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Aryun the Parasite is a creature created from a strange collection of blood cells that independently grew sentient through obscure powers. It is a highly dangerous creature with a fixation of blood and power.



This parasite only comes in three colors associated with blood; red, white, and black. Red for standard, white for white blood cells, and black for infected blood. On both forms a black dragon tattoo will cover the right cheek.

Aryun: Male Variant

Aryun's male variant appears as a hyena of sorts, but one with an unordinary color scheme. Since the character can only consist of its three primary colors, it comes just like that. The male variant has long white hair with black roots, blood red eyes, and primarily white fur with black striping (typical of a striped hyena). He also has a small black goatee at the end of his muzzle with red highlights. The hair is typically tied around the center to give him a small ponytail, he has bangs covering the left and right side of his face, but they aren't lengthy enough to cover his eyes. The physique of the male is athletic.

Sangue: Female Variant

This variant is far more distinguishable from the male variant with a lot more key features. The female variant is the color scheme of the male's, but whereas the male was predominantly white; her color scheme consists of a darker shade. Her hair is mainly black with white roots, darker red eyes, a black fur scheme with white stripes. The female's physique is more lady like and less athletic than the male variant, favoring a skinnier build. The female has lengthy hair and considerably longer bangs, covering her right eye entirely.


In general, the character has a deep and crazed obsession with blood.


Aryun's personality can be described as cavalier, but very conflicted. It is a character who does nothing but indulge off of the pain and suffering of others. However, it is conflicted and can't figure out why it feels such joy in causing pain. Aryun often doesn't think for himself and more so depends on the actions of others to influence his next behavioral pattern. He is very indecisive and often leaves himself open to prolonged thought. He prefers to do good rather than kill others and sap them of their blood.

But when he's made his mind, he's very stubborn on his opinion. Aryun is also easily manipulated and can easily be shown to appreciate the good morals of others, but it doesn't stave his thirst for blood. It is the more aggressive and competitive form of the parasite. Aryun is the more sentient gender, often understanding of others emotions.


Where Aryun faults, Sangue excels. She is a genius and a masterful combatant. Unlike Aryun who has conflicting goals and doesn't quite understand himself and his place in the world, Sangue is quite decisive and very brooding. She often has no remorse for others and loves sapping people of their powers and life energy. Her mental strength is so strong that certain characteristics of Sangue's form carry onto the male variant.

Aryun is easily manipulated, whereas Sangue is very manipulative. She often does not care for who she uses so long as they've helped her. However, she is not the more aggressive half. She is more patient and slow, waiting for precise and quick means of torture, rather than lengthy and reckless forms of Aryun. Sangue is very unsympathetic and doesn't care for emotions as they only get her distracted. But just like how the female variant characteristics carry to the male counterpart, Sangue is capable of feeling and understanding emotion.


Abnormal Creation

Aryun's existence came to be when a small leech was experimented with dark magic. The forbidden magic ended up killing the leech and the sorcerers ended up extracting its stolen blood to try and make an organic form of magic. The sorcerers tried conjuring up things with the blood, but it was to no avail; or so it would seem.

Sorcerer Lenningrad who lead the project gave up after he was thought to be a failure in front of his students for trying to conjure a creature from worthless blood. He was shunned and laughed at, causing him to leave the academy of magic, Korza. He just lost the hopes to create or channel magic any more, the elderly sorcerer ended up becoming homeless and a drunk since his disconnection with the Academy Korza.

Whatever magic spells he did retain, he used to curse and spew violence on the blood he thought he could give life to. With the vile behavior shown by Lenningrad, the blood had begun to take form and grew to the normal size of a standard mobian.

When it grew form, Lenningrad was filled with joy as finally in his life he had felt he succeeded. The creature however was sentient and remembered all the suffering Lenningrad endured and unleashed upon it; even when it wasn't sentient. This led to the creature sapping Lenningrad of all his blood, forming it into this massive body of blood.

Perilous Destruction & Reformation

The creature was full of anger and hatred for all it was handed by Lenningrad, so as it escaped his ruined chamber, it left to reak havoc on Arasia Coast. It murdered and sapped people of their blood to give it powers of its own. Arasian sorcerers could not fight back and destroy the creature so they had to call upon the help of the divines to smite the foul creature.

They called none other than Vrai and his group of Messaens to handle the situation. Vrai performed his almighty power, eviscerating the creature and forever splitting it. It did not kill the creature permanently though, as the fallen blood had combined to remake a far weaker form than its original.

This form was forever entranced in an amnesiac state of life, it could not remember who or what it was. Not to mention but the creature wasn't whole any more, so its powers and personality was split in two forms. One form was dubbed Aryun, named after the initial spell used to make the creature; the other was Sangue, a name made by the female form itself.

Unlike before, the creature had a sense of intelligence and personality now, it wasn't some monster hell bent on anger.


The creature knew it wouldn't fit into society being a mass of blood, so it took two forms. Its initial form was Sangue, the dominant and base form of the blood parasite, it adopted the form of a female squirrel, whereas the male variant took one of a hyena. They then decided which form of clothing would be most appropriate to fit into society once more. Since the mind split, the creature couldn't remain in the female form for lengthy duration, causing her to switch to the much more dull and empathetic counterpart, Aryun very often.

