Cquote1 "Fair maiden, I am Sir Arid, Knight of the Desert, but you may call me simply, Arid the Shrew." Cquote2
Arid telling Mitchell Barner his name in "A Wish for a Friend"

Cquote1 I am loyal to my knightly code, and by my honor, I will be sure to fulfill whatever task is set before me. If I fail.. then so may my shame be done by the death of my own sword. Cquote2
Arid the Shrew

This is an article about Arid the Shrew, a character created by SuperSilverXtreme14 on August, 1 2016.


A yellow, sand colored desert shrew with purple eyes and peach colored skin. His ears are small and located from both sides of his head, hidden slightly under a lot of yellow-golden hair that runs down his back and sticks out above his eyes. He has a pointy black nose. He has a long yellow tail that just makes it halfway above the ground.  

His casual attire consists of a brown vest, a white undershirt with a collar, darker brown pants, a leather belt to hold his daggers, arrows, and sword, and wears brown boots comparable to Rob O' the Hedge's boots. He also has a brown, Indiana Jones style, hat. His gloves are brown finger gloves.  

His knight attire consists of tainted light yellow chest, leg and arm armor. His shoes are calf brown and a lighter yellow, and have a style after Sir Gawain (Knuckles') shoes. His visor conceals his eyes and most of his face, showing only his ears, some of his hair, and his mouth. His gloves are padded armor of the same color on his body. His sword's name is Desert Star. 


Arid is patient, kind-hearted, and especially compassionate towards his friends, sister, and others around him. He is entirely selfless in many ways. He takes to mind the value of life, and hardly kills unless ordered to or when there is no other option; like protecting the people he cares the most about. He values justice and doing the right thing. Arid is very dedicated to his line of work, and often won't sleep or rest till all his clear, or he is done with his task. Sometimes Arid can be a bit naïve when it comes to being around women.

Arid is not afraid to reveal his feelings about his family. His anger towards his mother for leaving him and his sister, his sadness for his father who died on one of his travels, and his love for his sister who he cares for dearly.

Arid can be easily sentimental, which can lead to a burning sensation of feeling flow through him and sometimes at an aggressive and even violent rate. Once in his life, Arid became overcome with depression and self-doubt, blaming himself, to the point where he tried to kill himself. But he overcame it with some social help. A sign that he is suffering from depression or deep sadness, is when Arid remains quiet or just sits or stands in a corner, staring off into space.


Early Life

Arid was born in a village located in Mercia, located a little ways into Deerwood Forest, the town of Snottingham located not too far off. His mother is an infamous jewel thief and treasure hunter, his father was a trapper and fur seller. A couple years later, Mia was born. A couple years after, their father left on another one of his travels, was gone for four months, and later was reported to have died while traveling. This news broke Arid and Mia's hearts very badly. And it hurt their mother too. A year or two later, their mother left as well. Leaving a 12 year old Arid and a 5 year old Mia to be left in the care of the village people. A year later, bandits attacked the village and its people. The villagers sent Arid, who was now 13, to fight the bandits off. But after seeing the bandits size and strength and overcome with self-doubt, Arid turned around and ran into the forest, the bandits taunts trailing behind him. When he returned to the village, the village elder told him that his sister had been taken by the bandits as well as the village belongings. Arid mourned the loss of his sister greatly, and became an emotionally depressed and detached kid as an unfortunate side effect.

A Gloomy and Fateful Night

One night, when wandering through some unnamed, dark forest, Arid had become so overtaken by his self-doubt that he couldn't stand it anymore, and attempted to kill himself. He tried, but couldn't bring himself to do it, so he merely knocked himself unconscious. When he awoke he found himself in a mansion of sorts. An old hedgehog found him on the side of the road and had brought him to his home. Arid was too depressed to thank the hedgehog or even tell him his name, and remained in his quiet state of mind till the old hedgehog arranged his annual family reunion party. This is when Arid met Scourge the Hedgehog for the first time. While family talked and chatted and stuff like that, Arid hung back in a corner, watching them with empty eyes. Scourge, curious or just interested, went over to Arid asking him questions and things, and Arid either didn't respond, or eventually did after being bothered long enough. Scourge, in a sense, awoke Arid from his depressed state, and also, gave him some cause to live in his life. After the reunion party, a couple of weeks later, he left and thanked the old hedgehog and left his home, ready to start a journey that would help him deal with his lingering guilt and doubt, and shape him into the figure he is to this day.

