Ashura is a hedgehog, and the father of Jason the Hedgehog and Katie the Pyrokinetic Hedgehog. Ashura was the Guardian of the Master Sword until 3260, when that title went to Jason. Ashura is an umbrakinetic, and was the leader of Team Sword Shockwave until Jason reformed it into Neo Sword Shockwave.


Ashura has ruby-red eyes, green fur, black hair and tan skin. His usual attire includes blue shoes and white gloves. Ashura's spines are curved upwards and Ashura has black highlights on his arms and legs.


Ashura is quite serious, a quality that his son Jason later inherited. He is also slightly impatient and ready for action. Despite being serious, Ashura wouldn't mind the occasional joke every now and again.


Early Life

Ashura was born to Janella and Jake V on November 13, 3218. When he was only 6 months old, Arus was attacked and nearly destroyed by Evil Master. Ashura and Janella escaped to Mobius, while Jake V went to Zyros 6. Ashura was raised by Janella for the first few years of his life, and then by his aunt Caitlin. During this time, he grew up with his cousin Aqua.

Preteen & Teenage Years

Ashura and Aqua went to explore Mobius on their own when they were 7, and that was when they met Fluoro, who was Ashura's third cousin. The three formed a team which fought against Evil Master, and when Ashura was 10, Voltage joined. That same year, the quartet had their first extreme adventure, when they were sent into the future, by Xefos, God of Wind. Two years later, Ashura met Equinox, who he became both good friends and rivals with. Equinox suggested forming an actual team, one that would take on Evil Master on a major scale. This was the founding of Team Sword Shockwave.

Over the years, more members joined, including Amy Rose, Rob O' the Hedge and Watson the Scientist Hedgehog.

TSS Rising


Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising introduced new allies such as Kalenz and Nitron, but also had Evil Master's new plot: attack on Zyros-3.


Ashura has umbrakinesis, the ability to summon and manipulate darkness. Ashura uses this ability in battle almost all the time, along with the Master Sword. The Master Sword is an almost indestructible sword created 5000 years before Ashura's birth, by his ancestor, Ashurik. This is his preferred weapon in battle, though at times he used different weapons, including a dagger, a handgun and more.


All of the Ashura Universe sagas

Sonic Adventure 3: AXIS of Destruction

Sonic Adventure 4: VS Mephiles

Sonic Adventure 7: Rewind

Sonic X Season 4: The X Effect


As an electronic artist, Ashura has released over thirty singles, eight studio albums, four compilation albums, and more. Ashura's stage name is simply "Ashura".

[S] = Single



The Darkness (3234) [E]

Disc 1
  1. Dark Intro
  2. The Guardian of the Sword
  3. Sphere of Darkness
  4. Clouds
  5. I Am So Awesome [E]
  6. Umbrakinetic
  7. The Blade
  8. Dark Spears
  9. The Blue Forest
  10. The Final Track

Double Blade (3236) [E]Edit

  1.  Hello
  2.  222
  3. The Other Side
  4. Twin Swords
  5. XYZ
  6. I'm The Guardian
  7. Eighteen Years [E]
  8. Dark Pulse
  9. The Rails [E]
  10. Ashura, The Epic Hedgehog
  11. The Eleventh Chaos
  12. Dark Outro


Lightless Ashura

Lightless Ashura is the first super form of Ashura. In this form, Ashura's fur turns golden and starts glowing, and his spines sharpen and curve up more. Lightless Ashura has enhanced Darkness attacks and can also control light, but Lightless Ashura can't manipulate light as well as darkness.

Darkwave Ashura

Darkwave Ashura is the dark form of Ashura. In this form, Ashura's fur turns jet-black, his eyes become pupiless and his spines grow longer. Darkwave Ashura has even stronger Darkness attacks than Lightless Ashura.

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