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"Next you're gonna say..."
—Argent about to "predict" what someone is going to say.

Argent is a Vampire hunter and an expert in the ancient and hard to learn art of Hamon, also known as the Ripple. He currently lives with his sister, Rose, who is responsible for maintaining his gear; and Sina, his adoptive mother and mentor in the art of Hamon.

Currently, he is the fursona of OmegaExalted, along with Rose.


Argent is a grey wolf with dark blue hair that's somewhat spiked and combed back. He has white fur on his chest, muzzle, and tail tip and his skin is a light peach. He is also very muscular, though he isn't depicted as ridiculously beefy as one would expect. He has blue eyes.

For starters, he's typically seen with a pair of goggles; usually they're on his forehead or hanging on his neck. He wears a grey muscle shirt under a long, forest green jacket that's almost always open with the sleeves rolled up; the collar of the jacket has two relatively large iron crosses hanging from both sides of the collar's front, which are adorned with a green ribbon each. He also wears black fingerless gloves with star-shaped studs at the knuckles. Lastly, he wears grey trousers tucked into brown jackboots.


At first glance, Argent comes off as a bit of a jokester. He rarely takes anything seriously, and jokes around a lot. When he is trying to be serious, he presents himself as very hot-blooded and larger than life, basically acting as hammy as he could possibly be. A lot of this stems from his pride and confidence and that he sees himself much higher than the monsters he fights from day to day.

However, don't let his cockiness fool you; if he thinks that his antics have lulled you into lowering your guard, he will take advantage of it. He's far from stupid, and is smart enough and savvy enough to see the ins and outs of a situation. If you see that smile during a fight, you know he's got you right where he wants you.

He's something of an optimist, and uses his intelligence and savviness to get the best out of a situation. When things look bleak, he'll usually find something worthwhile in it. However, he's not afraid to address his concerns either. If he notices something that might put him or others at risk, he will draw as much attention to it as possible.

Also, expect for him to be as hammy as possible when describing the current situation.

He seems to put a great deal of confidence in his friends, and will often provide them with useful tips and information if he thinks that they will put them to good use. He possesses a good deal of worldly knowledge and isn't afraid to share it with his allies.

When faced with an enemy, he doesn't seem to lose his cool. In fact, he'll go out of his way to irritate them as much as possible and put them off-balance. He'll even go so far as to act like a complete goofball and make others believe that he is a complete dullard. He will act in ways that are totally unlike his usual demeanor just to throw his enemies off and make them easier to read, as well as make it more difficult for his enemies to read him.

However, that is not to say that he does nothing but screw around with his enemies. He is a very sympathetic man, and does not reserve his respect for his friends. He'll try to find a reason to respect his enemies as well, and will likely want to understand them better after the battle is over.

He makes an exception for the irredeemably evil. He will ridicule them to no end.

Lastly, his love towards family is incredibly strong. This trait is also shared by his sister, Rose, whom Argent is very protective of. Argent will go to great lengths to ensure that his sister is safe, and loves her like any brother should. Similarly, Argent and Rose both place a great deal of importance upon the families of others as well.

Argent also displays a great deal of respect and affection toward his foster mother, Sina. Though Argent still mourns the loss of his real mother, he has stated that he openly owes his life towards her and Sina. He regrets that he wasn't able to protect his mother, and will refuse to let Sina become another victim of circumstance.


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  • Ripple: Argent is able to use Hamon to manipulate ripples of solar energy throughout his body. They are also capable of affecting inanimate objects.
  • Perfect Reforge: Argent's signature Ripple ability used in his unique fighting style. Argent can take any piece of metal about the size of his palm (particularly the iron crosses he carries with him), and instantly reshape them into another object using the Ripple.
  • Healing: Ripple users are capable of recovering from wounds relatively more quickly than most, and are also able to reject harmful substances from the body. They may also use the Ripple to dull pain.

Techniques/Hamon Overdrives

  • Zoom Punch: An extremely basic level Ripple technique, the user stretches the joints in their arm, extending their reach. From the opponent's point of view, the attack has a "zoomed-in" effect.
  • Ripple Autopilot: Argent is capable of using Hamon to determine the flight path of any object in the air that has been charged with a Ripple.
  • Ripple Minie Ball: Argent can punch a sizeable chunk of metal into the air, using his Perfect Reforge technique to change it into a Ripple-charged barrage of metal balls, which are shot forward buckshot-style.
  • Ripple Magnetism: Argent is able to bring metals toward him should they be laying on the ground using a Ripple. This allows him to quickly retrieve any belongings used in battle.
  • Ripple Chaff Slasher: Possibly an improvised version of the Minie Ball technique, Argent takes two pieces of metal and throws them forward, where they break apart into dozens of sharp slivers the second they leave his hands, cutting anything they come in contact with. They then boomerang back to his hands, reforming back into their original shape piece by piece. As the name implies, this technique also has a chaff effect that jams electronics.
  • Ripple Gunpowder Flash: While not considered an actual technique, Argent has demonstrated the ability to ignite gunpowder and similar substances with only a simple Ripple. Using this, he can fire bullets hanging from the tip of his fingers, or use it to ignite a makeshift firebomb trap made from gunpowder.
  • Ripple Wall: Another common Hamon technique; Argent is able to produce a protective ripple in front of him by channelling the ripple to his legs and kicking. He can also determine the height of the barrier by extending his leg joints using Hamon while kicking. What happens here is that he is charging the particles in the air with a protective Ripple, effectively creating a makeshift barrier.

