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Ashton is a happy and care free hedgehog that lives at the golden oak library with Twilight and Spike. Ashton currently has amnesia and can't remember who he is or where he came from. The only connections to his past are the weapons he was found with, and that Eggman seems to have a vendetta against him.

He will star in the upcoming fan animation series: Sonic & My little Pony: Adventures , alongside Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and the Mane six.


-Spoilers- Will be revealed as the series progresses.


Ashton is a Green hedgehog that looks similar to Sonic, only he has aqua blue eyes, he does not wear gloves, he wears sandles instead of closed in shoes, he almost always wears a bright red jacket with a black SEGA shirt underneath, and also wears dark blue trackpants that reach to the bottom of his sandles.


Ashton's mostly a friendly guy and easy to get along with. He has a very strong sense of justice and would defend anyone whose in danger regardless of any bad history with the person.

However he also has amnesia and can't remember who he really is, but whenever he's not saving anyone or protecting Ponyville, he would either be practicing his Melee or Archery skills, having a race with Sonic, or sitting at home and reading a book either by himself, or with Twilight.


Psychokinesis - The least developed of his skills. Ashton was taught by Twilight how to control his Psychokinesis, but he prefers not to use it as it puts a strain on his mind.

Super Speed -

Chaos powers - Because of his amnesia, Ashton can't remember why, but he has unimaginable chaos powers that rival that of The Super emeralds and almost never runs out of Chaos energy... Or at least most of the time. He is required to have at least one chaos emerald for this though.

Signature Abilities

Chaos Resolve: Ashton Freezes Time using Chaos Control and Slashes his Short Swords through his opponent in a blink of an eye. This is his weakest Signature Ability.

Chaos Resolution: Ashton freezes Time Around his opponent and assults him with a flurry of Sword slashes, afterwords he follows up with Shooting hundred's of Arrow's into his opponent, then follows up with using Shadow clones of himself to use eight Chaos Blast's at the same time, finally he finish's with deactivating Chaos Control and uses a Super Chaos Blast. This attack Drains Ashton of ALL of his Chaos Energy and leaves him vulnerable for 24 hours. This is Ashton's Most Common and second strongest Signature Ability.

Chaos Absolution: Ashton Freezes Time around his opponent and merges his Twin Swords into a Large Two Handed Sword and slashes at his opponent at light speed, afterwards Ashton (If he hasn't already) Transforms into his Ultra form (The next up from Hyper Form) and shoots several mini Chaos Blast arrows with his Bow, Finally Ashton finish's with deactivating Chaos Control, he latch's onto his opponent and fly's the two of them into space, he then fly's the two of them down to the ground at the speed of sound and uses a Super Chaos Blast just as they collide with the ground. This Attack is Ashton's Strongest ability and because of Ashton exceeding his Energy's limit, the attack disintegrate's his body along with his opponent's. Only one person has ever survived this attack...


Ashton is highly sensitive to cold Temperature's and can get frozen much easier then a normal person, however he has trained himself to minimise this effect.

Though Ashton can recharge his Chaos Energy faster then he can use it, he does have a few abilities that cause him to use ALL of his energy at once. When this happens he is unable to recharge his Chaos Energy for 24 hours and is left powerless as well as his physical strength is decreased to the power of a ordinary Mobian.

At this time if he was unable to end the battle he will be unable to defend himself and will most-likely die if he doesn't have any Back-Up at the time.

Other Variation's

Sonic And The Black Knight

Ashton is a green and blue unicorn pony. He was called Sir Origans and held the Title, Knight of the Stars. Ashton was one of the earliest members of the Knights of the Round-table. However he resigned after only a month of service and left Castle Camelot in search of adventure. He hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Appearances: Sonic and the Black Knight - The After Years. Planned Appearances: None yet.

Sonic X

Ashton is a failed clone of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman one year before the events of Sonic X. Ashton's fur turned green from the Chaos Energy Eggman absorbed into him during his 

Poster 2

Ashton as he appeared in the trailer for a Clones Path along side, Sonic, and Amy.

creation, however Ashton awoke and escaped the base before Eggman could turn him 

completely Evil. During Season 1 and 2 of Sonic X, Ashton Posed as Sonic on Mobius while Sonic was on Earth and did the same while Sonic was in space during Season 3.

Appearances: None yet. Planned Appearances: A Clones Path.

Video Game Universe

Ashton is an ordinary orange hedgehog who makes a living as a treasure-hunter. One day he discovered an ancient map during one of his hunts and is unable to decipher it. After a year Ashton successfully deciphers the map, and it revealed the location of one of the most valuable treasures in all of Mobius and he set's out to find it and is later accompanied by Knuckles and Rouge and is rivaled by Nack and the Babylon Rouges. Appearances: None yet. Planned Appearances: The Sonic Treasure Hunters: The Blade of Origins.

Adventures in Equestria

After he as well as Sonic and friends were transported to the friendship is Magic Universe, Ashton becomes quick friends with fluttershy since they share alot in common namely that they both love animals and the two can be seen hanging out together most of the time, but this could be because he is trying to help Fluttershy have more confidence in herself aswell as trying to help her become less shy.

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