"I like nervous fellows. They aren't as dumb or arrogant as the fellows I always find myself meeting."
—Aria explaining to Rex why she likes Pebble

Aria the Zoroark is a female Zoroark who will make her debut in The Rising Darkness. She is a thief who often stole from Eggman's labs and bases without being noticed(thanks to her Illusion ability), and became the one who looked after Streak the Bird's younger sister Winnie until she met Streak himself, Rex Storm, and Pebble the Lycanroc. Afterward, she joined them. As of the yet-unnamed sequel to The Rising Darkness, she is Pebble's mate(despite them being different Pokemon) and the adopted mother of Hope the Rockruff and Shade the Zorua. She is also the daughter of the Zoroark warrior Zak(Zorro's older brother)


Aria is a Zoroark and resembles an anthropomorphic fox-like mammal. She has dark gray fur with darker gray fur on her chest and shoulders. She has three red claws on each hand and foot, a narrow face with pale blue eyes, and a thick dark red ponytail-like mane that has gray highlights.


Aria is chipper and friendly, though fiercely protective of any young ones she happens to find herself with. She eventually developed feelings for Pebble, explaining to Rex that she likes nervous fellows because they aren't "dumb or arrogant" like many people she meets.


Before the Series: Aria was born and evolved before the Great Rebellion started, but other than that, little to nothing is known about her past. When she was in a city that was attacked by Eggman's forces, she lost her father and got separated from her mother, before reuniting with her to get some lessons on confidence that she now relays to Pebble.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Rising Darkness: Aria first appears when Winnie comes running seemingly out of nowhere and rushes to hug her brother Streak. Aria calls for Winnie, who rushes to tell her about Streak. They question Aria, who questions them back. After seeing how much Winnie and Streak care for each other, Aria decides to come along. She continues to watch over Winnie, while eventually developing feelings for Pebble, who returns them.


Aria's only confirmed known move is Shadow Ball.


Like all Zorua and Zoroark, Aria has the Ability Illusion, which allows her to create various Illusions as well as disguise herself and others.


Aria is a master at using her Illusions to disguise herself and others. This helps the fact that she is a master thief, stealing things from Eggman's bases and labs without being discovered.


Being a Dark-Type, she is weak to Fighting and Fairy-Type Pokemon. She is also immune to Psychic-Type Pokemon and has an advantage against Psychic and Ghost-Type Pokemon.


Aria and Pebble is the second cross-species relationship in regards to Pokemon, the first is Tai the Charizard and Nya the Frogadier.

  • Additionally, neither of them have had children prior to becoming mates; instead, they adopt Hope, Shade, and later Flame.
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