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"Fire and gold are two things that brought man life, now it brings man death."
—Arrow the Hedgehog


Arrow is a tall golden hedgehog who bears resemblance to a combination between Shadow and Sonic. He has copper stripes on his body like Shadow's red stripes, and bears golden brown irises with reptilian pupils. His fur consists of long golden needles with feather-like serrations at the end, which are capable of bending, cutting, and piercing metal.

In short, he looks like Super Shadow with Sonic's facial features.


Like Shadow, Arrow is very reserved and logical, but like Sonic he has a compassionate side to him, especially his towards work as a mercenary. He was a made-to-order soldier, designed by Eggman to be the successor of Metal Sonic, but without his lead, he became a mercenary due to how expertly capable he was in battle, especially in exterminating a target or witness. His chaotic and nonchalant mindset makes him comfortable with killing the innocent and those he loves provided he get the pay sufficient enough to do it.

To Arrow, money is morals, if the price outweighs the consequences of the action he'll do it.


He was created by Eggman to be the ultimate successor of Metal Sonic by combining the DNA of Sonic and Shadow, but he also added Arrow the ability to use his fur as a golden coat or shell, which he can control those individual hairs like spikes or quills, and detach them and eject them like mini-missiles. Before discovering the world beyond Eggman after losing a battle to Sonic in Central City, he was subservient to the mad scientist, but when he wound up lost in the city, he easily fit in with the rest of the citizens, who commented on his fur, and seemed to compliment and support him, instead of berate and punish him like Eggman.

After defecting and leaving Eggman by simply not returning headquarters after his fight with Sonic, he had no purpose and became extremely displaced, until he one day he was told at a bar by none other than Spice the Hedgehog that his fur could be very useful in the mercenary industry. From then on he became a roving mercenary for numerous governments and terrorist organizations, the Spice Syndicate acting as his bank to help launder illegal funds through his boss' pizza business and into a bank account.


His main, and really only power, is his golden fur. He can use it to stretch out and bend, forming wires or tentacles for grappling, and is capable of creating a spark using his internal neural connections, which means he has some control over analog technologies. He can also detach individual hairs to fire small golden needles at people, and melt these needles forming a coat that is totally immune to penetration.

Because of his rapid aging, which was a mechanism used to enable him to learn and grow at a faster rate, he heals very quickly, and can regain ejected hairs in a matter of minutes to hours.

His relation to Shadow gives him an enhanced sense of Chaos energy, but he requires a Chaos emerald in order to use its power, and he is also capable of using Sonic's skill of rings to convert rings to Chaos energy, allowing him to employ numerous attacks with the use of rings and Chaos emeralds. He also inherits Sonic's mach speed, but because his fur is made of gold, it generates more momentum, causing him to crash through walls and buildings when he attempts to slow down after mach speed.


Where his fur isn't covering his skin, he is completely weak to all forms of attacks. While he has a rapid aging process that causes his wounds to heal at a high rate, mortal wounds can still leave their scars and even result in death given their severity.

Controlling his fur for long periods of time can be a strain to both his psyche and physique, causing him to become both mentally and physically stressed when he controls his fur for too long. Removing and emitting fur is also painful, as he is literally removing them from his body.

His aging process is approximately 700% faster than normal, meaning that he must consume 700% the amount of calories required to handle such a high metabolic rate. This makes him exceptionally prone to starvation, fatigue and dehydration, which affects his fighting style where he prefers to make as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time.


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