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This is an article about Artistia the Hedgehog, a character created by ARTISTIAChan on 10/19/2017.

Cquote1 "No matter what, I will do what I must in order to restore peace. Even so, I must protect my true treasured hopes and loved ones..." Cquote2
— '-Artistia, making an oath to herself in an unnamed source writing(an old fanfiction from 2017).'

Artistia is the usual average optimist, varying from different hobbies and talents. However, Artistia can also change moods rather quickly as the eye can see, though she always is deemed to be happy and usually is the one who makes jokes and does what's right.


  • "No matter what, I will do what I must in order to restore peace. Even so, I must protect my true treasured hopes and loved ones..."
  • "Dream, live, and learn!~"(an overused quote and the catchphrase of the creator)
  • "Hold it right there! Stop now, being!"
  • "Maybe I could try a bit more..."
  • "An order of one commission coming right up!~"


As stated, she is normally always happy, being a different counterpart to the creator of her(which she is very serious, thoughtful, and rather timid). Other than that, some say she is fun to hang around, as she can make anything funny and as well make jokes about the common life.

Other than being happy all the time, it can be quick to make her serious, which deems the quality of her changing mood rather quickly. However, as long as someone keeps her happy and amused to her liking, they will be fine and stay on her good side.

Design Appearance

  • (See some facts and details of this in the below header! Trust me, they are interesting.)

Looks: She appears as a dark pink hedgehog(in daylight, she appears regularly pink)who has black & red dyed quills in the front and has tan skin, but seemingly darker than Shadow's. She has four quills on the back, two in the center on top and bottom, whilst the others are on the sides, making a diamond shape. She also has split side quills on the sides of her muzzle, which dye similarly to her front ones.

Attire: She wears a dark red vest, a red one piece dress, a white bowtie, along with butyl long white gloves and boots similar to Amy's but with black buckles to strap around them.


Artistia, who formerly went by Afire and Afflict, grew up in the zone of Mystic Forest, which not many were seen to be living there. However, there was a decently-sized village she grew up in and she was raised by her parents, which were still unnamed to this day.

However, due to a forest fire that was caused, most of her village seemed to be slaughtered and/or died in the fire. Though, after some time, she was seemingly "rescued" by Dr. Eggman, who actually started the fire on accident(but took as an opportunity to have his robots exterminate anything that existed of Artistia's old home).

As years passed, she was raised by him in terms of seeing him as a father, despite already knowing the two were different species. Eventually, she meets Shadow in this time, as he discovers her when he makes a visit to retrieve the red Chaos Emerald from him.

In the time he is there, Artistia makes her new transformation to what she is now. She dyes her quills at a later time after her accidental transformation on the machine that Dr. Eggman had been working on. Though, Shadow mentions the emerald later once more to her, despite Dr. Eggman not knowing he was there with her. He eventually leaves as well, taking note of her existence and seemingly enjoys her company and talks with her.

Little did he know though, Artistia actually became the embodied patent on the red emerald, and became the connected being of the emerald.

Even though Shadow knows about her, he doesn't bother telling others due to Dr. Eggman's improvident begging of not telling him to do so. They make a deal, that Shadow would receive an emerald(which would be the green Chaos Emerald)if he promised not to do so. Artistia was only the age of 12 at this time.

A few more years later, Artistia has a lot more knowledge of the outside world and including Shadow. She wants to leave and make a living on her own, but Dr. Eggman refuses, until then she is "rescued" by the Sonic gang, as they were informed eventually by another(which would be Tails). Shadow eventually confesses about it, but puts up no guilt for it.



  • During Artistia's development as an OC, she first started as an edgy character, and actually started as an .EXE fan character(of course).
  • Other than edgy OCs, Artistia actually first started as a Shadamy fanchild prototype. However, this got scraped and was put aside to make her what she is now.
  • Artistia in this AU has a somewhat family-like relationship with Shadow and Amy, though her initial crush was intended to be Shadow himself.
  • She also had been put as a long lost sibling of Sonic himself. However, this got scraped as well, with the exception of use by under another OC creator by the username of Jio the Fox(who created the OC-Slay the Hedgehog-as well.)
  • In that very Sibling AU, Slay the Hedgehog is a love interest for her and as well works with him.
  • Even so after having the scraped idea of the Shadamy fanchild AU, it was then later created a whooping 3 years later(I'm bad XD). It is currently called the Unknown Child AU(UC).
  • Most of her permanent design was eventually made in 2018, based on the first image in the gallery(1st image).
  • Her design was heavily based on other Sonic canon characters, including examples such as Silver, Shadow, Amy, and more.
  • Her up-to-date design is where her quills droop down behind her head. They no longer appear as pointy and somewhat a style similar to Sonic OVA(you will notice by the bright red lines on the image used in the infobox).

    Back view of current quills

  • She used to have the power of Arcane magic before even having T&T in her prototype methods. However, that was changed and/or scraped due to it seemingly to be an overpowered conflict.
  • When she was still in her prototype phase, she actually first started as an idea of a cyan cat in 2017. In comparison to the design to the current one now, many would say she has had much development.
  • In this AU, Artistia originally initially was intended to have a twin sister(or just sister)of the sorts, but struggling with her design as is, it was scraped.
  • Artistia is an averagely known OC among certain communities. Though, she appears as some few cameos. Try to find her in some.
  • Artistia is used in multiple AUs, about over 4+.
  • She is a OC/FC within the webcomic; The Holy Dimension, which was created by Brianna N. Gonzales.
  • Most artworks of her made by the creator, are done in MSPaint and/or Kleki, Krita, or any cheap art program(just letting you all know).

    A sideview of her current quill style

  • Artistia's name varies in this AU:

-Afire Hedgehog(given by parents before death)

-Afflict Cons Hedgehog(given by Dr. Eggman)

-Artistia Cons Hedgehog(given herself)

-Afflict "Artistia" Hedgehog(her profile)


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