A Path to Destiny

In order to get to Camelot, Arid had to travel, via Warp Ring, through Mercia and Anti-Mercia. By the time he arrived, he set out for King Arthur (Sonic)'s Kingdom, following a path through the forest. When he approached the castle, he told the king that he wanted to become a knight, and asked for a mission that would prove to all assembled that he would be a great, good knight. King Sonic agreed to his wish but before he could send him on a mission, news came that there were raiders attacking a village not far from there. King Sonic, along with Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, Sir Lamorak, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival, followed by Arid, went to the village to fight off the raiders. While the others fought in the village, Arid chased after one who was heading into the forest. As they were fighting, Arid recognized the raider from his past, and grew infused with a burning, fiery anger. He mercilessly attacked the raider, yelling at him and stabbing him, and wouldn't have let up, until he was stopped by Sir Lancelot and King Sonic. After the raiders were defeated, half of their members fleeing into the woods, King Sonic told Arid that he was a good fighter, but if he didn't do something about his anger, then he would never become a Knight of the Round Table. Arid took King Sonic's words to heart, promising he'd return and be changed. King Sonic then told him that he would be waiting for his return, waiting for him to fulfill his promise. Arid then left Camelot.

A Deed Done & A Heartfelt Reunion

When Arid returned to Camelot after months of training, he was ready to try again. Only, he was still seeking vengeance for the loss of his sister. But as he headed for Camelot Castle, he heard a cry for help. He ran off the path and found a group of raiders raiding a man's cart of merchandise. He charged at the raiders and managed to fight them well, only for him to be taken by the raiders and taken to their village. There he met the leader of the raider's village. There he made a shocking discovery, that his sister was alive! And that she was the leader of the raiders village! After some explaining and many tears shed, both siblings bid farewell to each other and Arid headed on his way, this time filled a happiness and joy he had not felt before for a long time. He then went to King Sonic, proved himself worthy, and became a knight. He has served as a Knight of the Round Table ever since.


Arid believes that people who fight with a cause are given the will to fight, live and work as they choose. And that those who don't have a cause, are weakened and have lost hope in the will to fight, live and work.

Arid's Cause

Arid's cause that keeps him going is to try in all his power to help aid people in fixing their corrupted and wasted world, to fix it in a way to make it a world worth living in.

He hasn't told many people about this, other than Scourge, but he hopes that one day he could tell them, at the right time and place.

Powers & Abilities

Being a shrew, Arid is able to use echolocation, which aids him in being able to see foes and obstacles from close by, aiding in his perception. He is also able to use an Ultrasonic Scream, similar to Thrash the Tasmanian Devil's Sonic Scream. But unlike Thrash, Arid only uses this ability when in dire need, or when he is given a choice.

When he had the time, Arid practiced with his sword and dagger abilities that he had inherited from his mother's use of daggers in her line of work. Arid soon managed to be able to throw daggers at his foes with rapid timing, and success, always hitting his targets on the mark, but not killing them. He also practiced a bit with a sword, which he was able to handle nicely while in Camelot, due to him seeing it as a dagger, though longer and not used for throwing. He was able to wield the sword well, only using it to kill things like the Underworld Minions of the Dark King Arthur and dangerous monsters to the kingdom.


Being born in a Mercia village, Arid was able to adapt to his surrounding rather nicely, to the point where he could jump from tree to tree at a well distance, using them as stepping stones to get from place to place easily, making him able to get around quickly through Deerwood Forest, and also to aid to his invisibility to others.

When traveling on foot, Arid can run or walk at a fair speed, not rivaling to the speed of Sonic or Scourge, but fast enough to get from one hiding spot to the next at an even pace.

When using a crossbow, Arid is able to use his hiding spot to his advantage, either high in the trees, under a cart, or from atop a boulder. He is able to launch his jasmine daggers from his crossbow as well as his arrows. He hardly ever misses his targets, and hardly ever plans on killing them, but rather to injure.


Jasmine/Jade daggers are daggers that were once used by his mother in her line of thievery. The daggers were carved from jade, a hard, greenish blue type of stone. His mother passed them down to him when he turned 11, a year before she left him and his sister and never came back. Ever since, Arid has trained with the daggers till he was able to master their handling and speed, till he was able to throw them from all sides of him, looking or not.

Arid's sword; Desert Star; he obtained from after his training in the training yard of Camelot Castle was considered over, naming it Desert Star, therefore being given the title the Knight of the Desert. He wields his sword with care, never killing if he can. He trained with it till he was able to wield it as well as he wields his daggers.

Crossbow and Arrows Sometimes, when at a faraway range, when using a dagger or a sword just won't cut it, Arid uses his crossbow and arrows as a third use of combat, if all else seemingly fails to work.


Arid is always polite and courteous to ladies, regardless of side; hero, neutral, or villain. He follows the rules of knightly chivalry at all times, and this can lead to women easily catching him off guard. He also doesn't hit girls.

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