Hamon Overdrives are some of the most powerful Hamon attacks in the art. Many Overdrives are of the user's own creation, and are named by color. Argent has learned four Overdrives so far, with Sunlight Yellow Overdrive being the only one that he did not devise himself.

  • Earth Breaker Emerald Green Overdrive (Āsu Burēka Emerarudo Gurīn Ōbādoraibu): Arguably Argent's signature move. Argent charges a ripple throughout his entire arm, thrusting himself foward wtih an uppercut that launches his opponent into the sky. He them jumps toward them, grabbing their face and then slamming them headfirst into the ground using the same arm, creating a large explosion at the center and leaving behind a large hand-shaped crater.
  • Resonating Crimson Cutter Overdrive (Kyōshin no Kurimuzon Kattā Ōbādoraibu): Argent is able to channel a ripple to each of his fingers. The ripple used in this Overdrive resonates at such a high frequency that it is capable of severing the molecular bonds of anything it touches. If Argent is wielding a knife or other bladed object, the ripple is transferred to that instead. This attack is capable of cutting out an entire slice of a boulder.
    • Crescent Azure Cutter Overdrive (Kuresento Azūru Kattā Ōbādoraibu): An improvised version of the Resonating Crimson Cutter Overdrive, when the preceding Overdrive is charged into a knife or other bladed object, Argent is capable of throwing the entire blade itself sans the handle, carrying the effects of the Overdrive straight through the air. This is exceptionally dangerous to use since it's capable of cutting through many things before finally stopping.
  • Silversmith Black Overdrive (Shirubāsumisu Burakku Ōbādoraibu): A revision of the Ripple Wall technique, this is a defensive Overdrive created by Argent to provide more a more reliable form of protection that can also be weaponized when needed. When using this Overdrive, Argent charges plates of metal with a ripple, allowing him to move them around him at will thus creating an effective barrier to protect himself from incoming blows. The ripple reinforces the plates, making them much harder to break. When the metal barrier is no longer needed or the situation calls for offense over defense, he is able to shoot the ripple-charged plates outward to disrupt attackers. Alternatively, he can reforge the plates into spikes before shooting, though this would require a greater amount of accuracy to even hit anything.
  • Sunlight Yellow Overdrive (Sanraito Ierō Ōbādoraibu): Argent's most powerful Overdrive, only used as a last resort. Passed down from teacher to student (and in this case, from Sina to Argent) through intense training, this attack is said to be the embodiment of the sun itself. Argent's version of this Overdrive knocks the opponent down with a series of blows, channelling an extremely powerful ripple to his fists in a spiralling motion as if they were a pair of drills; he then relentlessly pounds his opponent into the ground. The nature of this Overdrive varies from user to user, and tends to leave them exhausted afterward.

Other Skills

Despite Argent's relatively large build, he is very quick on his feet. His speed combined with his raw physical strength make him a very difficult adversary. When battling Argent, however, it usually doesn't come down to these aspects. He only falls back to his strength and speed after he's exhausted any bluffs or tricks used against the enemy; and even then, he'll only fight if he's confident that he can win even when forced to use the full extent of his abilities. Sometimes he's even been known to run away.

Argent is extremely cunning and resourceful. His primary strategy in battle focuses on on trying to catch his enemy off-guard using a myriad of tricks and traps, weakening his opponent's body and psyche before actually fighting them. No matter what objects are around him, he will somehow find a use for them. If he notices a prevalent attribute of an opponent's personality, he'll play off of that as well. Sometimes he's even capable of setting up several elaborate tricks at once with minimal resources.

  • In Roleplay:Confrontation, he managed to pull off quite a few tricks just using the string from the ribbons adorning his jacket collar, laid out on the ground. First he did some bluffing to get as close as he could to the enemy, laying out a network of string from one end to the other. When the fighting began, he tugged on the string, initially trying to trip the opponent. However, the first tug was also used to get rid of some slack in the line and force the other end of the string to wrap around the magazine of a soldier's gun. The rest of the string was laid out in a way that he could wrap it around several of the magazines in a single motion, putting everything in place for his next trick and allowing him to yank out all the magazines at once, using them as a weight so he could wrap his opponent up. When he feared that wouldn't work either, he magnetized the bullets with a ripple to bring them close to him, so that he could use them for himself and use the metal casings to make two knives. Even though his tricks were countered, however, they provided him with a means to procure weapons for himself, as they were taken away prior to the fight.


