This is an article about Asadair the Meowth, a character created by Fox,Fox,Cat.


Asadair has Blue hair,Cream and Brown Fur,and a Red Scarf around his neck.He also a Green Coat,Blue Gloves,Brown Boots,and Black Pants.Other than that he looks like a normal Meowth.


Asadair has a Kind-Hearted personallity.However he is clumsy and rushes into things without knowing the full truth.Asadair is also kind of Hot-Headed.


When Asadair was his parents gave him to the Purrloins,Who where good Friends with his parents,because they could not raise him.When Asadair was 14 and a half he went to search for his parents.He found out his parents were in a place called Thief Kingdom.When he got there he found out his parents died.Rosadiya told him his parents died in a G.U.N shooting,he,however,refused the fact his parents died that way,because he thought G.U.N was a good military force and believed Rosadiya was the reason his parents were dead.Now he wants vengeance on Rosadiya.


Asadair has the Ability Pick Up


  • Scratch
  • Growl
  • Bite
  • Furry Swipes


Purrloom Purrloin(Good Friend,Possible Love Interest)

Hugo the Cyndaquil(Friend)

Vera the Chikorita(Friend)

Chanticleer the Joltik(Friend)

Kansha the Shaymin(Friend)

Ryou the Manaphy(Friend)

Butch the Buneary(Aquatint)

Twilight the Turtwig(Friend)

Ellia the Glameow(Aquatint)

Katelyn the Munchlax(Aquatint,Enemy,Slight Crush)



Rosadiya the Treecko(Arch-Enemy)

Thief Kingdom's People(Except Chanticleer,Vera,and Hugo,Sided with Rosadiya)

Katelyn the Munchlax(Aquatint,Enemy,Slight Crush)

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