Despite how intelligent the creature was, it failed to understand its existence in the world as it had its memories eviscerated; therefore having no recollection of its powers besides body formation. It went into hiding for much of its existence. 

However, something was burning away at the creature; it had a thirst, a deep need for blood. The creature was growing weaker an its body was losing shape and becoming a lifeless lump of blood due to the affects of blood starvation. It needed blood to exist and live, the female form figured it out after having profound visions of the organic liquid in its mind.

It ran off discreetly and chose to terrorize a hospital, stealthily sapping sick patients of their blood via touch. The patients were already weak so had no way to resist the blood sucking of Sangue. Sangue knew she was weak and that she still needed blood to supply herself. Aryun just knew that blood was the only thing he could feed on to give himself energy, not processing that it gave him strength.

After the patients had been sucked of their blood and blood supply of the hospital had been gone, the city sought out to find Vrai once again. The fox however was of no assistance and told his followers to handle the threat as he had been in a journey of Godhood.

When the Messaens got to the creature, they began fighting it with weaponry like lances and swords. Sangue did not like being challenged and tried to fight the Messaens but lost the fight very quickly due to her low strength, the body however switched to the male variant in the nick of time. Aryun slaughtered the resilient knights due to their composed and merciful form of combat. Aryun sapped them of their blood and gained knowledge of the Messaens Way form of combat, but also their expertise in medieval weaponry.

Aryun then formed himself a malformed lance out of his own blood, however using the weapon would cause the creature pain as he was essentially bleeding himself out. Sangue favored a much more powerful scythe with the ability to bleed herself and others out.

The notoriety the creature was receiving in Arasia Coast caused it to leave the island of Oris by travelling the ocean as the liquid form of blood.

Travelling & Understanding of Self

Sangue was the aggressive and indulgent personality of the creature; whereas Aryun was the more empathetic form and honestly felt remorse for its actions some times. The conflicting personalities cause the creature to be indecisive a lot of the time.

Aryun felt he needed to contribute to society by sapping others of their infected blood and cleaning it with compatible blood, whereas Sangue would just sap her victims. The occupation as a local blood medic was terminated quickly when citizens would notice they would be losing blood and some would end up dying from it.

Growing older, the creature noticed it couldn't be good as it was a insult to society and just couldn't fit in. This caused Aryun to just force itself to enjoy petty and merciless violence to keep himself alive, whereas Sangue loved being neglected and chose the path of evil quite easily.

Even though the creature is obviously evil, it does what it does to sustain itself; only Sangue does things out of malice and gluttony.



The power to control blood is evident in the creature. Aryun often does not control the blood of others as he can deal with others with brute force, but he does take advantage of the shape-shifting abilities that this power hands him. Sangue uses the power to control the blood of others and cause enemies to do things they wouldn't normally do as she can control the bodily functions of others. The catch is that every time this power is used, it also drains the life and blood of the creature itself. This means, it can die trying to kill you with out you even trying to kill it.

Power Stealing

If one is sapped of their blood, the creature can use their blood to empower itself with the opponents powers. This means if it drained a pyrokinetic it obtains the ability to use fire, same applies to other elements. However, it also brings all the weaknesses the opponent had to itself. The creature can only control another's powers for a short duration of time.


Immunity of Poison & Sapping Fingers

Sangue has the unique ability of sapping the blood of others with her finger tips, so as long as she has physical contact with an opponent or even ally; she can drain their blood. This is unique to only Sangue as Aryun has to puncture his enemies to sap blood, meaning he has to make them bleed.

Due to the ability of them being able to manifest blood, they are immune to disease and poison as every disease is counteracted by the anti-cells in its body to ward off invading diseases. The same applies to other blood users, the creature can not be sapped.


Varied and Unique Combat

As the creature can retain the skills of other fighters, it can fight with a new and varied move set every encounter if they remain in the Aryun form. Aryun is proficient at combat and can handle opponents of any size and skill, however he is a jack of all trades; master of none. Meaning he can not best masters, he is just simply resourceful and talented.

Aryun is skilled with a lance, where as Sangue is skilled with a scythe. Both can be detriments to the creature's health.


Blood Loss

The biggest weakness of this character is that everything it does can cause it to bleed itself to death. Creating a weapon, shape shifting, or controlling the blood of another all is taxing on the creature's main blood supply. This may cause it to stumble over in the middle of combat or be simply too weak to fight. In order to suck another's blood, Aryun would have to make them bleed to begin with which can be very difficult and may cause him to bleed out in the process.

Aryun is powerful but his abilities and prowess are all taxing when it comes to blood and is the form most likely to bleed out.

Sangue In General

While manipulative and destructive in character, Sangue is weak and can be very easily defeated. Her scythe, while devastating is very slow and the opponent can tell she lacks the strength to properly wield it; even on high blood doses. She's light and just weak compared to her male counterpart.

Weakness Stealing

The benefit of stealing powers can come with the risk of leaving the creature open to the weakness of their opponent. So if the enemy controlled fire and were weak to water, it would too be weak to water. The benefit of this power is that it doesn't sap the creature's blood, but it can only be used under a short duration of time.