Cquote1 ..All bends to my will. Cquote2
Arna's last note once she became a demon.


Before Demonic Change

Before her demonic change, she had pitch black fur and a white muzzle. Her eyes were a hazel like color. She had semi-long hair that stretches onto her shoulders. And bangs that would occasionally hang over her right eye. She typically wore a small hoodie with her initials on the back, baggy pants, and boots.

After Change (Teen)

After her demonic change, things went hay-wire. Her sweater was torn in some sections revealing either her tattered undershirt or fur. Most of the sweater was tattered around her arms and lower stomach. The sleeves were completely destroyed which revealed bright tattoos appearing off of her arms.The tattoos looked like snakes.

As for her physical change, her hair has been cut to a neck long length. Her bangs grew much deeper though, as they covered her two eyes almost entirely. She kept it covering her eyes to hide her deep blue eyes which turn a bright yellow when enraged. She almost always wears a hoodie in order to cover her small horns on her head. Besides these changes, Arna is not very different.

Adult Demon

Later on in life as she develops into an adult, her features do change as well as her attire. She grows taller and gets a more burly/muscular kind of build, still rather slender though.

Arna gets rid of her old clothing in favor of a warrior's cloth with hanging belts at the back that take an appearance of a cape, she then switches her pants up in favor of baggy combat pants with knee high boots as well as a knee protector, she then rocks heavy metal gauntlets with chains hanging off said gauntlets. It is noted that seeing Arna's face is a rare occurance in future, as she prefers to wear a medieval knight helmet with a long blade like crescent at the back of the helmet.

She wears this helmet as her head has grown demon horns over the years.


Arna is a complex little devil.

On the outside, Arna is a hardened figure of silence and utter strength. She's quiet, reserved, and never shows emotion; besides anger that is. Often regarded as one of the most aggressive forces in Hordaiquan, Arna has a temper known to shake even the most vile of creatures. She's known to be unapproachable due to her fashion of dress and her overall lack of social interaction with others. Arna feels her actions speak louder than her own words.

But on the inside, there's a massive mind at work. This devil is nothing short a few screws. Her ruthless aggression is only a handle to appear as undesirable to speak to; but besides that, Arna knows just the things to say and just fine. Deep down, Arna is some one that doesn't like commitment or her emotions in any form. Only choosing to just show anger as a means to be taken seriously and gain the advantage of fear on her opponents.

Despite the fact that no one's really tried to get close to her, Arna does have a soft side and a deeply passionate one indeed; aside from the demonic influence she has numbing her life decisions. Arna will defend those she loves and cares about to her death almost, her sense of loyalty is unshaken in some cases when it applies to those she trusts. This isn't just physically either, the devil will even reveal signs of empathetic knowledge to appeal to those going against her friends.

Aside from her basic personality, Arna is all business for the most part. There almost is nothing stopping her from getting the job she's assigned done, and if it's a hit list she loves to go through with it. Arna's first resort is always the brutal and vile one, she loves murder and death. It's a deep fascination of hers. She's in love with the idea of holding one's life in her hand and just suddenly destroying it. It's a deep rooted evil that she's succumbed to by her demonic influence. But her demon side doesn't bother her, in fact Arna is flattered by the demon's influence. Judging by her horns, she's indulged in lots of evil.

However the thing that sets Arna aside from normal villains and the worst scum on earth, is that she has a brutal sense of honor and she's not particularly malicious. Arna will only resort to killing any one if it's on her priorities list or something really got on her nerves. She would never go out and massacre everything for the sake of doing so, and believe it or not she stops her work some times to ensure the safety of those that can't fend for themselves (that is a sign of her mind working independently from the demon).

She's puzzling, but her motives all make sense to her.

On a less serious and psychological note, Arna has one of the softest cores. She loves cuddly and colorful things, despite her own appearance and color preference. Arna has a huge sweet tooth (aside from when she's eating insects and consuming demonic magases). It should also be noted that her private quarters in Mavenland is full of stuffed animals and a heart shaped bed. Arna is also a hopeless romantic of sorts, she tends to stalk those she has a crush on and some times tries to initiate combat with them just to impress them. The devil does love plant life as well.


Early Life

Arna was a normal Tasmanian devil who did basic things in life. She was born in a small family of only herself, her two parents, and a small lizard for a pet. As a young'n, she typically was reserved and stood for herself. Her parents cared for her dearly and often motivated her to do the best she could. She lived in a middle class style family.

