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Ashura:Dark reign is a fangame for the 3DS and PSP vista that will be released in 2015.

NOTE: This fan game is in 'NO WAY' have anything to do with the Ashura: Dark Reign fangame that has been in development for the PC since 2006. Nor is its development team contributing to this fangame.

The two fangames are NOT related.


It starts with a Xordian attack on Earth, where Ashura fights off several of them, attracting the attention of my guy, who, from his lab, guides him across Station Square, where Ashura meets his guide, who announces himself as Falco, and he informs Ashura of the threat, not just by the Xordians, but by a manipulator behind the lines. Falco stays at his lab to research, while Ashura goes to try and recruit more heroes and to find his memory. He goes to The Ruins to explore, and after the level (Ruins Pt1) Deus appears, claiming to be a friend of Ashura's, acting upset when Ashura stares blankly. He then warns Ashura that Falco is not to be trusted, as he is the one who took Ashura's memory. Deus tells Ashura to act like this never happened ad pretend to trust Falco for now and leaves. Ashura then does The Ruins Pt2 and is watched by Ragnarok, who senses Deus's Aura off of him, so attacks him and they fight. When they are about to kill each other, Falco intervenes and convinces Ragnorak that Ashura is good, so Ragnarok joins their team, but is still suspicious of Ashura. Falco picks up some activity from Desert Valley, so the two head their and discover a Portal to Hell inside a temple (after playing the level) and Hades emerges and battles them. After they beat him, he joins their team, but he refuses to reveal his intentions.


The player goes around a 3D world as ashura,a hedgehog who has gained amnesia and is in a post-Apocalypse world and meet several NPCs and enemies,the player also travels to other planets such as Xorda and the ARK


Good ending

Deus is defeated,the apocalypse is being reversed,and soon peace returns to xorda and mobius,the mobian and xordians put the extinctARKs in custody and form a truce

Bad ending

Deus is defeated,the apoclypse is being reversed,and soon peace returns to xorda and mobius,they remain enemies to each other and Deus escapes.

Playable characters

Ashura the hedgehog

Name and Image Attacks Unlocked by

4th day strike

Bad egg Bomb

Missingno cannon

Blue blast of death



Name and Image Attacks Unlocked by

Omen blade

Buster axe

Gospel erasor

Gospel erasor Omega


Hades Human

Name and Image Attacks Unlocked by
220px-Damian Hart Trans.png

Hellfire cannon

Cerberus strike

Magma bomb

Dark orb


Ecruos the Porcupine

Name and image Attacks Unlocked by
Ecruos Profile Picture.png

Vulcan bolt

Pyrovolt Tornado

Pheonix searing blast

Zeus' Wraith

Beat Ashura fifteen times with Raganrok.

Jonic the Ookami

Name and Image

Attacks Unlocked by
Airion "Jonic"
CM Airon Jonic Hikarikaze.png



Ookami Sphere


Win 10 battles with 4 sword users

Jack the hedgehog

Name and image Attacks Unlocked by
File:Jack Recolor.png

Fire blaze

Electrical swarm

Freezer burn

Ogre rage


Patricia the skunk

Name and Image attacks Unlocked by
Patricia the Skunk.PNG

Iron Tail

Rainbow wave

Super Stardust

Skunk Scent Spray Exhaust


Josh the hedgehog

Name and image Attacks Unlocked by


Wind Kick

Emerald smash

Dragon Cyclone


Alice the cat

Name Attacks Unlocked by


Electromagnetic Blast

Storm Beam



Hero the Echidna

Name and Image Attacks
Hero the Echidna.png

Staff slam

Wind blast

Tornado trap

Hurricane Havoc


Tenebrosi Deus

Name and image Attacks

Tenebrosi Deus


Disablier orb

psycho spindash

gravity arrow

Evil volt

Deus destroyer

Deus oblivion

Danger the Hedgehog

Name Image Attacks
Danger the Hedgehog

Whip Strike

Super Slam

Whip Choke


name Image Attacks
Metal ashura

credit goes to clyent nite from MFZ,go check him out now!

Massacre cannon

Meteor spindash

Metal slam

Mirrage crackdown


Name Image Role in Game
Falco the Eagle
Falco appears as Ashura's guide throughout the game. He stays in his lab, researching to try and solve problems, while guiding the characters through a tutorial and providing helpful tips and guiding them through the levels. He also provides with new skills and gadgets. He gives you new skills and upgrades old ones when you level up and at certain points in the game, and will sell you gadgets when you visit his lab.


  1. Destroyed Station Square - Boss:G.U.N mech sigma
  2. Ruins: Part 1 - Boss:Danger
  3. Ruins: Part 2 - Boss:Danger
  4. Desert Valley - Boss: Hades
  5. Dark Green hill zone - Boss:Metal ashura
  6. Free slot
  7. Free slot
  8. Free slot
  9. Free slot
  10. Free slot
  11. Free slot
  12. Ark Core - Deus