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This is an article about Arin the Mink, a character created by BlazingLeopard on 13/08/2015.


Early Life

It was never easy for Arin during his early childhood. Being born with kinetic abilities is bad enough, but he had two. Throughout his early life, Arin was ridiculed and was treated like a freak. His mother and father had pulled him out of school by the time he was seven, due to the constant bullying he was getting. Luckily for him and the people around, he wasn't a violent person. However, the anger slowly built up inside him.

Shopping Trip Gone Wrong

One day, when he had only just turned eleven years old, he was out with his parents, buying their weekly shopping. While they were there, he noticed a few of the boys from his neighbourhood in the store and as soon as he made eye contact with them, they ran over and started ridiculing him. His parents told them to back off, but they didn't listen. They pushed past the two adults and pushed Arin to the ground. The final straw had been placed. Arin snapped and violently tossed the boy who pushed him into a display of fruit with his psychokinesis. As this happened, the ground beneath him frosted over and the other three boys had their feet locked onto the ground by ice. His parents stood there in shock. As soon as he realised what had happened, the boy ran and ran, out of the store and into the city. Alone.

Recent History

Gaining an Ally


Returning the Favour



Physical Appearance

Arin is a somewhat short mink with brown fur that covers his body. His muzzle, torso, arms legs and tail all share the same brown colour, however, the tip of his tail gets slightly lighter. His eyes are light brown, similar to the colour of his fur.


Arin tends to shy away from society and therefore chooses to wear charcoal coloured hoodie over a grey shirt. He usually wears a pair of blue jeans and a pair of dark blue and white trainers. Sometimes he wears a pair of earphones, but only when listening to his music.


Arin is generally a very shy person, especially to strangers and he only ever speaks when either absolutely necessary or if the person he's speaking to is a very trusted friend. When he does speak, he's usually quite quiet and keeps his sentences really short.


Despite being incredibly shy, Arin is very proficient and deadly with his kinetic abilities. Unlike many people, Arin is omnikinetic, meaning that he has two different sets of kinetic abilities, those being cryokinesis and psychokinesis. He can perform different attacks and techniques with each kinetic ability and can even sometimes combine the two.


  • Ice Spike - As the name suggests, Arin creates and launches large spikes of ice at the enemy. This can deal a medium amount of damage.
  • Freeze - When touching an object, Arin has the ability to freeze it on the spot. When used against living creatures, it barely does anything. This deals minimal damage.
  • Ice Armour - One of Arin's defensive abilities, he can provide himself with a thick layer of frozen armour and a small defense boost.
  • Ice Shelter Arin completely encases himself in ice, greatly increasing his defense whilst completely restricting his movement.
  • Razorhail - If it is raining or if water is falling from a high place, Arin can freeze the drops in mid flight and turn them into dangerous shards of knife-like ice. This can deal high amounts of damage.
  • Cocytus - Arin slams his fist onto the ground, forcing ice up through it. This can deal high amounts of damage.


  • Lift - Arin focuses his psychic energy onto an object, allowing him to control where it goes.
  • Psychic Knife - Arin swipes the air and sends out a sharp sliver of psychic energy in one direction.
  • Psycho Shock - When touching a person or an object, Arin can use his psychic abilities to shock it.
  • Dash - Though he doesn't know how to easily make himself levitate yet, he can launch himself a short distance in any direction.
  • Psycho Smash - Arin gathers up energy and uses it to either shock and object or paralyse an opponent temporarily. It can also be used to launch an object.
  • Psych Orb - Arin gathers up psychic energy and condenses it into a ball before launching it. As soon as the ball makes contact with anything, it explodes, letting out an immense amount of force.


  • Guided Ice Spike - Arin creates an ice spike as he would normally, then uses lift to specifically direct it to where he wishes it to go.
  • Ice Expel - When using Ice Shelter, Arin has the option to use his psychic force to burst open his protection, launching shards of ice everywhere.
  • Frozen Orb - When using Psych Orb, Arin can add the cryo element to it, making ice fly everywhere when it explodes.


  • Phone and earphones - Useful when he wants to listen to some sweet tunes.




  • Blake the Fox



Theme Song

Caffeine by Jeff Williams

Connection to Character



A tad mean...


  • Originally, Arin was going to be a squirrel.
  • Arin is a fan of coffee.