her own uncle. However he was soo corrupted by a spell created by Alim. Asima escaped barely holding on to her life. She had earlier been instructed by her uncle to go to his home in the city of Jerusalie. Here Asima explained to her uncle's soldiers that he had been tooken over. Asima would finish her training here.

After Asima finished her training the "King" of the village, and good friend to Asima's family esplained to Asima her duty. Asima's parents were very cautious and skeptical of Alim and Hessa studying Nightmare Magic. So in steps to prevent this they left the actual things they were protecting with Asima's Uncle. He kept them locked away in a secret room known as The Chamber. This is what Asima was meant to protect. They also explained that her mother and father watched Alim and Hessa each day as they progressively got worse. They then contacted her Uncle after they calculated the amount of time left before the darkness would take over. Asima's Uncle sent his men to border the city. He soon too joined them. However unexpectedly Alim and Hess already had "Nightmare Slaves". These creatures killed off most of the men Asima's uncle had with him. Her Uncle however managed to kill off the rest of the monsters left after the battle. However when he arrived into the city it was too late. Asima was the last alive as she fled for her life. That is when she was saved.

Asima couldn't help but wonder "Why would mother and father not just kill Alim and Hessa." She was answered by the old man who had trained her "Would you kill your children no matter how great the risk." Asima looked down, but then being her stubborn self remarked "But the rest of our lives weren't important. Why save them, and get the rest of us killed." The man again had an answer "It is never easy to choose between blood. They have a sayign for differeantiating blood and water, but not just blood. When a parent is forced to choose between children they will always comfort the ones who are greatest in need at the moment. It just happened to be Alim and Hessa. Even if the risk were slim of them coming two wouldn't it be better than the hundred percent chance of having your children die?" Asima barely understood, and was still naive. However Asima would go on to protect like she was meant to.

As Asima got older she got stronger, wiser, and...more curious. She had never once seen what exactly what she was protecting. Here she was a 25 year old woman, and she had no idea what she was doing. Her life was going by she had already wasted 13 years of her life protecting something she didn't even comprehend. She snuck into The Chamber one night. She was surprised to find relics within the room. A golden lamp, a large staff, a large sword, and a weird small device that looked like it would fit over the finger. Asima looked at the lamp first thinking it would be a genie. However when she rubbed it nothing happened. Angry she looked in it to see there was only water. "Water?! I've been protecting WATER!!!" she yelled. "Eh, I am kinda thirsty" she said as she took a drink of the water. She didn't bother looking at the other things.

Timed progressed as normal. Eventually Asima's mentor passed away, and Asima took the role as the Protector. However 5 years had passed, and neitehr her face or body underwent any changes. Curious she went back down into The Chamber. She looked in the lamp and it was filled again. However she was the only person who could even get into The Chamber due to her bloodline. She soon walked over to the small device as it looked the most appealing. She placed it on her finger. It didn't do anything either. However it began to jolt her finger, and she wailed her arm out in pain. The finger device ripped a portal. Asima used her finger to make a door. She walked into it, and it was a large blank space. Asima asked herself "Why me?!" soon data showed up in the portal. It dipicted her family legacy, bloodlines, and everything about the artifacts. Asima had discovered this was soem type of Realm of Knowledge. She soon began to study things in the room. This is how Asima became educated on everything: Nightmare and Dream magic, her family, the lamp, the sword, the staff.

25 Years Later

In 25 years later Asima while still the same in appearance is now 50 years old. She has become much wiser due to her studies. As well she is aware that she has family in other places. She goes to search for them. During her search she runs into Mae. After thinking that Mae was actually Maelana's (Asima's sister) daughter. However she soon found out that Mae was the daughter of Shamia who in turn was the daughter of Asima's sister. Asima showed Mae the Items of Prophet that she was protecting. Mae was suddenly drawn to the Dream Staff. When Mae touched it the staff began to glow. Asima realized that Mae was the Prophet of Dreams and the protector of the light. Asima explained to Mae that she was destined to become the Prophet of Dreams. Mae would be granted with unbelievable powers including light abilities. More to Come


Asima is a very stubborn and powerful woman. She has the knowledge of an elder, but the beauty of a young woman. She has a tendency to be bossy, get angry, or get annoyed, She is also very impacient. She tends not to just give people answers, allowing them to figure things out. Asima shows no signs of weakness because she has to be strong. Asima has a great deal of pride along with a hot-headed demeanor making for very hilarious moments. Asima is an also very confused character. She often asks questions, and her statements may sometimes contradict each other.


Asima really has only few abilities. She has no Dream or Nightmare magic. Instead she has regular magic that she uses in battles. The majority of this magic is for healing purposes as she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She can also make good use of her surroundings. She is incredibly flexible, and can jump from building to building as well as scale them. Perhaps her most impressive ability is when she uses the finger device. However she only uses it if she intends to kill the opponent which is very rare. Using the Knowledge Realm she could discover the opponents weaknesses. However this can leave her open to attack as her normal body stays in the real world.


Fight Start

"A women never reveals her age."

"Let's finish this here!"

