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Ariana "Aria" the Hedgehog is a character owned by Nikki-Kaji, and is one of the main characters in Tales of Mobius. She is a 16-year old hedgehog and is currently a member of the Freedom Fighters. Aria is well known as the main strategist of the team, usually working alongside Sally, the leader of the Freedom Fighters. Currently, Aria relies on her teammates when it comes to fighting, and is training very hard to increase her strength and battle skills.



Ariana is a 16 year old, female hedgehog. Her fur is green, and her skin is peach colored. She stands at about 3 feet 2 inches, and weighs 72 pounds. Aria's hair reaches about her mid-back, while her two front quills reach her shoulders, and her bang is very long and puffy. Her eyes are pink, which matches the color of some of her clothes items.


Ariana's clothes consist of a three layered, ruffled orange dress with puffy white sleeves that reaches about her knees and short, white leggings under them. Her boots are also orange with white outlines and yellow cuffs. Aria's gloves are white with pink trimming, and on her wrist she wears gold ring bracelets. She also wears a pink designer tie with a heart in the center, and also similarly designed ribbons on the sides of her boots. Finally, Aria wears a headset with a pink outline, and a heart in the center.



Aria started off as a girl that wanted fame and fortune: to be noticed in the world. She worked her hardest to become a singer and performer, and was popular most of her high school year. Her singing talent was noticeably good among her fellow students, and she often sang when it came to showing off her true skills.

After being noticed by her school staff, she was requested to perform in a regional competition for people who had the talent to become performers, whether they did acting, singing, dance, ect. She gladly accepted the invitation, as she was confident in her ability to both sing and dance, and loved going up on stage.

However, on the night of the performance, a previous contestant had spilled a cup of water after performing a ventriloquism act. No one had even bother to clean up the spill, and Aria went on stage, unaware of the water. While performing, she accidentally slipped, falling over the side of the stage and hurting her leg. After two weeks of recovery, Aria never did retry to continue her singing career, but does still like to use her voice to make others feel better, including herself.

Tales of Mobius

In Tales of Mobius, Aria hears about the incident that happened in Kingdom Acorn, and hears that Arcadia is requesting heroes. On the paper, it did not say that they had to be a fighter, and that's when the idea of being a strategist on the team popped into Aria's mind. Also, she secretly wanted to travel to the other side of the world to meet the Freedom Fighters. At the time, she developed an interest in their heroic actions, and had a fan crush on Sonic.

After being chosen to go on the journey, her first mission starts almost immediately as the queen is captured by Doctor Eggman. She was chosen to go alongside Nikki, Sonic, and Tails in order to save her while the others stayed back and helped the citizens.

While on the ship, Eggman was prepared as he had swatbots ready to fight against the heroes. Knowing she'll have no chance against the swatbots, Aria instead frees the queen, and everyone flees the airship. But in a turn of events, they must jump off the airship. In order to save the queen, Aria lets her get in the seat of the X-Tornado, and is unable to be saved in time before hitting a body of water. Luckily, Nikki was able to save Aria just in time.


Ariana is a gallant, loyal leader. She never looses hope for her team, and tries to do her best in any situation. Often, she is organizing how her team should go out into a certain situation, trying to find the most logical way possible. She's also very good and encouraging others, helping them push forward when they seem doubtful. Aria will do anything to keep her friends and allies safe, even if it means putting her life in danger. This is shown when she allows Queen Alicia to enter the X-Tornado seat instead of her in Tales of Mobius.

Despite taking the appearance of a more girly-like character, Ariana enjoys being out on the field rather than performing on stage. However, Aria does not like fighting when it is not necessary, usually trying to put a stop to it and find a better way to handle the situation. But if people refuse to listen to her, or makes fun of what she says, she does not mind fighting back. Still, Aria does not tend to loose her temper, and would much rather make an ally than an enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Ariana is very agile and full of energy, but knows how to be quiet and sneaky when she has to. If someone is not paying attention, Ariana usually has the ability to run very unnoticeably. She is also a very good leader and strategist, able to guide and help the team without taking too many risk. Ariana is also a pretty fast runner, much faster than the average Mobian. However, she doesn't exactly match up to Sonic, but could be compared to Tails or Amy. Her speed and evasiveness allows her to dodge attacks easily, and also deliver attacks at an agile pace.

However, Aria is not the strongest fighter, despite her flexibility and agility. She must train daily in order to even think of destroying Eggman's robots. She has to rely on items around her in order to fight, or sometimes her teammates.



One of Ariana's most prominent skills is her singing. This is most likely where she got her nickname, Aria, from. Her voice has a wide range of tones, making her able to sing almost any type of song from lullabies and trance to rock and metal. She is usually seen singing when not out on the field, and it is usually calming. Her teammates also enjoy hearing her sing, and sometimes her and Nikki sing duets together.


Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 4 - Ariana doesn't deliver attacks very well, and isn't very strong physically.

Defense: 6 - She relies on the things around her to defend herself, as well as her evasion.

Speed: 8 - Ariana is pretty fast, and can be compared to Tails or Amy, but not Sonic

Magic: 0 - Ariana possesses no magic

Evasion: 10 - She is very evasive, and her speed also contributes to her ability to dodge attacks with ease.

Intelligence: 8 - Due to her being a leader, Ariana has had to study and strategize many things to keep her friends out of risk.

Skills: 6 - Ariana has very good leadership skills

Accuracy: 7 - Average

Stamina: 9 - Ariana has a good amount of stamina that allows her to fight, and she trains to keep her stamina up

Tolerance: 5 - She's able to withstand a few hits, but prefers not to take them in the first place.

Total = 63

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