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My name's Artica, nice to meet you"

-Artica E' Callette

Artica's information
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Artica E' Callette
Fur color
White/silver colored
Eye color
Sky blue
Antoine D' Coolette (cousin)
Hot pink/bright red t shirt

navy blue compres orange/hot pink bows/white sneakers

blue ponytail beads
Magic paintbrush
Artistic skills. Can control the powers of her magic brush.
Sonic and his freinds, her cousin Antoine, her paintbrudh, drawing, painting, insects.
being bothered, getting yelled at by Antoine for dripping paint into his house, loosing her paintbrush, not being able to draw or paint.

Artica is a 14-year old white coyote with an england accent, also Antoine D' Coolette's distant cousin.

Unlike her cousin, Artica has a spunky character. She is also polite.

Antoine dosen't seem to like her much.


Artica's hometown ,Snow Valley, was attacked by SWATbots and she was the only person not captured and robotisised. She had to leave her hometown and went to the great forest.


Artica is almost the opposite of her distant cousin ,Antoine. She is not a neat freak, but she does keep her house clean but not too clean. She's not afraid of insects , in fact, she can even tame turantulas and sqroupions! Artica's a bit artsy, she mostly draws with her magic brush and other drawing utensuls.Articas somewhat a tomboy she likes adventure, and sometimes danger when its not risky. She's a nice person to meet. She's also quite helpful.

Magic Paintbrush

Artica weilds a magic paint brush, anything she paints becomes useful. she can also use her paint to attack enemies. She can use her colorful paint or can use her paint remover to dissapear objects ,but, she can put them back using a certian kind of paint called "Reaper Paint".

Interactions with other characters


Sonic the Hedgehog (great freind)

Miles "Tails" Prower (great freind)

Amy Rose (good freind)

Knuckles the Echidna

Cream the Rabbit (good freind)

Shadow the Hedgehog (she's kinda afraid of him and Rouge)

Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog (love intrest?)

Sally Acorn (great freind)

Bunnie Rabbot/D' Coolette (great freind)

Antoine D' Coolette (sorta freinds, almost rivals)

Rotor the Walrus


Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox (good freind)

Mina Mongoose

NICOLE (good freind)




Scourage the Hegehog (worst enemy)

Fiona Fox (worst enemy)

Patch (most worst enemy)


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