Combo Attack

"Done yet?!"

"Your pride shall be your downfall"

"It's Over"

"Get Ready"

In Trouble

"You'll regret that!"

"Oh no!"


End Fight (Win)

"You really suck at this huh?"

"Who taught you to fight?!"


"God is just an illusion created by man to tame his brotheren. I follow my own path, and victory shall be achieved through my own stubborness, and not the magic of a false hope."

"People seek refuge in a false prophet. The goal of each and every member of every race is to survive. By believing in a God they promise their souls eternal life so that they may feed their own selfish wishes. Nothing is forever, nothing is immortal."

"Nothing is absolutely true. People believe what they were made to believe,"

"After all that has happened, how can there be a God. How can this mighty being allow my heart to suffer. I am just not sure..."

"A blind man sees all around him, people with eyesight pretend they do."

"Ignorance is a lifestyle, stupidity is a choice."

"Dreams are the only thing, I have left. Without dreams, without the harsh realities of nightmares, we are all just useless specs. A mere footnote in the book of time. We all strive to engrave our names, wether we are given the pen to do so, or whether we must scratch our name into it depends."

"They say ignorance is bliss, when it is really darkness"

"I am afraid. I am afraid of what lies ahead. Perhaps it is best I never know"

"Why are there so many questions to life. Even when you have all of the answers staring you in the face, they have no value without an understanding, something no-one has ever grasped."

"Outcasts" were created by "normal people" to secure their own immortality."


Maelana the Meerkat

This is Asima's eldest sister. Asima and Maelana have a very distant relationship. They were never very close at all. They didn't argue or talk. They were almost like strangers to one another. Being that Asima was the youngest, and Maelana was the second oldest (Alim was the oldest), the two never really spent any time together. However in 25 Years Later when Asima finds out her sister has lost the fight to N.I.D.S, Asima is crushed, and heartbroken (however she still doesn't cry).

Alim the Meerkat

This is Asima's eldest brother. Being the oldest sibling, Alim was usually tasked with watching over the children. Asima got into everything as a child so Alim had to take special care of her. Alim was a second father figure to Asima, and when he was changed she was heartbroken and confused, Asima still believes there is a chance to save her brother, and she feels responsible for his corruption in the first place.

Jafar the Meerkat

This is Asima's third eldest brother. Jafar was a loner in the family. He was always reading and studying. Even Maelana would have dinner at the table with the family, but Jafar would always go to his room and pick up a book. He was very distant from the whole family.

Kalila the Meerkat

This is Asima's youngest elder sister. Asima and Kalila had a very close relationship, Asima was always amazed at how Kalila used her magic to control flowers, and make beautiful scenery. Asima and Kalila oftne bickered like siblings usually do. Deep down they both loved each other very much.

Habib the Meerkat

This is Asima's youngest elder brother. Habib usually got along with the whole family. He was the funny guy of the family. He loved to tell his jokes to Asima when she was younger as she would always laugh. Habib didn't really care for magic like Asima, but he would always help the family have a good laugh.

Hessa the Meerkat

This is Asima's middle eldest sister. Hessa didn't bother much with Asima. Like Jafar, Hessa would study often. However she would take time out to be with the family. She didn't really talk to Asima much. However Asima still loves her, and believes she can be returned to her former self. Asima takes responsibility for Hessa's corruption as well.

Lutfi the Meerkat

Asima's second eldest brother. Lutfi like Habib was very funny. He had a very close relation with his brother Habib. However he rarely talked to Asima because unlike Habib, he had hoped to becoem a powerful protector. Lutfi would spend his mornings running around the desert for exercise.

Reda the Meerkat

Asima's fourth elder brother. Reda was a very cocky and arrogant young man. While he was only a few years older than Asima they rarely talked. Reda was always the daredevil of the family though. He had to take the spotlight so he often got into conflicts with his siblings.

Tuffi the Meerkat

Asima's Mother. Asima and Tuffi obviously had a close relationship as Asima was the "baby" of the siblings. Asima loved her mother. It didn't hurt that Tuffi always did things for Asima like washing her favorite teddy bear, or reading the right bedtime story. Asima loved her mother's warm embrace.

Zahir the Meerkat

Asima's Father. Asima also had a close relationship with her father. He was always the one that Asima ran to when she was sad. Asima was daddy's little girl. Asima would also always be the first to tell when something was broken. She would even go as far as to lie even though she herself did it. Her father would alwasys rub her head and tell her "It's not nice to tattle" then he would get up and go yell at whoever did it. Zahir couldn't help, but treat Asima like a baby with her big puppy dog eyes, and small innocence.

Maelana the Meerkat II

Asima's great niece. Asima thinks very highly of Maelana. She is very honored in Mae's presence being that she is her generation's Prophet of Dreams (A position only held by two others in the known history.) Asima also has a deep since of love for Mae being that she is one of the few family members she has left.

Prince Akin the Meerkat

Asima's great nephew.

Theme Song

Asima's theme song is called Dehko Oyoni and it is sung by Maya Nasri.


  • The name Asima is Arabic and it means "Protector".

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