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Aria the Ferret (アリア・ザ・フェレットin Japanese)is the one of the first characters of MintedMusic. She is a 14 year old aqua, anthropomorphic ferret who was born in Senstinvas City located in Sea Island. She is the child of a couple of adventurers, Ammitt and Farliss, along with her twin brother, Neon the Ferret. Ever since Aria was a young girl, her parents let her freely roam around the world because they believed that their children should have experience in the world, which contributed to her growing up to be a wild, curious, and tomboyish teenager.<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[2022,2084,0,0]}">Aria usually stays at Combat Camp 33 when at Christmas Island.

Aria has the ability to air-glide. Air-gliding is when she can glide around freely in the sky, although she is also skilled at plain flying, and likes going at high speeds. Despite her talent, her brother, Neon, built her a Gliding Board, which allows her to go faster and higher than usual. She also inherited some strength from her father, and can kick at extreme strength, up to the point of super-human power at maximum.


Concept and Creation

Aria the Ferret went through many re-designs and versions. She was originally meant to be closer to Sonic and his friends, and was meant to be a calmer and girlish ferret, much different then the current version. However, this idea was soon scrapped away and started on her tomboyish and loud personality. Aria's fur generally stayed the same color, but her attire changed in multiple ways. She was also originally meant to be called "Karen", "Aqua", and finally, "Aria". The general concept of Aria began at about 2011.<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[3062,3393,0,0]}">Aria's old designs were inspired based on her personality and interests. Her attire is representing a stereotypical athletic young girl, while also leaving a hint of a robotic-based traces, due to the fact that his twin brother was designed to resemble a cyborg(even is he's not). Her zig-zagged "hair" resembles a lightening bolt.

Her old attire also was inspired off of the typical Camp Half-Blood from the Heroes of Olympus series attire, with an orange t-shirt and beaded necklace. This was changed to a sporty female's orange top, and her necklace had one big bead with a wooden frame rather than multiple.

Aria didn't have much background to her until about the end of 2012. Currently, a whole story of one of her major adventures are being constructed. However, she hasn't appeared in any of the role plays in the Wiki so far.

Originally, she was supposed to be a best friend of Amy Rose, but this idea was also deleted due to the fact Aria doesn't see them often.

Her newest design features her greatly resembling a stereotypical skate boarder girl, with a half-shirt with a half-tank top on top, jersey shorts etc. Her arm guards were based off of Hatsune Miku.



Aria the Ferret is a typical 14 year old, with the appearance of a stereotyical skater girl. She stands with her height at about 3'5", her body pretty fit due to her hobbies. She has cyan fur, and her relatively long hair tied into a ponytail with orange-and-black hair ties, and is supposed to resemble to lighting bolt. Her eyes are sharp, pure blue, and has two thick lashes. Her front hair is long enough for it to go vertically across her eyes. She wears a dark orange half-shirt, with a bright orange half-tanktop over it. Her jersey shorts are dark grey and light grey, matching with her arm guards(for reference, it looks very similar to what Hatsune Miku wears on her arms). She has a long tail, a typical ferret tail. Her shoes are orange, dark orange, dark grey, and almost all colors of Aria's color scheme. 


Aria is a very outgoing and tomboyish, and somewhat of a goof-off. When she meets someone new, she normally doesn't have that short period of time where people act awkward and unfamiliar towards each other. Instead, she acts like a friend she knew before, which may be comforting or not depending on the person. 

Unlike MM's other female characters, she does not enjoy to do the normal girly activities. She is usually seen hanging out with the male characters, but or course she also hangs out with her female friends and can go out of her tomboy personality at times. 

Aria is also very adventurous. She travels all around with her team, and usually is brave about things that happen during those adventures, despite being raised in a calm and quiet environment during her early life. 

She is also very aware of being kind. However, her way of being kind is not usual of someone. Aria believes that being kind mean benefiting others and their lives, which she usually achieves by pointing out someone's flaws and how they should fix it. For example, Aria once told her current best friend, Callista, that she's too quiet and she should talk more. This hit her insecure spot and angered her instead. So, even if she's just  trying to be helpful, she usually just annoys people instead. Despite this, her friends still know she is a kind person inside. 

Aria can be very talkative. She has a bad habit of saying almost everything that comes to her mind, and sometimes even end up saying things she didn't really mean to say. This is why some of her friends, especially Callista and Breeze, refer to her as an annoying girl who can't mind her own business. 

