Arena Racing Championships is a singleplayer gameplay variant created for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This Arena Racing Championships allows the player to play several singleplayer races on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and score themselvs on what place they are in when completing races.

It should be noted that the Arena Racing Championships is singleplayer only and is NOT a mechenical feature found in the game. The player must score themselvs by using a pen and a sheet of paper.

If you are interested in this imaginary game mode, please read this for instructions.

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The purpose of Arena Racing Championships is to challenge yourself by playing several singleplayer races on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and keeping your own score, 

There will be three rounds of races. Each round consist of 5 races. On your sheet of paper, create three types of column. These columns should indicate the round number. Please remember to draw a line under the column to avoid any confusion.

You shall play your races as usual. At the end of each race, you shall document the position you were in. See below for scoring instructions.  

Scoring Instructions

You shall score yourself based off the number of races you play and the position you were in at the end of each race.

There will be three types of points: Race Score, Round Score, and Total Score. Race Score is basically the position you were in at the end of the race, lined up with four other race scores. Round Score is the total number of race score in a given round. Total Score is the total number of round score in a given session.

At the end of each race, mark the position you finishd with under the first round column. Note that race scores should line up, starting with the first race you'v played in the round. So your first finishd race in Round 1 shall be the first one under that column.

Remember, there are five races in one round. After the five races are completed and documented on your sheet of paper, add the five race scores using your mind or a calculator. The result will be your round score. My recommendation is that you use a calculator to verify that your round score is correct.

Then, you shall repeat the abuv instructions for the next two rounds.

After all three rounds are completed. You shall use your calculator to ad the three round scores and the result you get will be your total score.


  • The maximum score is 150
  • My recommendation is that you play the same character and map in each round.
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