"Your the golden ticket to earth's devouring

and my rule..."


Argo is a deadly villian and is apart of the Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series, or to be more specific, apart of the first installment. He is Sonic's most dangerous foe so far, as in the Blue Blur game he intends to use time to end the world. He's a cloaked figure and is said to be one of the scariest and smartest villians yet. He is an anthropormophic Savori with loads of abilities. 
Argo/Tibis Sark
Game appearances
The Blue Blur
Voice Actor
James Spader
Cloaked figure, hidden black armor
Algorgian, Savori, destruction, supermacy, time, devestation, power over others, death, Dark Oak
Sonic and co. Eggman, hummanity, defeat, Tibis
Energy blasts, dark energy blasts, energy shields, time travel, boxing, fencing, martial arts, teleportation, telekenisis


The Blue Blur

This is the first installement of the Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series. Where, Sonic and his allies face one of the most dangerous foes yet. Argo is the villian here and intends to use time to destroy the world and collect the Time Emeralds. He unleashes a deadly villian by the name of Malusor, who is a minotaur. He also has Shade too on his side. He firstly attacked Central City, he then heads to Angel Island as his next bombardment. 

His Background

I suggest reading the whole Blue Blur story before reading this...


Argo was originated in Odijin, he was a sailor, apart of a ship crew of the Antique Vaisseau. He was one of the leaders of the crew, and usually planned things out. He was a good person, he lived in peace and helped people. The crew were devoloping a piece of tech that could actually help go through dimmensions. They had help from echidna sceintists in the process, help them as well. Everything went normal, although mysteriously a nucelar bomb hit and the crew only had a prototype. Presumably, to escape and survive, Argo opened the portal and went in to save himself. 

Although, apparently, he ended up on Mobius and was obssesed with time there as well. He decided to become a scientist in Mobius working with echidnas as well, but more experienced and speciallized. In the process, Argo met a hedgehog by the name, Targuin. Craig and Atrocia's late brother. Targuin and Argo became good friends during that period of time, and Targuin even introduced Argo (who's name was Tibis at the time) to thier father who was one of the best scientists there. Argo then began to know Targuin's whole family and everything was settled. Then, in the next 3 years, something went terribly wrong. Targuin's father had made an expirement using dark matter by accident. He wanted to make a syrum that could heal him since he was actually very sick at the time (this is what Craig and Atrocia hadn't known until the Blue Blur). Nevertheless, when he drank it, his body started slowly turning purple and he was about to explode. Argo noticed this since he saw the tables flying back and some scientists too. A huge vibration went off. Craig, Atrocia and Targuin noticed this and went to see what happened. Thier dad was about to blow up, Argo saw this and consedering thier chemistry (no pun intended) Argo tried to save him. He had gained powers somehow after his trip from Odijin. He held onto thier father's hand and used magic to try pull him out and suddenly the dark matter went onto Argo, and Targuin's father exploded, devestating the whole lab but somehow not Argo. However, after that explosion he was nowhere to be seen in the lab. 

In The Blue Blur, Argo comes back and wants revenge for what had happened in the past. He goes after Sonic and co and states he knew Sonic for a long time and has seen what he can do. Argo (consedering his obsession with time ever since Odijin) decides to find the Time Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds to destroy time and create only one timestream in which he will rule. In order to do that, though, he needs one of the hidden core monsters, Algorgian, the devourer of time (more about hidden core monsters in explained in the story by Professor Pickle), to be able to have a bodyguard but also Argo's one way ticket. Argo also gets one of the master time keepers, Malusor, the minotaur who is a cyborg minotaur that has lived for a thousand years. Argo does anything he can in this game, to be able to get time in his reach. He also wants the "Blurs" as they are another way of getting through time and destroying it. Although, Argo knows that he will not break his promise.


Argo is a cloaked figure who wears a hood and often his face is unexposed. He does have armour but it is hidden quite well and its so unseen that its invisible to some. He can produce energy shields so he sees no use for such armour as Argo thinks he's too superior to have armour to the point where he thinks he's a god and that he's very powerful.

His face is quite disturbing as his left eye is missing and his right eye is red. His face is also a bit paranormal skin-wise. He is a very smart villian, its not really like Sonic 06 with what Argo is planning to do to the world, but it was similar. Argo wants to create his own timestream and the only one which he rules, or if that doesn't work, he wants to rule all of them.


Argo probably doesn't have a weakness as he barely has any armour on him and is only a cloaked figure with a few protection on him. He does have a sort of weakness which was when he was called by the name Tibis Sark, which was his real name before it changed into Argo. He hates hearing it as Argo (written in the ancient Echidna scriptures) means god-like and superior. 

The only way Argo could die is by Sonic turning into...


Super Time Sonic, which is a Sonic that can go time with his mind and can open portals simply with his hands. This is probably one of Argo's weaknesses, this and the Time Emeralds used against him. So, Argo is a very strong and indestructable villian and you'd have to go through a lot to find a way to defeat him. 


Argo has loads of abilities. he posseses. He can fire energy beams, he can also fire dark matter, he knows martial arts, he can mind control people, has telekinisis etc. He has alot of abilities, most the time in the Blue Blur, you probably will realise that he doesn't use his abilities alot and that's because he's a very organised villain in what he does and how he plans things. He doesn't just use his abilities for no reason. 

The main ability he uses alot, is time travelling simply by using his hands and mind he can open up a portal leading to a diffrent place in time or another dimmension. He uses this, in likes with what he wants to do with the world.


Argo is a unique villian in the Sonic universe, as he is a brutal killing machine but he is very calm in what he does. He waits for the right moments to get angry at other people, which often leads to him killing them in one of the easiest ways possible. Like, in one scene in the Blue Blur, Argo's so agitated, he kills his own Savori. This shows Argo's angry point. Its also shown in the final battle, when Argo is really mad and wants to go as far as killing Sonic in the worst way possible. So, Argo is a calm villian but when ticked off, becomes very, very ruthless and becomes someone you don't want to mess with.


Argo is a boss in multiple stages but is of course, hardest at the last. He is firstly a boss in Angel Island alongside the Savori Manikin. He is easiest here, and uses his ability to shoot energy beams and dark matter here. The second time, Argo starts to use more of his martial art skills to fight the player and also starts to telekenisis. 

In the last time, which is the final battle, he uses all of his abilities combined, on the player which includes time travel, fencing, mind control etc. Argo is glowing purple in the last time, and its a more devilish and evil purple than a normal purple. He is clearly angry here.

Voice Actor

The Blue Blur - James Spader (2015-present)- (edited by computer to have a deeper voice e.g Ultron).


  • The producers got his name Tibis Sark from the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy with Groot in the prison in the Klyn when the Nova Corps were explaining the character's backstory. On Groot's screen. it had his assosciates: Rocket Raccoon and Tibus Lark, who to this day, we don't know about or who he is.
  • Argo's design was inspired from Scarecrow' s in [Knight] game.
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