Cquote1 Officer Oppimaton! Hold your hands up, you're under arrest, you devil! Cquote2
Arinku's arrest phrase.

Arinku the Doberman is a cop sworn to protect his city of Comptos after having his family taken down in a gang war. He is truly kind hearted and will do anything for those whom he protects under the law.


General Appearance

Arinku appears a slender, yet built canine. He is a mix of a Doberman-Shepherd, making him have the same strong teeth and agility of both breeds.

He is a tall canine. His fur is primarily black with tan patches surrounding his mouth, eyes, ears, hands, feet and chest. His eyes are a hazel brown, a lighter tone to that of the tannish brown that is on his fur. His ears are incredibly pointy, almost always are they pointing upwards; typical of a doberman. He has a black nose and lengthy tail; typical of a German Shepherd. He has shaggy black hair that covers his fore head and upper parts of his neck. His hair is generally gelled back as to avoid getting in his face when in combat.

Clothing and Equipment

During his work hours, Arinku is outfitted with the typical police officer uniform. This consists of a black/dark blue buttoned up shirt with black shoulder and elbow pads and a bullet resistant vest to cover his chest. He carries an acronym on the vest that reads "C.S.P.D" standing for Camptos Police Department. On his right shoulder pad, he carries his badge with the numbers "21898".

He wears a black utility belt on his waist that is outfitted with a camera and ammo cartridges inside small pockets of the belt. Beneath the belt, he wears standard officer fatigues which come in either black/dark blue hues. They end up at his shin as he wears black leather combat boots. He wears combat fingerless gloves, suited to aid him with gun recoil.

On casual days, Arinku can be found wearing orange tinted aviators, a white collared dress shirt, dark jeans, and some loafers. He can occasionally be seen wearing a black flat cap or standard baseball cap. Arinku also wears rings on his finger, signifying his rank in the police sector of Comptos. These rings are custom made.


Strong willed and devoted, almost no officer can match the heart of this canine in Comptos.

But it wasn't always like this for Arinku. During his youth he was a cowardly young pup who followed the law at its finest. He was a devote follower of rules, seeing that those who cross the lines of rules as being distinctly crooked. It was his belief in rules and law that eventually had him follow in his brother's footsteps as an officer of the law in Comptos.

He used rules to justify himself and be able to compensate for a lack of confidence. He focused on building his intelligence as another form of compensation for his flaws.

Arinku is highly intelligent, able to process key stories of literature as if he had them memorized. He is a detailed artist with a photogenic memory to boot. He's very observant and doesn't let much miss his eyes. It's thanks to these characteristics why he is a highly sought after case manager and detective in his unit. What Arinku does lack though is a keen mind in engineering and math related fields as well as paramedics.

Arinku can be described as awkward, sarcastic, and yet with a sense of good will and lack of cynicism that makes him an attractive individual for his particular field. His outlook on life is one of optimism, rather than realism or pessimism. It's through this why he keeps a clear head during stressful situations.

Arinku harbors a very negative outlook on violence and murder due to the loss of both his father and brother. He harbors a deep hatred for criminality and seeks to solve crime by digging into the minds of those who commit them rather than killing them and having no results. He feels that heinous crimes deserve to be punished with life and reeducation to thwart criminality. Even the worst cases that churn the canine's stomach, he feels all are caused by a deep rooted societal problem. Despite this, Arinku realizes that violence and gunplay has a purpose and does not hesitate to take out the life of another to preserve the lives of many. Killing isn't easy on his mind after he's committed it and quite often Arinku reflects on the lives of those he just took out.

Another interesting feature about Arinku is that he sympathizes for his enemies, unlike his father or brother before him. He understands that everyone has their vices, they all have a story that leads them to become the way they are. This sympathy that Arinku harbors for criminals is seen as a weakness in the CSPD quite often. However, he is known to be respected among high ranking criminals and the people surrounding the Comptos sector of Mavenland. His reputation does not dissuade criminals, it only motivates them to dupe the strong willed canine.

As he grows older, Arinku realizes that life has varying shades of gray rather than being black and white as he was used to as a pup. He realized that the law is merely that; words that determine a life style impossible to achieve, yet important to uphold. He knows that criminals get desperate, that in his force even his own men cross the lines of the law, and that some times you can't punish some one for doing the wrong thing if it serves a better purpose.

That being said, Arinku often does not stray far from his lifestyle of law, which makes him some what of an empty vessel. Unable to really connect with those around him due to his stern lifestyle choices. 


Early Life

Cquote1 For some this life don't come easy.. I had to kill to get out of what I was in.. There was no running for me. Cquote2
Arinku's Father expressing what it was like to live life as a Mafioso.

