This is an article about Arco the Hedgehog, a character created by Taylor Gorrell on 12/24/2014.

Arco the Hedgehog is a fanon character created by Taylor Gorrell. After crash-landing on Planet Wisp, he becomes infused with their power and will become an unlikely hero.


Arco is a white-furred hedgehog of average height, weight, and build. His eyes were green when he was born, but they are currently a dark pink color. His torso is a solid white, but it is marked with a light pink "W" after being infused with his Hyper-go-on. He has four head quills that vaguely resemble a clawed hand minus the thumb, as well as what appears to be a fringe made of white hair on his forehead, that changes color when he uses a Wisp ability. Arco's only clothing are the standard gloves (which are black) and shoes (sea green with yellow soles), but he also has a rainbow scarf around his neck.


Arco was initially a well-adjusted young man, but landing on Planet Wisp gave him a bit of culture shock that took him a while to get out of. He can be considered rather cautious, trying to keep on his toes in case something goes wrong, though when calm, Arco is a friendly person that is easy to get along with. His years on Planet Wisp gave him an appreciation for the simple things in life, and he enjoys it when nothing is really happening, letting him relax. This same time also gave him a strong sense of honor, and he'll fight for the sake of defending the serenity. He's no stickler to fun, though, and will join in the festivities if given the chance. Angering Arco is quite difficult.

Unfamiliarity is a touchy subject for Arco, making him very nervous about trying new things. He hates being alone, a result of wandering Planet Wisp alone for a while. This combination makes it rather easy to scare Arco, and though he'll try to fight his way to through it if need be, it's clear that it's hard for him to get over his fears.


Arco originally lived with his family on a space colony, having a relatively normal life with friends and contact with Earth, but a catastrophe on the colony when he was 10 resulted in the inhabitants fleeing. Everyone got out safely, but an error on Arco's escape pod diverted his trajectory, resulting in his pod taking him to Planet Wisp. Due to a crash-landing, Arco was left stranded with no one familiar, only having a communicator to talk with his parents (which eventually ran out of power). Weak, scared, and eventually alone, Arco nearly resigned himself to his fate, but he was saved when he encountered the Wisps.

The Wisps brought him to the Mother Wisp, who noted that Arco was exhausted. To help this stranded boy, the Mother Wisp infused him with Hyper-go-on Energy, but rather than merely bestow him with it, she combined it with his DNA, giving him the energy to survive and adapt to life on Planet Wisp.

Arco spent three years on Planet Wisp, learning to use their various powers, before contact was eventually made again, and Arco's family traveled to Planet Wisp, reuniting them with their son. The Mother Wisp, however, told Arco that he would always be welcome back on Planet Wisp, and Arco returned to Earth after so long, being reunited with his friends from the colony as well.

However, a year after his return, Arco finds a Cyan Wisp on Earth, who informs him that "someone strange" is on Planet Wisp, so Arco decides to return to his surrogate planet to help.


Due to his DNA being fused with Hyper-go-on Energy, Arco is capable of utilizing the most basic Wisp power, White Boost, completely at will, giving him an immense speed boost. However, his energy can run out, so using it too much can cause it to abruptly shut off at potentially bad times. He is also capable of detecting nearby Wisps. On the Wisps' side, being a biological creature with Hyper-go-on makes Arco an alluring target for the creatures, and they will gravitate to him so he can use their abilities.

Like any biological creature, Arco can fuse with Wisps in order to gain their powers. When he is infused with the power of a colored Wisp, his hair changes to the same color to indicate that the power is ready to be used. As a minor consequence, having Hyper-go-on in him makes him lighter than he normally would be, giving him better speed and jumping ability.


Through living on Planet Wisp, Arco learned how to survive there, adapting to their vegetation and gravity. He also learned to speak Wispish, letting him carry fluent conversations with Wisps and act as a translator.


Naturally, Arco's main weakness is that his energy is finite: He can't use his White Boost power as often as he wants, being made to recharge unless he gets energy from other White Wisps. If he's cut off from his Wisp friends, he can be left powerless.

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