"Oh, Luna...if I could only tell you how I feel..."

Artemis the Cat

Artemis the Cat

Age 16
Gender male
Species cat(kind half lynx)
Description white fur

green eyes

tan skin

brown hair

Attire Frogwart's Academy Uniform

red plaid collared shirt

blue slacks

tennis shoes

Relatives Comet the Cat(younger brother)

Athena the Cat

Zeus the Lynx

Affiliations good
Nicknames Arti(natural nickname)
Quotes "What? No! I am most certainly not kissing my picture of Luna...what gave you that idea? heh...
Romantic Interests Luna the Cat
Weaponry god wand


Zeus' Staff

Abilities aphrodite's love

zeus' rage

artemis arrow

athena's wisdom

hermes' flight other magic

Super Forms zeus mode

Artemis is another fursona of Koumorichan. He is a 16 year-old half-lynx and the older brother of Comet the Cat. He is a student at Frogwart's Academy of Magic. He is a main character in the Star & Luna manga.


Artie is one smart cookie and a stickler at computers, which gives a "NERD SIGNAL!!" Despite his inability to do contact athletic events and such, he has excelled in weaponry magic. Unlike Star and Luna, him and his brother are more alike(except the smart part). He can be very gloaty and gets a big head, but only if he accomplishes something that he's not good at(which doesn't happen a lot). He became a love-struck kitten the first time he saw Luna. He has been trying to confess his love for her and also tries to get her to like him more.


  • computers
  • books
  • vegetables
  • going outside
  • sleeping in


  • being called a nerd
  • sports
  • winter


  • Luna the Cat
  • Star the Cat
  • Comet the Cat
  • William the Hedgehog
  • DJ the Dog
  • Yin the Hedgehog
  • Yang the Hedgehog
  • Sonic and friends


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Valenor the Wolf
  • Sorcerer Queen

Signature Spells

  • Artemis arrow

    Artemis' Arrow

    Aphrodite's Love
  • Zeus' Rage
  • Athena's Wisdom
  • Hermes' Wings
  • Artemis' Arrow

Extreme Gear

Goddess Gear

His EX-gear. It is a speed type board which can grind. Its gear changes are Nike, Persephone, and Hermes

Nike, when activated, gives Artemis a quick speed boost

Persephone gives other opponents a splash of spring, in otherwords, they have been blinded

Hermes givs Artemis a very long speed boost

Theme Songs

VOCALOID- Artemis- Gakupo ver

VOCALOID- Artemis- Gakupo ver.

His theme song is Artemis(heh) sung by Gakupo Kamui.
Kamui Gakupo - Breathe - off vocal

Kamui Gakupo - Breathe - off vocal

His battle theme is Breathe off vocal




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