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Ariella Jurado "Areya" is a 14 years old anthropomorphic echidna. She is a persona of ETH. She is named after a friend of ETH. She is a casual girl and a troublemaker.

Areya the Echidna
First Appearance
Roleplay:Snowed In!
American Voice
Japanese Voice
Full name
Ariella Jurado "Areya"
Unknown but grew up in a foster home
April 6
  • Prankster
Bright red

Graphic shirt(when jacket is tooked off) Bag (sometimes) Jeans with a blue chain around

Gray sneakers


Areya grew up in a foster home and was a troublemaker.The children would yell,scream,and cry when Areya causes trouble to the home.As she grew up,she took interest in sports and began to play with her friends and boys who would compete with her. Areya usually accepts the challenge and wins.She loses too as well.She doesn't take interest on girl activities such as gossiping and dolls.In her school,she was usually called Areya instead of Ariella. Her nickname was Trouble in her school.Whenever she got in trouble,she would laugh it out and cause more trouble anyways.She usually cause food fights in the cafeteria which everyone seems to join in quickly.

Current life

She is enjoying playing sports with Sammy and Checkers and causing trouble with them.So she is enjoying her trouble-making life


Areya has a cocky,red-head personality.She is impatient and quite annoying too.She is athletic and flexible and has a great interest of sports.She pulls pranks on people she targets.She enjoys pulling "sweet" revenges to people who done something on her.

She is a competitive echidna who is willing to accept challenges and competitions from anyone who challenges her.She is quite immature and stubborn.She is caring and friendly in the inside.She is quite humorous in her own way.She can be very aggressive and rough sometimes.She is also a party rocker and not a party pooper.

Physical Appearance

She has red,messy hair and bangs.She wears a black jacket with red lines around it and jeans with belt.If she takes off her jacket,she will be wearing a graphic tee.She wears sneakers that are grey.She wears black gloves and has a blue chain around her jeans.


"Haha! No."

"Revenge are sweet ehehehe..."

"I'm gonna wreck it!"-Areya referring Wreck-It-Ralph

"Lets wreck this s#%t!"

"Competition? Yeah sure whatever."-accepting a challenge

"Princess? Dolls? Gossip? HA! Trouble is what I do."

"I won peeps!"-When she won

"Oh well.I dont care anyways."-when she lost

"This is boring...Imma make this fun~"-when bored

Allies/Friends + Relationships


Sammy the rabbit:

"Heh...not bad kid."

Sammy was Areya's first best friend.They dont consider themselves BFFS but they consider themselves Trouble Making friends

Checkers the hedgehog:

"Prankster eh?"

Checkers was Areya's second best friends.Like Sammy's relationship,they consider themselves Best Trouble Making friends

Theme song(s)

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO (With Lyrics)

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO (With Lyrics)

Pitbull Ft

Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha Timber lyrics 2013 official


General skills

Areya is known for her athletic skills.Her interest made her athletic and flexible.When it comes to tournaments, she earned metals for her athletic skills.

She is also a dancer and has amazing dance skills.She doesn't really show it.

Combat skills

She usually uses her General skills to fight.She also has pranks awaiting to be activated.She's not much of a fighter but has things up in her sleeve.


(None for now)


  • Areya is based on ETH's friend at school
  • She is the first character to be made in ETH's universe that is a troublemaker and an athletic along with Sammy and Checkers
  • She has some personality that belongs to ETH which might be called a fursona
  • She is the first character along with Sammy and Checkers that doesn't have powers.
  • She doesn't have any elements
  • She is a C student
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