When it came to social life, Arna was typically lacking. She had a slight bond with her father, more so than her mother. Because of this, Arna had a very tomboyish attitude. She was practicing for things like soccer and track. She wasn't bad either, and was considered to be a great player, despite her own height. She was too aggressive for most players though, eventually being kicked out of the team for beating down on others who would win.

Eventually she grew out of her sporting desires and quietted down to a more artsy form of life. Though she continued to wear male clothing and have a male's attitude. This and her former aggression lead her to be one of the misunderstood students in her classes. But she didn't really care, she preferred the lack of attention she was getting. It proved that no one was trying to interfere with her.

Occult Practice

Things went pretty normally for Arna until she reached the age of sixteen. Two cult groups had been trying to seek unforsaken power from divine entities. The cultists actually caused an explosion that closed down many public areas in the city, most notably the park and various malls.

At the time, Arna was hanging out with a small group of friends at a mall. The news began casting that suspicious forces were at work in the world. Arna having a curious outlook, wanted to find more about what was going on. She visited the park only to be stopped by guards. She was confused but uncaring to what the guards were trying to stop her from. She inevitably left back to the mall after going home momentarily.

Strangely, the mall was empty; almost abandoned. There weren't any clerks, no consumers, and the stores all looked closed. Arna's two friends Maya and Daniel were there, but it was just them. This just scared Arna, but she felt more curious; so she began exploring the area to find out what's been going on. After she had left the main sector of the mall, everything got pitch black.

Arna kept on hearing voices clogging her mind, the voices told her to go into the basement. Reluctantly, she went to the basement through the elevator which was strangely functional. Once at the basement, an alluring light leads Arna into a transmogrifier. Initially looking to run, Arna snapped out of her trance and she tried to flee the outside of the mall. This didn't work to her advantage. She was easily stopped by a swift strike to the back of the knees by a mysterious figure.

None other then a young version of a demon appears, the demon then drags Arna to a small vestibule. It turns out the vestibule lead to the transmogrification room she was in earlier. Arna tried to fight back but it was useless, instead the demon silenced her with a knock out blow to the temple. Once she woke up everything was different. The mall was a twisted labyrinth, there was blood on the floor, and the room she was in was not the same room as she last recalled.

Everything was red, Arna didn't know why either. She closed her eyes to see clearly again, all she saw was a twisted world that the mall became. Confused as she was, she stood up and took a good look at what's happened around her. With further inspection of the location, she was able to find out that everyone had died and that an apocalypse had begun.

Dawn of the Extinct

Even though Arna was able to walk, she was very brittle. The slightest attack could have killed her. She was only to be saved after she befriended a poltergeist. After that, the poltergeist guided her out of the labyrinth she was stuck in, She was almost out, until the demon who transmigrated her appeared again. He quickly tugs at Arna and pulls her to the rooftop of the mall/labyrinth.

The demon shows her that the world has become garbage. Everything was broken, shattered. Demons ruled the land of Jawaii. Arna couldn't believe it, she was bewildered by all the mayhem around her. The demon then states that he had made Arna one of them. Skeptical to believe him, Arna tries to speak to ask him questions but she notes that her vocal cords are completely demolished.

Being stuck as a mute, she gestures to the demon to explain what he had meant. The demon says that he cursed her with the same blood as everyone else. He stated that she was a demon from now on with only partial remains of herself.

Arna's jaw had dropped at the sight of such  blasphemous information. Though she was still in denial about it all, the demon knew she was too. Thus, the demon snapped his fingers and revealed a mirror like portal that reflected what Arna had looked like. Her clothing was tattered, her fur became a brighter more dead like color, her eye color had changed, her hair was shorter and it covered half of her face, and lastly she had gained fearsome tattoos.

Arna was tempted to kill the demon, but she was too weak. She didn't care though and struck at the demon as hard as she could, only to be laughed at the next minute as they grab her great axe. The demon knocks her over the head with a temple blow again. Arna was out cold once more. Though when she awoke, she had strange insects swarming her.

Demonic Hunger & Power Origin

She didn't know what to do in the room full of insects. Since she retained parts of her previous life, she still felt hunger, emotions, and pain. Forced to survive, Arna begins to devour the insects. It was a strange sensation. The insects were parasitical, but not in a negative fashion. Arna had gained new powers from the insect, including an energy Odachi. She had also gained an affinity to various elements such as fire.

