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Argus is a character that appears in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series. He was the captain of Queen Aleena's and King Jules' royal guard and a close friend of theirs, until Dr. Robotnik took over, and roboticized him.


In his normal form, Argus is a yellow-skinned Mobian, with orange hair, a cyan eye, and big black nose. For attire, he wears a stylized black and green tunic with white sleeves, turquoise pants, a pair of black shoes, and a black eye patch over his left eye socket (presumably due to an accident that caused him to lose his vision in that eye). In his roboticized form, Argus posses a similar shape to his regular form, but his body is entirely gray and mechanical, his right arm posses a claw-like appearance, he has a red light on his chest, he lacks any hair, his nose is much smaller and round, and both his eyes glow red.


TV series


A picture of Argus standing beside Queen Aleena, and young versions of the Sonic Underground, from "To Catch a Queen and King".

Argus served as the captain of Queen Aleena's and King Jules' royal guard, but was forced into hiding following Dr. Robotnik's takeover of Mobius.

Season one

Argus, deroboticized, showing his eyepatch.

On his way to a secret rendezvous with Queen Aleena and King Jules, Argus' vehicle was located by Sleet and Dingo, and shot down, leaving Argus to be captured and interrogated by Dr. Robotnik for the whereabouts of Queen Aleena and King Jules. When he refused to tell him, Robotnik had him roboticized into "Argusbot", and sent him to Bot Works Hall for initiation, though he promised to take good care of him. During the initiation, the Sonic Underground, successfully used their Medallions to restore Argus' free will, and escaped with him. However, before he could fully reveal the location of Queen Aleena to them, the effects of the Medallions wore off a few hours later, forcing the Sonic Underground to flee. Argus later assisted Sleet and Dingo in arresting the Sonic Underground in the Underground Water Works, firing several lasers at them. However, his free will was once again restored by the Medallions' power, and he revealed the rendezvous point to the Sonic Underground, used his laser arm to create a bridge for them, and threw Sleet into the water. He then rejoined the King and Queen, the latter being horrified by Argus' robotization.

Some time afterwards, he would later be deroboticized by Sonic (his appearance in the episode Sonia's Choice confirms this) and his position as Captain is maintained. He then takes new guard Griffin Waterside as a protege.


Originally and currently, Argus was a brave and heroic Freedom Fighter, but following his roboticization and the loss of his free will, Argus became a mindless servant of Dr. Robotnik. He is also very loyal to the Hedgehog Dynasty before his robotization and after he is deroboticized.

Powers and abilities

In his Mobian form, Argus possesses piloting skills, while in his roboticized form, he possesses a powerful laser cannon built into his left arm.


  • While piloting his vehicle, Argus' eye patch is erroneously shown being worn over his right eye socket.
  • The name Argus could be a reference to the servant of Hera, who became Io's guardian by Hera's command.