Appearance (Sorry about the grammer I'm 9) Artimis is neon yellow with royal purple stripes like a bumble bee. It's eyes are green when not in its Werenahcine (nak-ee-nay) form , but blood red when it is. Artimis stands at a modest 5"2' and has giant gatling arms on its arms along with arms. Artimis also has a shoulder cannon similar to the Predator. Artimis has many spikes on its body, mostly covering its many arms. Artimis's face looks very similiarly to Metal Overlord. Artimis also sports a iridium half-kilt. Artimis's hands are very evil and spikey, like someone glued piranha tooths to them. Artimis gave up its legs in favor of more arms. It walks like a spider using its walking arms that have boots on the ends of them. Artimis has three tailes colored neon yellow on top and royal pruple on the bottom except for the furthiest left taile, that one is upside down. Artimis's chest is large like a gorilla. Artimis's many arms are large and muscular. When Artimis inters its Werenahcine form, all Hells break loose. It grows 5 times its normal size and grows 17 extra arms, all of them covered in piranha teeths. Its power is triplied and it can move at the speed of sound.


Artimis is very aggresive, but not that smart.


Artimis was a collection of robotic parts collected by the hands of orphaned children.They put Artimis together in hopes of creating protection. Artimis saw the children and took them in as its own. While searching for food for the kids Artimis was stung by a bumble bee, giving it the stripes of a bumble bee. Artimis was able to find foxes and killed them, taking their tailes and added them to its half-kilt. When Artimis retunred the children, the children were killed. This sudden death to those that brought Artimis life triggered its first ever transformation. The Werenachine. Artimis slaughtered the killer with its many arms. Artimis would have gone on a rampage if it werent for the child that maneged to hid from the killer. She calmed Artimis.


(Powers coming soon)


Gatling arms that shoot fast. Artimis can fall apart and rebuild itself for easy trasportation. Artimis has a shoulder cannon but it takes awhile for it to charge, it can blow a hole in most things, but not everything. It can cut and stab things with its arms thanks to the piranha teeths and spikes. All of Artimis's abilities are enhaced greatly while in its Werenachine form, however, its less accurate and more unstable.


Artimis can climb walls like a spider and do a lot of spider like things thanks to it many arms. While in its normal form, its very accurate, making for a lethal ranged foe. Artimis a talented hunter, able to track and kill a lot of things with ease.


Artimis is hard to kill, but not hard to stop. Explosives can knock the limbs off of the body and kept away to prevent Artimis from rebuilding. G.U.N. used this tactic to contain Artimis so it couldnt enter its Werenachine form. Extremly bright lights can stun Artimis for extended periods of time, making it easier to take apart. It is weak to these things even in it Werenachine form. Artimis has a hard time moving in water, so trapping it in water will greatly slow it. Artimis is not that smart.

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