Cquote1 Jawaii is for your grabs, give into temptation; lead the new land. Cquote2
Says a demon in Arna's head.

On her journey, many things happened. The entire land of Jawaii became a hell hole. With previous inhabitants becoming souls and demons lurking left and right.

Her two best friends Maya and Jacob survived the onslaught of demons, despite the fact that they were both normal Mobians. Arna kept up with the both of them around her journey here and there, but it was all different. The two were nothing like they were before.

Later in her journey, Jacob and Maya transformed themselves to demons. Jacob lead his own army of individuals who wanted self-indifference, while Maya became blood thirsty and killed everything in her way. Despite their previous friendship, Arna didn't care about them much longer. The Devil saw them as mere enemies in her way. She concluded in finding them and putting them down, permanently with a lack of remorse.

Departure to Mavenland

Arna doesn't choose to control Jawaii, instead she chooses to leave her destroyed apocalyptic world in favor of one with society and a actual place to hone her powers. She does this in order to grow powerful enough to return home and kill off the demon who cursed her with demonic powers.

Arna traveled to a nearby continent known as Mavenland, she traveled there via a beat down boat. The devil had to compensate on her magases and preserved water in case the journey got hard. She ended up settling in Hordaiquan, around the slums sector.

Dragonfly Diner Job and Mercenary Status

Since moving to Hordaiquan, Arna has been very social and active within the community. The slums is known to both respect and fear Arna. The devil has done nothing but fight anyone and anything that got into her way in Hordaiquan. She beat down street gangs, corrupt Navy Fist units, and anyone who looked at her strangely.

But despite this, the devil had no place to stay not a single home or apartment of sorts. The slums were known for having crampt tenements that were cheap, but she had no money and no way to particularly get inside of one. In order to even get slight money, Arna joined underground street fighting to hone her combat and gain some money. It worked out for her as she had won numerous fights against random thugs. She was rewarded with her new helmet and warrior garb, after she had gotten some money she quit the street fighting.

Arna wasn't rich but she had enough money to enjoy herself for the next couple of days if she spent it wisely. The devil went on an exploration quest across Hordaiquan. She visited the various sectors, falling in love with Smuggler's Price and the Industrial Zone due to their massive input on Hordai society. Her last location was Princeton, and she stood out like a sore thumb.

The devil was raggedy, smelled like blood and looked like dirt, she was poor compared to the citizens of Princeton. The devil didn't care as long as nobody tried to cross her. Navy Fist Units didn't even kick her out as they heard of her reputation in the Slums. Arna traveled across Princeton finally stopping at a fancy diner that had recently opened in the area, the Dragonfly Diner.

Everyone in the fancy restaurant looked at the devil oddly and some even joked on whether or not she could even pay for her orders. Despite this, she was addressed with respect and properly seated. A waiter would then ask her what she had wanted to eat and if she had the money to supply herself, Arna would nod yes and ordered Cricket Crumb Cake. She was amazed by the wondrous taste and cuisine of the Dragonfly Diner.

Not all was well however, one rude customer refused to pay for his dish and was being intolerable with his yelling. This quickly irked Arna as she watched the waitress be berated with insults. The devil stood up and fed the customer his teeth, after beating up the customer and kicking them out the store, Arna took his wallet and paid for his order that he refused to pay for and kept the rest of the money to herself. Surprised by this, Giavanni requested to see Arna immediately. He offered Arna a job as secret security for the diner, the devil nodded her head in excitement and gladly took the job. She tightly hugged the chameleon in gratitude.

This job gave her great money and she was able to afford herself a home and a Hover Board to make to work efficiently. The money was even able to get her some fancy clothes from the expensive brands of Princeton.

Due to her reputation in The Slums sector, Arna was also a frequently hired goon for both Team Codex and opposing faction The Nazar. She would only be hired as possible muscle and a decoy for her employers. She would never get committed to either faction and would remain neutral about the other, making her job clearly just for money. She wasn't trusted or liked much by members of either faction.



Gears the Ferret

Originally uneasy about the ferret, due to his sudden pressence; Arna began to trust the Ferret after a series of events. The two of them shared information, obviously coming from two tremendously different areas with methods. Arna knew the Ferret was paranoid and did not trust the area he was in, to which she tried to ease him about it. Really, Arna was afraid to lose somebody like Gears, simply because she lived in a world of demons. She had been longing another normal mobian to call a friend.

