Ariel the Crow
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Ariel the Crow

Ariel the Crow is a member of the Soumerca Egg Army, and serves under Soumerca Sub-Boss Avalaine the Eagle of the Jade Fortress Egg Base, and is the youngest member of the Egg Army, at only eleven.


Ariel had a shaky childhood when her parents often scold her for her physical altercations, despite the fact that Ariel's classmates were the ones who repeatedly bullied her which caused her to fight back. Despite her statement, her parents had disowned her and had her forced to live her life in an orphanage, specifically made for juvenile delinquents. Hurt and broken, Ariel had eventually escaped from the orphanage and had soon bumped into Avalaine. After explaining what happened, Ariel was soon taken in to Eggman as to join up, even if it meant going through Cyberization. In the end, joining the Soumerca Egg Army made her feel as if she considers them her true family, unlike her parents that had abandoned their own daughter.

Physical Description

A short-tailed crow being a tad shorter than the Egg Army members, she has nero feathers, and has midnight blue eyes. Her outfit has jet black long-sleeve top with a thick white collar, white stripes down the sleeves, and a zipper down the front, as well as white gloves, black pants, and black boots with white cuffs. This makes it a perfect camouflage in extreme darkness or at nighttime. Interestingly enough, her wings are completely Cyberized, which are basically metal sheets as a result. And being a crow, her beak is also black.


While not physically strong, Ariel is a very fast flyer and quite adept in hit-and-run techniques, pecking her opponent's heads before retreating. The pecks are also a form of distraction, as to force them to drop their guard while her stronger allies deliver attacks. She can also fly up to higher elevations without tiring herself out. While she possesses aerokinesis, they're quite novice at best.

In addition, she serves as a scout, and can easily recognize each and every face she sees, and her eyesight, especially in darker areas, is quite remarkable. She always remembers their faces without the need of technological devices. And should she encounter familiar faces, she will very easily remember them.


As Ariel is not physically strong, she often relies on her stronger friends to do battle, and if engaged in battle, she can easily evade attacks, though stronger opponents can very easily injure her, be it from kinetic attacks or otherwise. She is also a horrible swimmer as her wings can be soaked and rendered useless for flight and become ground-bound until her wings are dry.

Although she is a scavenger, Ariel has to be careful what she consumes, as her metabolism isn't the best. As a result, it's possible to suffer from food poisoning if eating the wrong kind.

Friends and Foes





Ariel's life was a rough one, and usually comes off as standoffish and defensive when confronted, but when greeted normally, she can reciprocate easily to this though she's still a no-nonsense individual. She utterly despises bullies and openly chides them because they remind her of how she was wrongfully treated, not just by others in the past, but also by her own parents. In addition, she hates being called a kid, which can show her mean streak if being called as such.

Still, she can be nice when she's warmed up, and she relies on others especially with Avalaine, whom she considers as her older sister. Of course, she doesn't really like to be called a kid, as this can cause her to snap if being told as such far too many times. Still, she does have insecurities due to her troubled childhood and deep inside, Ariel only wanted true friends to be with, even if it's those older than her.

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