"He knew this wolf. This was The Wolf Who Destroys, though his real name was Argus"
—Narrator on Argus, Legends of the Past(Prologue)

Argus the Wolf, temporarily known as "Argus.EXE" is a male Mobian gray wolf who lived in ancient times on Bygone Island. He is Redstone the Fox's former enemy, and originally quite xenophobic and hateful toward red foxes. He is a former warrior of the Gray Wolf Pack who was possessed by Sonic.EXE and forced to do unspeakable acts: Killing Garrett and maiming Ferrell among other unknown acts.


Argus is a tall, thick-pelted, dark gray-furred wolf with amber eyes. He is quite muscular with long, thin legs, powerful jaws, and a bushy tail. While possessed by Sonic.EXE, his eyes are red, but retain their pupils and sclera.


Normal: While alive, Argus was incredibly aggressive, mean, sarcastic, narcissistic, and very xenophobic toward red foxes, displaying this in his incredible hatred for the Red Fox Pack. However, after his death, he is shown to be truly regretful of his horrendous actions, asking forgiveness from the fox he hated the most.

Possessed: While possessed by Sonic.EXE, he had the demon's personality. He is incredibly cruel, sadistic, aggressive, and savage, thinking nothing of attacking and horribly maiming a young fox cub.


Before the Series: Argus' past before the series is unknown, but it's likely he grew up with the Gray Wolf Pack, and at some point, had a son named Proudfoot.

Legends of the Past: Argus first appears in the Prologue, when he finds Redstone and apologizes to him, asking for forgiveness. Despite his earlier suspicions, Redstone forgives him. He later appears in the main story with a patrol after Redstone and his Frogadier friend Vero save a village from robots. Argus declares that their salvation was here, only to be told be a bear that Redstone already saved them. Enraged, Argus attacks Redstone, biting his leg while the fox is trying to climb atop a building's roof.

Shadows of the Past: In the Prologue, Argus is guarding the Shadow Cube alongside a Siberian tiger named Terrix. Argus decides to head into where the Cube is being kept for a closer look, ignoring Terrix's protests. He grabs the Shadow Cube, and Sonic.EXE immediately surprises and possesses him. The new "Argus.EXE" savagely attacks and nearly kills Terrix before running off. He is later mentioned when the Gray Wolf leader Graystone is arguing with the Siberian Tiger leader Snarltooth. Graystone apparently does not care about his warrior's possession because of Sonic.EXE. Later, Argus.EXE savagely attacks and maims Ferrell, he would have killed the cub had Fireclaw not interfered. Toward the end of the story, Garrett does battle with Argus.EXE and beats him enough for Argus to temporarily regain control of himself. Argus begs Garrett to kill him and spare him the trouble of an extended possession. Sonic.EXE then regains control once more and tries to attack Garrett, mortally wounding him. Realizing what he has to do, Garrett bites Argus.EXE on the throat, killing Argus and forcing Sonic.EXE to flee back to the Shadow Cube. Afterward, Garrett dies of his wounds.

Shane's Promise: Though unnamed, Argus is mentioned in Shane's thoughts. He is called "The Wolf That Destroys", and it is mentioned that his name was forgotten.

The Dusk Wolf: Argus appears in the Prologue, unnamed, and gives Boulder a strange warning. He is later mentioned every now and then, and is said to have told Boulder, "We cannot change the past, but we can affect the future". He later appears in the Epilogue when Boulder angrily confronts him following the Alliance patrol's retreat. When Argus reveals that in the early days of Mobius that they didn't have the Spirits in the Stars to rely on, Boulder becomes curious and asks him who he is. Argus explains what happened to him up until his death, then reveals his name.


Argus is naturally bulky, but while possessed by Sonic.EXE, Argus has superhuman strength and durability.




Argus was named after the "Argus Event" from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood". This is referenced in the Blast from the Past Trilogy, as Argus' possession is called an "Argus Event".

Despite his aggression and xenophobia, Argus was shown to be in The Spirits in the Stars. This is because was truly remorseful for his actions while he lived.

Argus may have been grateful to Garrett for killing him to save him from Sonic.EXE, as he tells Boulder how he died, saying that Garrett had saved him from an eternity of torment and possession.

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