She had parts of her mobian mind in tact, but she outwardly appeared as a demon and was further hindered by her dangerous tendencies. Once the demons came to find out what was the new commotion, Arna protected the only living victim of the attack; that victim being Gears. Soon she found herself protecting him more than necessary, she knew that he was her possible link back to a normal society. Though now, she's concerned with getting him out of the apocalyptic world of Jawaii.


Energy Relation

Arna has a key ability that allows her to absorb and manipulate energy. This is because of the parasitical insects she ingests. These insects grant her abilities to use like her energy Odachi. She can pretty much mimic elements with this ability, though it all depends on the insects she ingests. Some have affinities to elements, others don't so on and so forth. Each insect carries its own protection and weakness, thus affecting Arna. However, Arna will always have the power to create demonic black flame; as this is her only natural power.

Tattoos & Eyes

Arna may have stylish tattoos, but they are the strongest points of her power. Her tattoos signify how she's doing in terms of health. If the tattoos shine a bright/deep blue, she is healthy, if it's a dull blue she is normal, and if it's a red she's weak/dying/enraged. Her eyes also change to a yellow when enraged. They change because she has demon blood affecting her. These tattoos are used to actually heal her over time and shield some damage that normal beings could not sustain.

Special Abilities

Insect Consumption

When Arna eats small insects called Magas, she gains abilities related to them. Each of them has their own unique buffs and debuffs. Arna can only consume one, this is because the creatures tend to kill each other when together. They also tend to cause bodily damage by scratching up the stomach. She can consume Magases every three hours or so, this is because of the bodily damage they cause. They also tend to get weaker as time progresses, so she constantly has to ingest newer Magases.

Demon Relation

Since Arna is partially demonic, she has affinities normal creatures do not have. Things such as consuming Magases, the ability to take extra damage, and the physical overhaul that appears on her body. Her Demon Relation related abilities are purely the positives of being a demon, you get all the affinities they do.


Combat Adaptation

Arna is quite skilled with the use of heavy weapons and hand to hand combat. Arna in future has trained herself well with submission holds and MMA forms of combat. She focuses on usage of her great axe to handle enemies larger, while switching up to her Odachi to take care of normal enemies of any height. Regardless, she can handle usage of both weapons and can single handedly carry her own greataxe.


Since Arna had a sporty build before the apocalypse, she thoroughly practiced parkour as a little pup. Scaling walls and jumping off buildings only to roll safely is no biggie to her. Her grip is unmatched too.


Arna has MANY weaknesses to balance her out.

First things first, she's a demon. Demons are automatically weak to anything divine on most occassions. Using abilities that cleanse the mind and body with light can kill her. But since she's partially a normal Mobian, it doesn't affect her as bad as it should. It still does hurt her and could kill her, but it's not as severe as it would seem.

Killing her insects proves to be a good way to keep her on her toes. If you knock out her power source, then you essentially have her in a weak position. Another thing about her insects, is that if she ingested the wrong magas she'd have to fight the entire battle with that magas' weakness and affinity which can prove to be quite tricky for her. She can also be stopped while ingesting a mages, a quick blow to the stomach will not only stun her but force her to cough up the magas who can not be used again. Being hit with a Magas' weakness will also weaken her.

Arna was once a weak and unskilled fighter while growing up, but she's grown to become quite fearsome with the usage of her axe. It is good to note that she will wind up attacks, making them highly predictable. Tiring Arna out and making her switch weapons will make her subdue quicker in battle.

Playing against her patience also turns the battle into a fun situation. Getting Arna mad will make her a very easy target to subdue, this is because she'll just go swinging with no skill what so ever. Thus, making her an open target to counters, dodges (ETC). Another thing of note is that her temple is very sensitive due to the heavy blows by her demon mentor, she's also very skinny with a lack of muscle to keep her strong enough.


  • Arna's name came from a sudden name after a dog I had in Warframe.
  • Arna is my first, legit, female character.
    • Arna was based off the Demi-Fiend from Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne.
      • Arna is significantly based off her Dark Souls counterpart.
  • Arna's birthday is January 3rd, making her a Capricorn with a Virgo Moon.

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