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While his appearance does vary depending on what life form he absorbe's.Artemis's current appearance is a is a echidna like creature with gray skin, And sloppy hair running down his head, He wears no gloves or shoes, And has some sort of mysterious black substance running down his arm. He also has completely red eyes.


Most of his basic personality is unknown since he barely knows how to talk and mostly speaks broken english,He does often show he need to survive, Haunting on smaller prey and absorbing there DNA. While does of his evil acts aren't out of any true malice, He does often enjoy causing pain to some of his victims.


Back story.

Artemis was once a small colony of space rocks that where exposed to high chemical reactions and later evolved into Artemis, Soon after this Artemis landed on moebius via a comment. Once he got there he was just a big glob was ugly flesh but he later absorbed the DNA of a male edcina, Do this day he is still on the planet looking for other host to feed on.

Powers and Techniques

  • His main ability is to absorb the DNA of other creatures, By doing this he either shrinks or increases in size, He also gains the characters ability's while doing this (But he can only use the ability if he knows how to activate properly)
  • He has to power to shot red lasers form his eyes (He can lose this ability if he absorbs to many life forms)
  • His body can regenerate form just one cell making him practically immortal
  • His body constantly evolves and regenerate, If he stays alive long enough there is a chance that he can grow to giant size and create multiple clones of himself


  • .While he can regenerate form a single cell, If all the cells are gone,Than he well die for good (But the final cell is super hard to locate and there is a chance you won't find it)
  • A good way to bring him down for a long time is to freeze his body, While he can come back form this, There is a good chance it well take a few months possibly even days.

Relationships with other Characters

Coming soon..


  • Artemis was originally intended it to be a demon form the under world but i later scarped the idea (This explains why his image name is Artemis the demon.png)

Character Theme

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