Asheley the Hedgehog
Eating,playing video games,practicing martial arts
Losing,spiders,being sad,kung fu
Tyler the Hedgehog (adoptive father)

Asheley is the daughter of Tyler the Hedgehog. She was adopted by Tyler when she was only a year old.


Asheley is a light blue hedgehog. She wears a black shirt,a black skirt,black gloves and white and grey boots. Her old outfit is very different than her current one. She also once wore an outfit similar to Tyler's war uniform.

Powers and Abilities

She has trained in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do ever since she was 5 years old. She is nearly a black belt. She also has the ability to control fire. This ability was first noticed by Tyler because whenever she cried as a baby small amounts of fire would come out of her mouth. It is unknown where she gained these powers from. Ever since she learned how to control her fire powers she learned to use them to enhance her martial arts skills. Making her a deadly fighter despite her young age. She also has the ability to withstand extreme heat.


Asheley is normally a very happy go lucky person. She is also usually the first person to volunteer for something. She also has a quirk that she cries when she is yelled at. Sometimes when she cries her fire powers become incredibly strong and uncontrolable. She can also have a bad temper. Sometimes she is very emotional.


Most of Asheley's background is unknown. She was adopted by Tyler the Hedghog at the age of 1. Tyler knew there was something special about her. When Tyler brought her home she would cry very often and sometimes even fire would come out of her mouth. Tyler was very surprised to find out that she had the ability to control fire.

Asheley was raised to become a strong fighter. Tyler signed her up to train at a prestigious Tae Kwon Do academy. At first Ashley failed because she would become angry and quit when she didn't win. She often destroyed many things with her fire powers in her fits of rage. Later, she became older and learned to calm down. When she was 10 she learned how to use her fire powers combined with her Tae Kwon Do to create a deadly fighting style that she named the Wyvern's Tooth. Her sensei was very impressed when he saw that she had developed her own martial art. He decided to let her leave the academy so she could learn how to make her style even stronger.


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