Even if she is found as annoying by a lot of people, once you get used to it, she really is a kind and fun to hang out with, and she can be your best friend as long as they want to. She likes to use her ability to crack jokes to cheer people up during dark times, which usually works. Aria is also aware of her own flaws while she points other people's.   History ~Back Story~

Ever since Aria and Neon were born, there was a belief that historical and important items have great power. Feier, the power hungry father of Raveanne, knew about this. His goal was to destroy Sea Island to recreate his own island he can rule over, because he was tired of things not being the way he wants to. This Feier was the worst enemy of Ammitt, the archaeologist and adventurer, because he tortured people in his way and also stole some of the important items. Ammitt and his wife, Farliss, collected items from the past to protect them in the temple. These items maintained peace in the island. Aria was coming home from school as usual, when she saw a jet plane zooming past a mountain, as if avoiding to be seen. Weeks later, she kept seeing that same jet plane over and over again. Curious, the ferret decided to track down the plane unaware that she is too young to go on her own. She tracked the plane to a hill by the volcanoes. There, she saw a stone house. She made sure no one was there, and sneaked in. Aria saw typical house items---tables, chairs, couches. However, two rooms caught her attention. One was a dungeon-like prison room, and the other was a small room with a glass bottle full of purple and black shadows with red spots here and there.There was a sign that read: "Obscurite. Do not touch". She started to observe the bottle, when a big creak rang through the room. Aria ran out as soon as possible, and fortunately she was not seen. Aria decided not to tell her brother or parents for she believed that all three of them will stop her from going there again, and she did not want that. So, despite her trust towards her family, she figured she should not tell. After about a month, when she was asleep at night, heard a distant but a disturbingly pained scream that probably belonged to a female. Hours later, the door banged open and her father came running in. Aria asked him why he was out of the house and why he came back, but Ammitt just mumbled that he was looking for something, grabbed some ice and potions and a piece of cloth, then ran out. Despite their mother shouting at them to stay, they decided to track him down. After a long time of running and hiding, the two came to a stop by the same stone house that Aria has visited earlier. A large hand clamped on her mouth and grabbed her with no warning seconds later. Judging by her brother's muffled shouts for his father, Neon was also captured. Aria and Neon shouted as loud as they can for their father, but their father's attempts to reply got fainter and fainter until she lost consciousness. Later, Aria woke up in a hot and humid room. The room looked like a prison. The metal bars were rusty, the concrete floor had moss spots. Then she realized she couldn't move. Aria has been tied to a pole. The next thing she noticed was that a female mink with bright red fur with her back faced to her, and apparently she was brewing a potion. Beverly the Mink turned around to face Aria. She had a devastated expression on her face, her shaking hand furiously gripping the bottle with a bloodred potion in it. She told her to drink the potion. Believing Beverly is trying to poison her, she refused to get close to it. Aria made her tell what the potion will do if she drank it. The mink confessed that she's going to kill her because her father killed Ramonne, her only daughter and only person to live for. She told her how she saw the ferret running away hastily away from the dead body, possibly because he wanted to get revenge on Feier, since Ramonne was also the daughter of Feier, who always beat and yelled at Beverly and eventually locked her in the prison room. Aria figured that the stone house had Feier and his family living in it, and he probably kept Beverly and Ramonne in the cell, and Ammitt saw the body and tried to help her, not murder her. However, no matter how many times Aria tried to convince her she was wrong, Beverly tried to force her to drink the poison. That is, until a group of people who appeared to be possessed came in and stabbed Beverly to her death. Panicking, Aria struggled to get out of the ropes and ties. Neon broke the wall down with his laser on his robotic arm and saved Aria before she also got killed. When they broke free of the house, the outside was a disaster. Possessed people were mindlessly killing and hurting each other, and there were purple shadow spirits zooming around and melting into innocent people's bodies. Neon and Aria ran through the chaos, found their mother, and finally broke out of the crowd with the help of Neon's gadgets and Aria's weapons. When they thought they broke free into the woods, they were encountered by Ammitt---who was also possessed. However, a part of Ammitt still seemed to be alive in his body. Ammitt's eyes flickered from gleaming red to his usual pure blue, and tried to talk between the flicker when he was himself. He managed to tell them that these shadowy spirits disappear into thin air after they possessed a body, but those who have not can multiply. Unfortunately, since Ammitt was mostly obscurite, he couldn't stop his body from attacking his own family. Then, another obscurite possessed another young girl and started to attack them from behind. Neon was desperate; he had no choice but to kill the girl to save their dad. However, when Neon plunged to stop the girl, Ammitt jumped in front of her and he got stabbed instead. The obscurite jumped out of the body and disintegrated into air. Aria's beloved father told them to save the girl and that no one should be blamed for his death. But Aria decided to ignore her father's words and knocked the girl unconscious and dragged her father to Neon's plane. Just when they started the plane, a possum grabbed the wing of the plane. The possum was Feier, and he said that the reason why he captured all those obscurite was mainly to see the Akius family suffer. He set a heavy and large sack onto the back seat, and tried to cling to the plane to reach his real goal: to destroy the Akius family and put them in pain for making his life of the recreation of Sea Island(and possibly the planet) harder. However, Neon threw off the possum and he plunged to his death. Aria told her brother they have to do something to save Sea Island. But, Farliss said there was probably nothing they could do. Then, Farliss noticed the sack Feier left behind. Inside, there was another small sack and a bottle of herbs and water. On the bottle of herbs, it said "healing". Aria made Ammitt eat all the herbs and drink the water. Ammitt was still in pain and overly exhausted, but he could talk and breathe. Ammitt thanked them and told them that there is a way to save the people: to defeat the King Obscurite. When the King Obscurite disintegrates, the all of the active obscurites will also disappear. According to him, the King is at the temple on a city on Christmas Island. They headed to Christmas Island, and with the help of the people in the city, they collected historical and important weapons and they all healed back to health. Then, one night they decided to go and defeat King Obscurite. They found the temple and a bottle. They opened the bottle, and the King Obscurite revealed itself. A battle began between the Akius and King Obscurite. All of them fought for a long time, and both were weakening, but King Obscurite seemed to be over powering them. Then all of a sudden, Sonic the Hedgehog came across them along with Tails and Knuckles, who was visiting Sonic's birthplace. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails helped them defeat the last obscurite, and so Sea Island was saved. The Akius family thanked the additional heroes and decided to live on the island. They returned the items to the temple in Sea Island. Ammitt and Farliss generally stay home and at work, but Aria and Neon occasionally go on adventures, explore, and be heroes sometimes.

