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Argus is an tall and lanky Mobien Man O' War Jellyfish he's got A dark blue and purple dome on his head with a huge eye in the middle he has light ginger hair, has a light blue skin with dark Blue,indigo stinging tentacles and brown eyes. he wears a white T-Shirt with a gold bearing Red Robe giving him a regal look.


Argus is brave,loyal and helpful unlike most of the other gods he visits Mobius regularly to help people who are lost or are weak as it's considered part of his title a quest for other to find knowledge


Argus was born in Mobius in the Aquatic Aurora Zone on Eastern Island he was an ordinary Mobien citizen but was ambushed by the Marauders. he fought hard but ended up extremely drained from Imperator Ix. and with his final burst of strength transformed into his kraken form and grabbed them and apprehended Ix and his clan. and was then brought up to the sky and praised for his bravery and then the elders of Mobius decided to give him god status he then locked them up in an alternate dimension with the other elders help and gained immortality and gained his God status.


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Kraken God mode (requires Rings drains one ring every 2 seconds) - Argus transforms into a giant Kraken to engulf his opponents.


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