Argentum Soledad is an abandoned military base in the United Federation. Countless urban legends surround the base, and what went on inside its walls. The base hasn't been used long time, but it has been used in the past. A large stone wall surrounded by a razor wire covering has prevented anyone from entering. This has not stopped people from coming to the outskirts of the base to vandalize the walls or to do other actions.

Basic Layout

The Base is almost a half mile in length, filled with many bases, several water towers, a few greenhouses, multiple windmills, and quite a few buildings for housing and keeping tanks.


Are you asking this?

Spiders, termites, rats, other vermin. There is nothing else worse mentioning. The ecosystem seems to be fairly stable. 


Dead Zero. No one's come to this base in a LONG time, and at this point no sane person would stay here for extended periods of time.


Argentum Soledad was deployed as a military base some time during the Cold War. Whether it was meant to combat nuclear threats or not is unknown. When exactly the base went out of commission is also unknown.

According to a  few conspiracy theorists, the base was used to test Magitek, the fusion of magic and technology to create a more efficient whole. Others claim that this lab tested Psionics and humans, but was closed down due to a an accident where one of the subjects grew too powerful and escaped. 



The base's defenses are quite impressive. Armed with an estimated miniature 300 anti aircraft missiles, multiple gun turrets, and the previously mentioned wall are all standard defense. The base also contain's self-governing Greenhouses (which have been deactivated), and a fallout shelter.

Urban Legends

Munitions Accident

Some people believe that at one point, an accident resulted in several members of the military being shot and killed. It is said that a general once was looking over the supply of arms at the base, and moved several guns around, accidentally leaving them in a position where the triggers would easily have been pulled if anything shifted the delicate way they were arranged. A lower-ranking soldier went into this location shortly after, followed by higher-ranking soldiers such as generals and colonels from the United Federation. This specific soldier was said to accidentally nudge the weapons, resulting in them firing and killing everyone whom went in there. It is believed that the abandonment of the base was brought about by this tragedy that may or may not have happened.

Chemical Disaster

Another legend surrounding the base regards a chemical experiments. It is said that U.F. scientists had been researching dangerous chemical weaponry. And of course, this weaponry needed testing to see how effective a battle method it would be to use. Gathering a small group of unfornate test subjects, the scientists deployed the chemicals. It is said that the tests didn't go according to plan... Instead of the regular harmful effects of deadly chemicals, these specific chemicals altered the chemical makeup of the test group. Horrifying changes were said to occur. The subjects were said to have become awful mutants, almost zombie-like in both appearance and in the way they acted. The test group tore apart the scientists, limb by limb, and devoured their corpses. Several troops of soldiers were called in to eradicate the monstrous result of the chemical tests. It is believed that after this incident, the base was forced to shut down. Another legend, another possibility of truth, yet another possible lie as to why Argentum Soledad was abandoned.


It is only natural that someone would suspect something Alien related to be linked to the base. Some thought that the base was used to study alien technology, then shut down when the possibility of the public knowing arose. Another thought the base housed aliens. Some believe that the aliens home civilazation threatened war, the Government closed it down. Another thought was that the aliens died, and the base had to be closed. A final belief is that the aliens had a disease that could only be contact transferred, and was fatal to humans, and thus quarintined the base as a result.

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