Arinku was born and raised in Comptos, a rough city in the midwestern section of Mavenland. Commonly referred to as Sector 8, Comptos is a region full of Nazar controlled operations, criminality, and corrupt officials. It became like this due to an economical crash that ended up having Mafia-like organizations like the Nazar take over and plunge the city into a world of controlled crime.

Arinku's father Corvo had the misfortune of doing business with these organization. He became a professional mob man by the time he was in his early twenties. He did everything from importing and selling drugs, committing crimes, and occasionally murder. The branch leading Sector 8 was not Vlad the Komodo Dragon

Crushing Loss

Life was lonely for Arinku. He had no one to talk to about the glories of being a cop. In school he was bullied because he came from a "straight" family, denoting he should feel shame about his brother being a cop. Arinku was depressed from his years of ten to sixteen. Some days Arinku would put on his brother's old uniform and cry lowly to himself, deprived of the only true source of happiness he had held onto in life.

This did not put Arinku down how ever. During his days in high school, he studied law and made a promise to his deceased brother that he would become an police officer, just like him.

Eventually he did indeed become successful enough to become an officer. During his early years as a beat cop, things were rough. Criminals in Comptos were no joke, they were smart and knew how to lure officers to their demise, but some were just mislead. The cases which Arinku did handle were usually successful because he talked to his criminals, trying to ease them off before things became tricky. This garnered Arinku respect with the criminals of Comptos, most were really just misunderstood crooks.

Corrupt Officials

This lead to jealousy of other police officers on the job, because he always resorted to do things non-violently and gloated about his brother to their annoyance. Beside this, Arinku was quite close to the Chief of the officer's department in Comptos, and with what few teammates he'd have, he worked well with them.

The worst part about Comptos wasn't it's criminals: it was its law enforcement. Many times as a rookie, he came across police brutality. In many cases it was abuse, bullying of the victim, and always ended in murder of the criminal.

Arinku was forced to work around these sick Mobians. They would force him to hide the bodies of criminals and would lie to him about what exactly happened to the criminal in the first place. He would watch them deal with gang lords and disregard the laws they were supposed to be serving.

This drove Arinku mad, eager to tell the Chief of Department. Sadly, he couldn't. Arinku was trapped in a void of either losing his job and not being able to support his mother, or pull through with the shady deals other officers would have.

The police shadiness grew as time passed, but never did it turn Arinku's promise to be an officer for his brother's sake. Good things did come to Arinku for being an honest officer too, he was well respected in his community and was praised by children across Comptos. He became an image of peace through out the city.


Unbeknownst to the canine was the fact that his father was an old mobster who stole his way to glory. The man gave his life because he became soft and wanted to leave the gang life, and eventually he did, but at the sacrifice of his life.

Never would Arinku find this out all because of how well hidden the mobsters were. He also didn't know that the mobsters actually signed to kill his brother Liam for interfering in their work.

Thus, Arinku works as an officer unknowing of the world around him.


Advanced Healing

Arinku has an odd healing ability given to him at birth. It is unknown how but, he tends to heal when consuming foods or while not taking excessive damage. It is not life saving though, he must be safe from damage for at least ten minutes for the healing process to begin. He heals relatively quickly when eating food as well.


Combat & Parkour

Being an officer in Comptos comes with a few perks. Self-defense is indeed one of the perks as well as acrobatic movement. Arinku is able to scale small buildings and fight the toughest of baddies in hand to hand combat. He can easily disarm his enemies and has done it multiple times in the past. He's a fast fighter too, hand him a tonfa and he'll make you wish you were in jail.


Arinku may have advanced healing, but he is not invulnerable.

As stated above, if taking excessive damage and never being able to hide in cover; Arinku will die. He can not heal excessive continuous damage as it speeds up his internal blood and triggers a fuse in his mind that will indeed kill him. The damage itself will kill him too, he's not resistant to a head shot or fatal stabs; Arinku will die if struck around the heart and head. There is also a bit of a delay for him to begin healing in the first place.

Knocking Arinku off his feet and making sure he never catches balance is a good way of dealing with him. Since the dog won't be able to run, he won't be able to heal and he'll remain put. Keeping him still does wonders at taking him out because he just simply won't have the shot to heal.

Arinku is also heavily gullible for an officer. Any little sob story, lie, or rumor will have this dog on the believing side of the spectrum. Rarely does he question things and even at his job he doesn't interfere with what he's told. Very rarely does he ever stand up to what's told to him. He could be walking right into your trap and never notice, even when it's too late!


  • Arinku was made during a time I felt very negatively towards police, I still do; but I feel this character represents how I feel police should be.
    • Arinku was born on February 18th, making him an Aquarius.
  • A doberman is the kind of dog I want to have as my companion when I grow older. It was because of this why I made Arinku in the first place.
    • Arinku's home town is based on Compton, California in real life. Comptos is located around the desert regions of Mavenland. It is specifically based on the 1980s-90s Compton and South Central L.A.
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