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Cquote1 I will fight for what's right, and I will fight until I win! Cquote2

Arronax Pyrovolt is an 18 year old hedgehog and the son of Xavis Pyrovolt and Chloe-Su the Echidna born in the future of Mobius after the Genesis Wave.



Arronax is a brick-red hedgehog with six short, downward-facing spines on the back of his head, and what appears to be two echidna spines on the sides of his face, and two slightly large ears on the top of his head. He has a slightly elongated, peach colored muzzle with a black, cone-shaped nose. His conjoined eyes have sharp corners, and his irises are purple with two distinct black lines coming from his slit pupils.

Arron has a somewhat rectangular torso, with two spines at his shoulderblades and a tail at his rear-end. And except for his hands and feet, his body is completely covered in brick-red fur.


Arronax wears a dark-gray hoodie with red accents, deep-blue jeans with black accents, gray gloves with white fingers, and red shoes with black soles and white tongues.


Arron is a lot like his father. He's stubborn, extremely arrogant, has a fiery temper and a preference to do things himself, yet also kind-hearted and willing to protect those he cares about, no matter what. Like his mother and sister, he dislikes conformity, but is able to get along with it in certain situations.

Some unique facets are that he enjoys very loud music, and will almost always turn something up to full blast if given the chance. He also has a very strong "if it still works, why get a new one?" mentality towards many things, including an old punching bag in his room that he has stitched back together more times than he can remember.


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Although the son of two very prominent Chaos Users, Arronax himself is unable to use the mystical energy. He can generate it, like his father, but only in small amounts that he cannot traditionally control. Instead, the Chaos he produces is used to fuel his Pyrokinesis, which he also inherited from Xavis, making him a Pyrochaotic.

Other than that, his Pyrokinesis is fairly standard.


  • Arron is able to see quite well in low-light conditions.
  • He's somewhat more durable than most, allowing him to take harder hits.


Arronax is highly skilled with his weapon-of-choice: an extendable, metal combat staff. He has been trained in several different fighting styles by several different instructors, most prominently Bojutsu, along with the staff-based techniques of Kung Fu and Ninjutsu.


  • Much like his father, Arron is quite susceptible to low temperatures, but not to the same level as Xavis.
  • His extreme arrogance can lead to unfavorable situations.


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  • Special thanks to my friend Julia Finitevus for picking out Arron’s name!
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