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Ashlyn the Woodsel is a former adventurer and member of the previous generation of Team Forests.


Often mistaken for a standard weasel or an aquatic equivalent due to her rich blue fur and peachy skin, Ashlyn is indeed a woodsel, though not one that seems to carry that into her appearance. Her black hair, shoulder-length now as it was when she was exploring with her friends, is thick and untamed, often left in crazy forms rather than taking the time to style it.

She has a relatively modest bust and lean frame, with cunning amber eyes often bouncing from point to point. To the surprise of many, she has a chin piercing. There is a fairly large scar across her left thigh with a story behind that she often shares.


As a grown adventurer, Ashlyn typically wears pristine, vividly-colored clothes that are often a little bit too large and tailored for outdoors living, though a similarly vivid motorcycle helmet is her personal safety device of choice.



Ashlyn has the genetic ability Pitched Perfect, which seems to naturally grant her increased accuracy whenever she throws anything. This has been shown both with her elemental power as well as with tools and things lying around; a skill she has used in playing sports in her childhood.

As a woodsel; Ashlyn is naturally aligned with the element of Nature, a power that has been a major strength in her life both in her younger days adventuring and crusading against Eggman, and more recently into her almost domestic normal life. This has included throwing or spitting up balls of sticky sap, sprays of sleep-inducing gas, releasing puffs of cotton to restrain and distract, coercing specialized combat plants to grow, increased power and size on command, throwing or striking with leaves like knives and many more. In her adult life; Ashlyn has shifted away from the more aggressive powers as she no longer seeks combat with Eggman, instead preferring to utilize her powers in gardening and more passive influences on nature.

Similarly to her elemental might, Ashlyn used to be a real fighter; albeit a self-taught one not afraid to literally throw her weight around. Her fighting style often involves cunning and anticipation, striking when she deems the target is off-balance and exposed. This has included everything from tail strikes, kicks and punches to full body ramming charges, whatever she feels will knock her target around. In more recent years, while she has retained her figure, her combat prowess is not quite where it used to be.

A keen motorcyclist, Ashlyn and her team had a bit of a name in and around Extreme Gear races in their youth; with all the members of Team Forests experts at their preferred form of gear. Even in the years since her team parted, Ashlyn has retained her love of bikes; resulting in her garage holding two different motorcycles for her to choose from. A nimble, experienced rider, Ashlyn has grown cautious and careful while riding on the road, a far cry from her old cocky, overconfident style on the track with Team Forests.

Unfortunately for Ashlyn, as with many Nature-aligned entities, she has a large glaring weakness to Fire, with her elemental powers now posing no threat to an enemy wielding that power compared to the challenge she could give them in her youth. More importantly, however, is her cognitive differences - Ashlyn has settled down since leaving Team Forests, and grown aware of how her friends and family care for her, especially the fact that her kids need her. Due to this, she is often a lot more cautious and reserved if forced into a dangerous situation; rather than her former recklessness; a fact that puts her on the back foot.


Ashlyn owns a pair of motorcycles rarely found on Mobius; a Hammerforge Industries Wild Rider from Col'nesia, and a Top Gear Engineering Blade Runner Sports Bike from the Party Dimension. Each purchased at great expense with a different role in mind; Ashlyn has as much difficulty choosing a favorite bike as she would have choosing a favorite child. She has even named each motorcycle; such is her attachment to the pair - the Wild Rider is named "Hector", while the Blade Runner bears the name "Gaius". Needless to say, she often finds herself being interviewed by magazines and internet reporters looking for tips about these imported racing machines.

The Wild Rider was originally designed for military purposes in colder climates, before Hammerforge opened sales of the design to the general public. Due to this, the high-powered motorcycle is fairly heavy and has a lower top speed than many of it's competitors. It makes up for this instead with ridiculously low fuel consumption thanks to a uniquely Hammerforge engine design; a hybrid of petrol engine and Mega Coal reactor. While it can be somewhat expensive to service, the motorcycle makes up for it with low fuel costs; plus the mean chopper style and exposed engine often serves to draw attention to itself.

By comparison to the rugged Wild Rider, the Blade Runner is Ashlyn's choice when she feels the need for speed and hunger to remember her racing days. Nowhere near as cheap to ride as her other bike, it is a lot faster and nimbler than the military-grade chopper. Sleek and stylish with a fairly stunning cobalt blue & black pearlescent paint scheme; this bike tends to attract more attention as it races around at up to three hundred kilometers an hour.








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