Ash the Hippowdon was a senior diplomat for the Pyranic Empire and leader of the Diplomatic Corp., before he was slain by Phoenix the Vampire Bat, the War Minister.

Ash the Hippowdon

Biographical Information
Age 75 (deceased)
Level 53
Romantic Interests Iris the Torkoal (wife)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hippowdon
Gender Male
  • Skin: Light brown, w/ black patches
  • Eyes: Red
  • Red-tinted sunglasses w/ black frames
  • White jacket
  • Yellow jumper
  • White slacks
  • Leather shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry None
  • Naturally powerful Earth manipulation
  • Moderate combat - hand-to-hand
  • Possesses two genetic abilities - Sand Stream and Oblivious
  • Capable of using elemental attacks from elements other than his normal one.
  • Talented orator
  • Skilled diplomat
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Physical Description

Standing taller than most humans at 2 meters, Ash was a brute. Broad in the shoulders, he was mostly a dusty yellow with black patches around his sand vents, plus bright red eyes that stare out at the world.


Ever semi-formal in clothing, Ash wore a white suit jacket & slacks, plus leather shoes. However, under his suit he also wore a saffron-yellow jumper. Also ever-present was his red-tinted sunglasses, famed for their thick black frames.


Early Life & Schooling

Ash grew up in the more rural parts of the Pyranic Empire, surrounded by his family - platypus father, Hippowdon mother and two siblings - one other Hippopotas, and a platypus. The family spent most of their time working on the family farm, but Ash aspired for more. He was brilliant, passing through school with ease, before going off to the big city, where he studied politics and languages. Not only did he finish well, he was top of the honors roll in each subject, a more-than-fitting end to his schooling.


As Ash grew up, he was amazed by the monarchy - the Pyrinth family - and their constitutional monarchy over the kingdom. However, the young Mobianized Hippopotas found the parliament to be corrupt, hoarding the money they made without letting the people even get a taste. As soon as he could, he gained employment with the Senate as an assistant. After five years, at the age of twenty-seven, he was tired of the constant minor bickering and the pointless deliberation of the senate, and as such requested a transfer to the diplomatic corp. He returned home, both to the senate and to his family farm, repeatedly for the next twenty-five years, with a wife and an ever-growing number of children in the countryside as he traveled to and from members of the United Federation as a diplomat. Finally, after years of traveling in service to the king, Ash settled down into a role as a member of the Senate and head of the Diplomatic Corp, at the age of fifty-two.


For eleven years, everything was quiet and peaceful, with everything within the Empire seeming quiet. As one of the elder senators, Ash was silent, allowing others to deliberate and dither as he cut to the chase of a matter, often bringing support for arguments brought up by the young Crown Prince, Napalm Pyrinth, with calls against military and senatorial corruption. Then, war broke out between the Pyranic Empire and their neighboring kingdom, Soleanna. The more humanocentric Soleannan military locked into a stalemate with the mixed Pyranic Army, and for twelve long years, it was locked in a stalemate. Then, on that twelfth year, Soleannan soldiers killed the King and Queen of his home, and Ash found himself meeting and bowing before the prince who's ideas he had always supported - Napalm Pyrinth. Barely a day after the young Pyrohog was crowned, he was called before the Senate. Phoenix the Vampire Bat, the War Minister and an ambitious warrior, immediately began forcing towards a retaliatory assault he referred to as Project: Back-burn, which went against Ash's grain, as well as the young emotion-driven king's. Immediately, Ash went to defend his monarch, arguing that the peace won for them by G.U.N. would last, and pushing Napalm to call the Senate meeting off. Luckily, the ruler did just that.


That afternoon, Phoenix visited Ash in his city home, while Ash's family was off in the countryside, still farming in the country's untouched East. The Hippowdon, not needing any guards, warmly accepted his opposite number, feeling that he was safe at home, taking this as Phoenix's willingness to talk. The elderly Pokémon even went so far as to make his fellow Senator at home with a coffee and other foods. Then, suddenly, despite being warned mid-way through the meeting by his brother over-the-phone that the War Minister didn't seem interested in peace, Phoenix attacked, causing Ash's Sand Stream ability to activate and create a thick sandstorm to keep the bat on the ground. Unfortunately, Phoenix had decent control of his Fire powers, and used the heat and energy of his flames to turn some of the sand to glass, allowing him to attack and kill the Hippowdon, giving the Vampire Bat a fresh source of blood.


Napalm Pyrinth himself arrived shortly after Phoenix killed him, stunned by the fact that the War Minister had killed an elderly man, just to continue the war. This was soon spread as rumor by Phoenix himself, saying that the King had ordered Ash's death. This reached his family and political allies, sending them into hiding with a clan of Dragon Style-wielders where, a year later, the King and Queen found them after a coup by Phoenix. The monarch was ridiculed by Ash's brother, who pointed out Ash's numerous children, grandchildren and nieces/nephews, saying that the Royal Family wasn't welcome here.


Ash had always been confident, thanks to his twin genetic abilities. Sand Stream would activate when he was threatened or in an out-of-control rage, creating a thick sandstorm that would slowly sap the health of his opponents, while Oblivious prevented illusions, sensory distortions and emotional influences from affecting him - in other words, he couldn't be tricked into falling in love with someone to stop him from hurting the person in question. Due to his confidence, over his 75 years of life, he didn't train too hard, only reaching level 53 by the time of his death.

As a Mobianized Pokémon, Ash could use techniques from a variety of elements, without being able to use the element itself, including a few moves most other Hippowdon would never show an aptitude for. However, this simply added to his confidence, almost unnecessarily.

Outside of combat, his main arena, Ash was a talented orator and diplomat, capable of rousing speeches which could cover an entire plaza without amplification, plus proving himself to be a very useful tool at both controlling the Senate and appeasing members of the United Federation.

Unfortunately, as was seen, Ash was simply confident in combat skills that, while available genetically through the little training he performed, were nowhere near strong enough to protect him against a skilled foe. On top of that, while Poison and Earth abilities posed little threat to him, and Electrical ones no threat at all, Water, Nature and Ice abilities were all deadly threats for Ash to watch for.

Earth Abilities

Ice Abilities

Fire Abilities

Electrical Abilities

Poison Abilities

Dark Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities


Described through his life as a "selfless, driven, loyal man" who was "living to make his home a better place for his kids and grandkids", Ash was known to love his country as much as he loved his wife. He rarely drunk alcohol or used any form of intoxicant (barring caffeine from coffee), and remained resolutely following his king to the end.






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