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Aresko is a short, pudgy gnat person with bulbous eyes, a brown exoskeleton. and an outfit worn normally by a surgeon, which would only be a given for his line of work. This includes a light blue uniform and a white cover for his mouth. Not caring much for physical appearance, Aresko generally does not believe in fashion, so he usually only wears copies of his outfit. Four skinny, yet jagged arms (which his hands covered by typical white gloves) help him carry his special bags that he keeps his "tools" in. Aresko had cut a hole in the back fo his uniforms to allow his clear wings to poke out and be usable, with his emblem placed above this area.


Aresko is quite the conniving individual, always keeping plans and secrets to himself while letting the others do whatever they want as long as he can work around them. Whether around friend or foe, he lacks any real trust for anyone regardless of background or appearance. He is one who prefers people to prove their words through actions rather than spouting facts, and as such is not easily amused or impressed. Aresko takes his work very seriously, being a surgeon and a spy are both jobs that would warrant such behavior after all.


Aresko never really had an emotionally scarring or life-changing event for a majority of his past. He grew up with a slightly-not-average life of constantly working on something either to distract himself or to gain knowledge and experience for his dream of becoming a surgeon when he grew up. It wasn't until he was already 25 in medical school that something bizarre happened. After accidentaly having an experimental liquid doused on him, Aresko underwent a genetic and physical mutation.

Rather than changing his appearance into a deformed monstrosity, Aresko was lucky enough to actually benefit from this, gaining powers that are quite unusual and rare in the world, these being the ability to essentially shrink by breaking his body down into smaller versions of himself, all acting as a sort of hivemind yet capable of individual actions. With this he would begin to cheat without anyone being able to suspect him, often by stealing the knowledge of his fellow students and even the professors by shrinking down and draining it right from their brains through his antennae. Through this his grades soared and Aresko graduated with a degree in Anatomy and Biology a full 6 months before actual graduation ocurred.

Aresko made a living off of performing what are to this day still the most clean, precise procedures in medical history. By breaking down into microscopic clones, Aresko could easily scour the body and quickly find whatever issue may be plaguing the patient. It was from this that Aresko had won many awards and with this an increasing bank account that allowed him to take entire years off for vacation. Decades later, while on vacation Aresko was confronted by a recruiter for the returning EQuartz Industries. At first, Aresko was not interested, seeing no point in tying himself down to a single company rather than being able to afford doing freelance medical work, but after days of persistant pestering he was eventually convinced to join, but on the terms that he only be called for emergencies and otherwise be left alone.


Aresko, though not born with any powers, did develop some of note later on in life. He is able to convert his body into an uncountable number of smaller copies, which can vary in size and number at his whim. With this, he can enter any small opening to more easily inspect smaller areas or hide if enough space is present for all of his bits. These lesser beings can easily recombine in any amount to create an assortment of tools and weaponry made of his hardened exoskeleton, now even denser due to the smaller forms being more condensed and even being able to still move without a holder.

Abilities & Skills

Aresko, being a gnat, naturally has the ability to fly. Though not as useful given his size, this can be quite an essential asset for when he disassembles into his smaller copies, as they all have smaller bits of his wings to use as well. Aresko also has a physical condition known as Strabismus, where he can look in two different directions, which also helps given that the structure of his eyes allows him to generally see more than most others, even other insects.

From entire decades of study, practice, and execution, Aresko is a professional liscenced surgeon. He performs operations and alterations on the bodies of patients in an ethical, clean, and thorough manner, and that last part is more than just an exaggeration. If you were to come to him just to get an organ removed, he will personally find every last issue with your body and fix it to the best of his ability and also remove those 37 worms in your intestine that you didn't even notice.


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