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She has silver-blue fur, her hair tied at the top to keep it in place along with her dark blue eyes. She has bright purple, circular gems on the back and front of her hands. She wears gloves over her paws, but a hole in which she can properly show her gems, in which she uses for her abilities. She wears a dark blue, leather jacket and a bright purple shirt, along with silver jeans and dark and light blue boots. On her boots, she has a rounded, square shaped gem on the front, in which she uses along with her super form.


Hard working and determined, Ariadne always sets her mind to certain goals in life. Most of the time, to avenge her parents. Although, she can act a bit shy around people she has just met, she is very kind and sweet (unless provoked). She is always able to balance her activities and time, due to her powers. She seems mature and quite strong in heart from the outside, but she goes through a lot of hardships in the inside, but she keeps it in. 


Ariadne Starr Astra Wolf, nicknamed as Ari or Once, was separated from her pack and parents as a child. She raised herself in places unknown to her. She began to correctly develop her powers at the age of 4. She began to see into her own thoughts, deeper and were able to find the faces and names of her parents. When she had went looking for them, she found them after a year. Dead however, and has been mourning from the loss of her parents and most of her pack, she wandered again into the world, in search of whomever might have killed them. Living by herself, she was able to grow used to the society and civilization of the world with hedgehogs, cats, bats and more. Other than that, she has a close friendship with Moone the Hedgehog. Her mission in life, is to find whoever might have killed her parents and avenge them, and defeat anyone from facing any relevant situation to her own.


Ariadne is very convincing when using her powers. She is able to reach into certain memories in your mind (the more hurt you are inside, the harder) and can read only the current thoughts in your mind, sometimes. Other than that, Ariadne can sometimes weave dreams into your mind, but it’s the person’s decision to accept what she shows them or not. Ariadne can also time jump to recent times within at the most 10 years. She also uses Time Blasts. A blast with the mixture of purple, black and silver, that she uses from the purple pearls in her clothing and fur. Before it hits her enemies, it turns into the thin form of an arrow and a small explosion only hurting her target. When she combines her blasts and inner power, she can become her super form. In which, her eyes glow a mixture of silver and blue specks and a glowing aura forms around her. Which makes her at the most 100 times stronger than she already is. This is only triggered when an emotion deep inside her is triggered or with hard work and force, and when its all over, she is unable to do this action in a week.

Special Abilities

Other than all the above, Ariadne can sometimes weave dreams or thoughts into your mind. Which may remain in your mind for as long as 12 - 24 hours.


While she is a wolf, so she can claw, climb, and bite. Basically what wolves normally do.


A weakness to her powers, is reason and truth. When she reaches into thoughts or mind, the reason to the person’s being can affect and repel what she is trying to create. When she creates Time Blasts, the same thing applies, when her opponent creates a blast from the emotions within. A weakness to her emotions and inner self, is really rejection and being alone and knowing no one cares for her. Which really haunted her years while living and surviving on her own.

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