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Flexibility-Aria uses her flexibility to avoid her opponents attacks, especially when it can attack her more than once at the same time.

Glider Board-Her Glider Board is very useful, and can even make Aria significantly weaker without it at times. This tool helps her not only air glide better(which she does when she is escaping or attacking), but can also be uses as a shield. Depending on what she is being attacked with, she is able to shield the damage, and can even bounce it back to the attacker.

Lower body Strength-Aria is very skilled at kicking. She usually kicks at about three times the average girl her age with outstanding lower body strength, however her maximum is usually to the point of super human strength, and she can take out multiple enemies with these destructive kicks. This is usually useful for her when she is fighting multiple people, for she can also spin while kicking and can hit more than one person.


Flight-Flying is also possible besides air-gliding. Aria doesn't use her flight ability as much, because she prefers air gliding. However, this skill is often used when she doesn't have her Glider Board(she can still air-glide without her glider; however, it is less easy to control).

Air Gliding-Aria can glide the air in a significant speed and balance. This skill is usually used when escaping her opponent's attacks, due to the fact that this is the fastest and most accurate way to go where she intends to go. This can also be used to approach her opponents to attack.

Swiftness-Because Aria has lower body strength, she is able to easily and quickly roll, jump, duck, etc from her opponent's attacks. She can also run relatively quickly, however not that fast because she usually depends on flight.

Transformation-Aria has inherited Upgraded Powers. Upgraded Powers, or UP allows figures to power up and possibly posses new elements or powers. Aria can possess electricity, which turns her into Electron Aria. Electron Aria, as seen in the name itself, can attack or defend in various ways revolving around the concept of electricity and voltage. Her powers also intensifies like other characters with UP.


Upper body Strength-Aria's strength focuses on her lower body, therefore has a weaker upper body. She cannot punch or hit as hard as some of her team mates, neither can she hold a heavy object from smashing her for long. This can also make it easier for her opponents to capture her.

Heat-A distraction can occur when in battle from Aria's great hatred and discomfort of too much heat. This can cause her to function worse than she usually does. This also means that she can't withstand fire or lava as much as she can do as other team mates.

Reliability on Tools-Since Aria has many useful tools on her, she has a lot of reliability on them. Thus, when they are not available, she can become weaker in combat than usual.

Swimming-Aria likes traveling in the air or the land, so she isn't good at swimming. This can harm her if her opponent discovers her weakness. She can swim if she wants to, but not for long or good enough.

