Armaja Hedgehog blue eyes

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Biographical Information
  • Unknown (looks 17)
Romantic Interests
  • none
Team affliction
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog / cyborg?
Gender Female
  • Fur: Crimsom red with blood red hair
  • Eyes: Piecing neon blue
  • Purple and yellow agiliity enhancing cowl
  • Black accuracy enhancing body suit
  • Speed and levitation shoes
Abilities and forms
  • Gun expert
  • Cyber hacking expert
  • Martial artist expert
  • Cyborg? enhancements
  • Quiet movement
  • Mach reload speed
  • Deadly sniper
  • Twin pistols
  1. Diabla
  2. Angela
  • Auto hack tool
  • Sniper rifle
  1. Finito
  • Shot gun
  1. Mundo
  • Agile martial arts
Super Forms
  • Cyber Armaja
  • Guntress Armaja
  • Cygunner Armaja
Theme Song
鏡音リン - オトナのオモチャ(PV)

鏡音リン - オトナのオモチャ(PV)

Armaja's theme song

Instrument Profession
  • Flute
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

History and present

She is a mysterious presence in the Void masters. Her history is shrowded in secrecy and her actions remain confusing to the Void masters, all except to Oblivion. There has been a constant thing that throughout any battle Oblivion has been through is that she has always been at his side. Even if she was never there at the time she was always waiting for him back at the Void master's HQ. As of now she is a loyal Void master minion and is called upon by Oblivion if he ever needs a far range kill, or just wants to be with her.


She is cool, calm and collected. She never utters a single word to anyone besides Oblivion and Feronite. Only if she needs to talk with another person or is forced to will she ever make her voice heard to others. She is actually quite nice to other people once you get to know her and will sometimes even hang with heroes if they are not on her hitlist anyways. In battle she likes to see things as a chess game always wanting to be five steps ahead of her opponent and if that means putting a bullet in their head at far range she will gladly do it.


Oblivion the Hedgehog

Her master. She can always be seen by his side whenever there are no fights going on. Itis now known that he is her brother and that she was granted immortality alongside Oblivion at the price of her soul. If you attempt to mess with him while she is around, expect a bullet to the head.

Ba'al the Hedgehog

Quiet around him, but will obey instructions to a degree.

Venator the Echidna

Quiet around him, but will obey instructions to a degree.

Malevolence the Kitsune

Quiet around her, but will obey instructions to a degree.

Ookamoni the Wolf

Quiet around him, but will obey instructions to a degree.

Feronite the Echidna

Enjoys his company and will talk with him. She will quickly scold him for being paranoid and doubting their master's power.


  • I don't know why but I love creating mysterious characters ^_^
  • Spanish weapons alert!!!!
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