Arctic Javelin is a mid-range Stratos-elemental technique.


The user first creates a long javelin made of ice. Upon doing so, the user charges it with large amounts of electricity, focused within the javelin. For high-level users, the creation and charging of the javelin occurs simultaneously. After charging, the user then throws the javelin at the target. Once the javelin pierces its target, it releases the electrical charge within the target.

The cold from the javelin causes extreme pain, while the electricity not only harms the target, but also numbs and incapacitates them. If the javelin shatters instead, the electricity is released and strikes out wildly. If caught, the javelin electrocutes the person holding it, unless they can suppress the electricity. Through this, the opponent might be able to turn the attack back on the user.



While capable of causing severe damage, this technique can only strike a single target, with its distance, speed, and accuraccy determined by the strength and aim of the user. In addition, this technique is capable of being turned against the user by an electrokinetic. These setbacks make the technique only a C-Rank attack.

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