No Plans-Aria tends to not think of anything while in combat, and almost never have any kind of plan. This can sometimes weaken her quicker or confused.

Strong Light-She is weak against bright light, for she has trouble focusing on her battle in an overly bright environment.


 Neon the Ferret

Neon is Aria's twin brother. They usually have unity during battle and in life in general, however, they have different opinions and sometimes even oppose. This is why they argue or clash a lot against each other. However, the two get along with each other most times, and shows a strong brother-and-sister relationship. Aria has supported and got supported by him thought her early life, due to tragedies like their father's sudden death. Since Aria has a nature of wanting to explore more, she doesn't seem to like the way Neon is always working on an invention or a machine and sees him as her "nerd bro". However, this does not loosen their strong relationship as siblings.

Callista Shade the Cat

Callista and Aria became best friends gradually since they met. Callista and Aria has opposite personalities, but Aria gets along with Callista more than any other person in her group. The two haven't known each other for long, however was able to create a strong bond with each other due to the numerous adventures they have went through together. From a distance, the two just seem to be slight rivals. Since Aria tends to be more affectionate toward people she is used to and can be herself with, Callista was annoyed by her loud nature contrasting her quiet self. As time went on, the two seemed to enjoy hanging out with each other and soon created a big and strong friendship with each other.

Breeze the Otter

Breeze and Aria were normal friends when they first met, but after a while the two started to stir up arguments then and there. Aria never noticed Breeze's feelings for her, but she has a slight crush on him, although she never shows or notices it often. However, despite the arguments and clashes they have sometimes strengthened their friendship and familiarity towards each other. They care about each other a lot. Aria sometimes feels annoyed by the fact that Breeze is always telling her what to do and treating her "like a five year old", not noticing this is just great concern and caring intentions from him. Overall, their relationships are pretty stable, and the two remains to be good friends for now.

Rinka the Kit Fox

Aria seems to find Rinka an interesting girl. She has been her best child friends among all the team members. Aria often thinks Rinka is funny how she's always so happy and cute, and share a lot of common personality traits, which might explain their relationship. She often sees her as her little sister and enjoys being with her. She's not as close to her as Misty or Hikari, due to the distance of their age. However, Aria does care about her as a "little sister" and continues to have a friendly relation with Bellatrix.

Hikari the Ferret

Hikari is probably Aria's second best friend. Aria saw Hikari as supportive since they met. Again, these two were able to develop familiarity and friendship very early. In fact, Hikari is probably the character Aria seems to argue with the least because of Hikari's accepting nature of other people's opinions rather than her own. Aria and Hikari show unity the most during battle because they have generally contrasting strengths and weaknesses, making them the pair that posses most of the needed abilities together. Aria shows a young but friendly relation with Hikari.

Moons the Jackal

Moons is probably what Aria likes to call "joke friends". Due to Moons's humor similar to Aria, the two likes to joke around with each other, much to the other team members' annoyance. Even if they aren't best friends like Misty, they share a special relationship and similar interest of liking to bubble up laughter from other individuals. However, Aria does have a brotherly love for him besides this, for she tries everything to give hope for him at his dark times and helps him reach his dreams of becoming a master warrior.

Safari the Wild Cat

Safari and Aria gets along because of their friendliness and attraction for humor and exploration in the same spots of thought.

Bomber the Tiger

Aria is pretty surprised yet happy about Bomber not being annoyed or being unfriendly to her as expected. Now, they consider themselves as good friends.

Lippa the Possom

Lippa is very narcissistic and arrogant. Aria finds her narcissism as a major flaw and hates on it a lot. However, not being an acceptable person, when Aria words her insults the wrong way, she takes them very seriously and pulls unacceptable pranks. Once, she even tricked her into thinking that Neon was murdered for over a month. Aria became very emotionally unhealthy until she found out the truth, and she almost seriously injured Lippa.

Raveanne the Cuscus

Aria hates the cuscus like any other evil hater on the island.



  • Aria used to have water abilities, but this idea was scrapped away.
  • Aria has dyslexia.
  • She was technically created around 2010.
  • Even if she has been around for about six years or so, she has never appeared in any kind of role play yet. This is because or MM's lack of internet use.
  • Aria like punk rock music.
  • She used to be a hedgehog, and she was light brown. She also had a different design.
  • Her middle name, Amphitra, was based off a name of the Greek goddess of water, Amphitrite.



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