Arin (Pronounced Ah-REEN) is a technophobic warrior hellbent on eliminating all technology from the world and returning it to the Dark Ages. Daughter to a women shunned from her religious convent, Arin was raised in secrecy and shame.


Arin was raised on the values that all besides her mother lied. To get revenge on her convent for abandoning her, Arin's mother along with the help of her father (who was an ex-soldier and mercenary) trained Arin to defend her beliefs in the harshest form. Anyone who didn't believe what she did would be killed. Once Arin was strong enough, her mother sent her to the convent where she slayed all there. The birth of the technological age gave hope of new means of communication. Arin believed this to be evil, and because all ideas not spread by her parents were lies, Arin believed that technology helped spread ignorance to the masses. She swore that she would destroy all technology and save the world from its own apocalypse. Arin was made immortal through some sort of worship deal. She would have to make a sacrifice every other year to replenish her youth. Arin has lived for at east 300 years.


No more than a savage, Arin enjoys putting down anyone who stands in her way. She has an extreme case of technophobia, but rather than fear it, she hates it. Arin is somewhat a hypocrite in the sense as she uses fire-arms, but states she is just "fighting fire with fire....arms". She is ruthless and shows little empathy for anything. She does show to care for the world as a whole, it being her sole purpose for destroying all technology. Arin has been possible for major setbacks in the history of the world technologically. She is cruel both in battle and in normal situations. She shows no mercy, and never runs from a fight. She is cynical and conceded. She has complete faith in her abilities and immortality.


Arin is extremely skilled, and has time to perfect her abilities. Despite her dislike of technology, Arin "fight's fire with fire" by using fire-arms and explosives. She also uses her katanas, in which she can dual wield. Arin uses shuriken as well as daggers as well. Arin is very quick and nimble. She has unnatural reflexes, and is even capable of dodging speeding bullets. Arin has no remorse for anyone who stands in her way and will slay them with little to no thought. She is incredibly acrobatic as well. Arin is an excellent tactician as well as highly skilled in hand to hand combat.


Arin is far weaker than most in terms of strength due in part to her old age. Though she retains her youth, she must have a sacrifice to give. Without one she will crumble to dust. Arin is far less resistant to holy and dark magic.



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