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Arika's body is primarily covered with white fur. Her arms and legs, starting from just above the elbows and knees down to her hands and feet, are black instead. This coloring is common to arctic foxes. Where the white meets the black is shown in a jagged spikey pattern. Arika's chest and belly are also black. Her muzzle is covered in soft but short light silverish fur. Her somewhat large ears have two extra tufts of fur that stick off from the tips. Her long, bushy tail is primarily white with a black tip. The irises of her eyes are a reddish-purple color. She typically keeps her hair, which is a vibrant icy blue color, pulled up in a ponytail that hangs down to just past her shoulders. She also has bangs that come down, partially covering  the corner of her right eye.


Before her corruption, Arika wore a teal colored scarf. She also wore a buttoned up gray hooded jacket with coattails that end halfway down her thighs. The coattail has a split down the center to make room for the tail. Under the jacket she wears a dark green sweater. In addition, she wore gray fingerless gloves. She wore loose fitting, but durable dark gray cargo pants that came down to her ankles. She wore black sneakers with dark teal accents on the outer-side of each shoe and the soles. She also wore a teal earring on her left ear.



After her corruption, some of Arika's physical appearance changed. Although she keeps the same coloring as before, her fur is no longer as soft as it once was. It is now more ruffled in a few places and not kept nearly as groomed as it once was. The biggest changes, though, are to her hair and eyes. The sclera of her eyes are now completely black instead of white, and her pupils vanished, leaving her with menacingly evil reddish-purple eyes. The eyes now glow faintly as well, adding to her now demonic appearance. The stronger her emotion (what's left of them), the stronger the glow of her eyes. Her hair is still an icy blue color, but is now slightly dulled. The tip of her pony-tail, as well as the tip of her bangs, are now a deep red color, stained from all the blood she spilt. Her left ear is torn a bit at the tip.


Arika's attire is only somewhat different than before. She still wears her teal scarf, but it is now bloodied and badly torn. Additionally, her earring is gone. She also wears a brown jacket with a similar design to her old jacket, but now keeps it entirely opened in the front instead of buttoned up. The new jacket also lacks a hood. Under the jacket she wears a dark green tank top instead of her original sweater. She now wears skin tight pants that match the same shade of green as her tank top. Arika also wears dark brown boots that come up halfway her shins. The boots have two silver straps on the shin part of the boots, and her left boot specifically has a small leather sheath for a knife. The soles of the boots are dark gray. She no longer wears gloves of any kind.


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Arika posses a few rather haunting abilities, one of which is being able to resurrect herself from the dead. Having traded her soul for immortality, Arika can now never truly die. If she is killed in combat, she will simply resurrect a short time later and be on her way. It doesn't matter if her body is still intact or utterly annihilated; she will come back, ready to dish out or take more punishment. The time it takes to resurrect depends on a variety of factors, including how much damage Arika's body endured before dying, how badly she wants to come back, and the opponent who killed her. The time for her to come back from the dead can be as soon as mere seconds later, or take as long as several days. Opponents may be required to 'kill' her multiple times before they can get any respite.

Additionally, she is completely immune to being mind controlled or possessed. Even attempting to read her mind is rendered useless. In fact, anything that has to do with attempting to interact with her mind or will is not only nullified, but the person trying to manipulate her mind may end up being harmed by the attempt; sometimes fatally so.


Arika is very fast and agile. She is capable of running at impressive speeds and make quick agile movements to clear obstacles and evade incoming attacks. She's also quite acrobatic, making use of cartwheels, handsprings, flips, wall-jumps and vaults to outmaneuver her adversaries or victims. If she's going to kill you, she's going to look good doing it.

Arika also possess a superhuman level of perseverance and pain-tolerance. Despite still having a mortal body, her stamina and ability to resist pain far exceeds that of people in peak physical condition. She never gets tired out, and is relentless in whatever she pursues. If she has to run from one end of the planet to the other without stopping to get what she wants, she can and will do it. She will push her body far beyond what it's physical limits should be, and no amount of physical pain will deter her from her goals. In fact, she laughs at her own pain, as well as at the pain of others.


Arika retains a lot of the hand-to-hand training she learned while mortal, and is a threat in close range combat. She is capable of launching incredibly quick strikes in rapid succession with her fists and feet, as well as block and counter hand-to-hand attacks from less experienced opponents.

However, the biggest danger comes from her skill with knives and other short blades. In close range combat, Arika can use a knife or blade with deadly efficiency and effectiveness, landing blows on critical body parts and openings in armor. Combining this with her knowledge of physical anatomy, Arika knows exactly where to strike to land maximum damage. This includes making her opponents badly bleed with a quick, well placed slice. She can also cut through equipment and accessories, if for some reason attacking the person's body isn't effective.


Despite being semi-immortal, Arika has one glaring weakness: her body is still a mortal's body. She does not have any special resistances to most powers, weapons, or any other source of damage. She also does not have any boosted physical stats, meaning that her body is neither stronger or weaker than before. She may not feel pain or get tired as normal people do, but her body is just as destructible as anyone else's. If the body is destroyed and rendered unusable, Arika will be forced to resurrect in a new body instead of the unusable old one.

Arika's ability to resurrect, combined with her own relentlessness, can also be a weakness in of itself. If Arika's body is destroyed, and she's too impatient to wait before coming back, she will resurrect with a body weaker than before. This makes killing her again easier than before. The more times she resurrects too soon, the worse the new body gets, making it require less damage to kill her. Eventually, the resurrection will get so weak that Arika will die upon any form of damage, and be unable to resurrect for several days.

Arika's own impatience and eagerness to kill can also work against her. A savvy opponent can use this to their advantage and have Arika run into a trap or an unfavorable position. However, despite this, Arika is capable of learning from her mistakes. She may fall for a trap once, but it is unlikely she'll fall for the same thing twice.

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