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Ardente the Stoat (pronounced "ahr-DEN-tay") is a soldier that serves the Fire Clan of Fiamme. He is the twin brother of Incendie the Stoat.

Physical Description

A slender stoat who stands a little bit over three feet tall, Ardente has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, somewhat small, rounded ears, and a medium-length, somewhat fluffy tail.

His fur is primarily permanent geranium lake in color, with a sandy tan muzzle, throat, chest, stomach, and inner arms, while his ears, facial markings, forearms, and tail tip are OU crimson red in color. He has no hair on his head, instead having a tuft of longer fur, and his eyes are selective yellow in color.

His typical attire consists of elbow-length, cerulean frost fingerless gloves with black trim, baggy black jeans, and cerulean frost boots with white cuffs and black leather padding.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy Good
Durability Average
Resistance Average
Speed Great
Reflexes Great
Magic Good
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Good
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Great
Olfactory Superior

Like the other Fire Clan soldiers, Ardente is a fairly well-rounded fighter, who has respectable skill in close-range combat; he also wields a longbow as his weapons of choice, allowing him to attack reliably from afar should melee combat not be suitable. Despite his lithe frame, his physical strength is considerably higher than it looks, primarily due to his extensive training as a soldier; he can lift up to 300 lbs. without assistance.

Ardente is a fairly adept pyromancer as well, and primarily wields low to mid-tier melee techniques of the Fire element, with his ranged/energy-based options being somewhat weaker. Being a stoat, he has sharp teeth and strong jaws, allowing him to deliver punishing bites that can also be infused with fire. He also has a keen sense of smell.


Ardente is relatively resistant to the Elements of Fire and Nature (his Fire resistance is somewhat higher, however). He is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease. Hot, dry weather strengthens his powers to some degree.


Ardente is weak to the Elements of Ice, Earth and Water. His defenses aren't anything special, therefore he mostly relies on his agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Being a manipulator of Fire, cold and/or rainy weather also severely dampens his powers.

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His name is the Galician/Italian word for "burning".