In addition to his natural above-average speed and strength, Argent's training in the Ripple has left him with a substantial increase in his agility. He's able to jump higher and survive longer falls, and his regenerative abilities effectively reduce the overall strain of his actions.

Hamon users can transfer the Ripple through most objects if needed to strike an enemy, but perform especially well near water or in moist environments. Water tends to be an excellent conductor for the Ripple, and can amplify their attacks or extend the reach of the attack. Vegetable oil is an even better conductor, but isn't as readily available as water.

Oddly, however, ice does not have the conductive properties of water.


A common weakness shared by all Hamon users is that they must constantly be able to breathe; if a Hamon user begins to suffocate, their abilities will have minimal effect. Exhaustion provides a similar effect, since it can be difficult for a Hamon user to utilize ripples if they're too tired to focus on the breathing techniques required to use them. This has been exploited by some Vampires.

Hamon users also do poorly in cold environments; the removal of heat from a Hamon user causes their blood to move more slowly, and they will be unable to attack as rapidly and effectively as before.

Argent has his own personal weaknesses as well. His pride and confidence are one such aspect, and he's prone to making foolish decisions from time to time. Also, if he suspects that his opponent can read his moves and see through his bluffs and tricks, he may become overly cautious and hesitant to attack. He's also extremely protective of his sister, as well. If his sister is in danger, he will do anything to save her. However, it's unlikely that he'll go so far as to comply with a villain even when his sister is at stake; he'll see how long he can play up to them, then see how far he can push his boundaries so he can set up a surprise attack. Only if he finds himself without this option will he give in to a villain's demands.


  • Solar Cross: Argent's primary weapon. It is a special crossbow that is charged using solar energy during the day, and fires bolts of sunlight while charged. He also uses it to fire arrows that have been forged using Hamon.
  • Tommy Gun: Argent occasionally carries this around for laughs, but one can imagine that he's used this at least more than once. He's capable of channelling a ripple to the magazine for some minimal practical use against Vampires; however, this only works at close range since the bullets tend to lose the ripple after travelling several feet or so. Argent's Autopilot ability can also be utilized with the Tommy Gun, but to a lesser extent, relying on his Solar Cross most of the time.
  • HF-33 XSS Custom: ...What? A man can't have more than one SMG?
  • Bloody Stream: Argent carries an ornate, bejeweled knife with the words "Bloody Stream" engraved into the handle. He tends to use this on special occasions or when he can't risk direct contact with an opponent. It is believed that he forged this knife from a lesser family heirloom.


  • Argent claims to be from Eurish.
  • Argent is somewhat based on Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the series in which Hamon/the Ripple originates from. However, his personality tends to lean toward Joseph Joestar's.
    • Incidentally, his Seiyuu (Tomokazu Sugita) has also voiced Joseph Joestar, as well as Ragna the Bloodedge from the BlazBlue series.
  • Argent was also slightly inspired by Castlevania.
  • Argent's last name, Hellsing, is borrowed from "Valkenhayn R. Hellsing" from BlazBlue, which in turn is a reference to the protagonist of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing.
  • The name of Argent's birthplace is an anagram of "Duwang", supposedly the Chinese pronunciation of "Morioh" seen in a badly-translated copy of Diamond is Unbreakable/Diamond is Not Crash, the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. The word "Duwang" has since become a meme, used to refer to hilariously bad and nonsensical translations.


  • "He-llo? Could you say that again? More slowly? In a language I understand? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!" - Whenever anyone says something to aggrivate him.
  • "Hey! Are you listening to me?"
  • "You should consider yourself lucky that my Overdrive didn't hit you instead, otherwise you'd be missing more than a hand! In fact, I could've torn both of your arms off with enough force!" - One of his many threats where he often goes into detail about what he'll do to an enemy.
  • "Maybe if you'd spent less time in the ground, you would've learned that Mobiankind isn't so helpless as you think! But then we wouldn't be having this rather interesting encounter, would we?"
  • "This isn't just revenge; this is war!"
  • "OHHH NOOOOO!" - Whenever Argent gets alarmed about something.

"Next you're gonna say..."

Argent also has a habit of trying to predict what someone's next words will be, often in an attempt to throw them off guard. Argent does not appear to have any innate psychic abilities, instead trying to be savvy enough to play an opponent into an appropriate reaction.

  • "...'I'm bigger than you, I'll just crush you right here!'" (Roleplay:Missing Mobians)
  • "...'I-Impossible! How are you doing this?!'" (Roleplay:Missing Mobians).
  • "...'I've seen through your tricks, and you've played your last one!'" (Roleplay:Confrontation)
    • However, Argent was the one juked instead when his opponent replied with "Nope! Next I'm gonna say... 'That was a neat trick. I want to see another!'"
    • "Damnit, what's wrong with this girl? Does she actually LIKE getting juked?!" - Argent, after hearing the above.
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