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Ash is a 4 ft tall bat, he has big ears, green eyes, black fur, a dark peach muzzle and arms and has fangs. He wears a green shirt white gloves, jeans, and green shoes similar in style to the shoes worn by Extreme gear racers.


Ash though not someone to go out at night and fight criminals he still is a good man. Since a young age he has been incredibly interested in Flight, especially Extreme Gear racing. He tries his best to watch every match he possibly can. Though he has had some trouble with it in recent years as the Babylon Rogues, who are considered by many, including Ash to be the villains in the sport, keep winning.

Ash recognizing the feeling of being incapable of doing something someone wants to do, assists his sister find as much as he can on whatever she needs to become an adventurer. Though he worries in the back of his mind that he hasn’t prepared her enough up to this point. He also aids her with Math as it is one of his top classes. He enjoys the challenge the different equations hold.


Ash was born with a genetic condition that caused his wings to never properly form, making him unable to fly. Being unable to fly caused him to become interested in planes, extreme gear racing, and rocket ships from a young age. Ash and his sister Lily the Bat have lived in the station square suburbs for many years along with their friend Rhyme the Cat.

He would be interested in racing, she would be interested in adventure. One day something would happen, though, Lily would meet the Adventurer Chase the Wolf. Though somewhat suspicious of him at first Ash would grow to like this new friend. Though not as interested in Chase’s stories he still found Chase’s laid-back attitude but underlined determination enjoyable.

Eventually, Chase would have to leave after learning his arch nemesis Melvin had escaped from prison. He worried at what this would do to poor Lily but seeing how she was able to handle it made Ash feel that all had been doing had paid off.


As a Bat Ash has a number of abilities that are often associated With them. He has incredible hearing, a built-in sonar really. He also has great eye set though it takes longer to adjust to daylight then most other species.


Ash is pretty good at math; he doesn’t have a PhD in it since he is still in high school though. Ash can also ride an Extreme Gear.


Ash isn’t really a fighter so though his sonar could allow him to dodge, a skilled fighter will beat him.

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