Cquote1.png It seems trouble always follows a lone Wandering Wolf Cquote2.png
Ash to Vernon, The Tale of a Wolf

Ash the Wolf is a male Wolf Avatar who appears in the new story The Tale of a Wolf. He comes from a group of Wolves called the Wandering Wolf Pack, and was kidnapped and held prisoner by the Jackal Squad during the lull in the War of Darkness(during the events of Hidden Evil). He is the older brother of a young lad named Tyler, and foster brother of a young Wolf named Vernon. As of Hunt for the Lost Pack, Ash is once more a Wandering Wolf alongside Vernon


Ash is a pure white young male Wolf with a black streak pattern and amber eyes. He wears a yellow neckerchief, blue-framed glasses, black gloves with a yellow streak on them, and mostly white sneakers with black laces. As of Darkness of War, Ash has a scar on his muzzle and one on his chest.


Ash is a stern, protective person. He was initially friendly, especially with his brother Tyler, but this changed when the Jackal Squad captured him and ripped him away from his family, he became distant and kept to himself. A bit of his old personality returned when he met Vernon and escaped with his new friend, with him regaining some of his friendliness. However, because of his capture, he has a vehement hatred of the Jackal Squad and a strong dislike for jackals in general.


Before the Series: Ash was born and raised in the Wandering Wolf Pack alongside his younger brother Tyler(a pale gray Wolf). During the lull in the War of Darkness, during the events of Hidden Evil, the Jackal Squad took advantage of the Storming Alliance's occupation with the War to attack the Wolves and kidnap one of their young ones for ransom, with the unfortunate victim being Ash. Since the Pack were nomadic and had no money, they were unable to pay the high demand, and Ash was kept a hostage. When the Squad were employed by Eggman, Ash was moved to a prison cell in Eggman's facility, where he was kept until a young Wolfhart City native named Vernon was kidnapped. Ash became determined to escape, and did so with Vernon, fleeing the facility. After the attack on Red Gate City, Ash and Vernon met a group of refugees led by a red fox named Chris, whom they lived with until the Alliance found them after the Lamarkie Standoff.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

After the Blackout: After Chris is saved by the warriors from a clone of Mephiles the Dark, he leads them to his group of refugees, whom Ash and Vernon are apart of. Ash joins the Storm Fighters and helps out in the restoration of Red Gate City, and later fights in the Battle for Red Gate City.

Darkness of War: So far, Ash only appears in the Prologue and the Chapter directly after it. Ash is apart of Austin's patrol with Cody the Wolfdog and Eli the Jackal, and is wounded when Sonic.EXE ambushes them. Ash is confirmed to be alive by Sky Armor, and is taken back to the Base with his patrolmates, and it is said Ash is the least hurt of them despite being covered in the most blood.




Tyler the Wolf

Tyler is Ash's younger brother. They care deeply for each other, and maintained a healthy, brotherly relationship. However, since Ash's capture, Tyler's current whereabouts are unknown, as is the fate of the Wandering Wolf Pack.

Vernon the Wolf

Ash met Vernon when the latter Wolf pup was kidnapped and taken from his home in Wolfhart City and imprisoned in the same Eggman facility Ash was held in. The two managed to escape together, and became as close as brothers. While Ash does not believe Vernon can replace Tyler, he still loves him as a brother.


While Ash never had the misfortune of meeting Infinite after the villain gained his new identity, Ash was kidnapped and taken from his home by him as the unnamed Jackal Squad leader. The leader would then consistently taunt and bully the young Wolf, keeping him captive until well after his agreement with Eggman was made. It is because of Infinite's actions as the unnamed leader that led to Ash's vehement hatred of the Squad and strong dislike for jackals in general.


Ash is the second white Wolf to appear in the series, the first being Mel from Mountain Lake Village.

Ash's comment about a lone Wandering Wolf(seen above) rings true not just for him, but for Arrow and Wilson.

  • Arrow was relentlessly pursued by Finitevus until the villain was blown back by Samu's Clangorous Soulblaze Z-Move before the Wolf joined the Pack
  • Wilson was pursued and essentially bullied by both the Destructix and Lycus' Gang after leaving the Pack, was later abducted and forcefully employed by Eggman, and later murdered by Infinite when he tried to flee.
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