"Behold the true form of evil! I am Scythe the Hedgehog and your doom!"
- Scythe announcing himself to Sonic

Arclight Maurice Hedgehog or Scythe the Hedgehog as he calls himself is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and twin brother of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is an extremely evil antagonist with godlike abilities and by far one of the greatest enemies Sonic has ever faced.

Early Life

Arclight was born on Christmas Island with his twin brother, Sonic and greatly resembled him back then. The two both realised that they had super speed and constantly used this as they raced around the island, playing together and having fun. Though one day, at the age of 2 Arclight was approached by a mysterious being who called himself The Dark Master. A menacing big black armoured horned being who offered Arclight great power and strength if he came with The Dark Master. Arclight quickly accepted this offer though unknown to Arclight, The Dark Master removed the memory of his brother from Sonic's mind leaving him to believe he was born alone with no brother while Arclight disappeared with The Dark Master to a realm far beyond the reaches of the Universe.

Arclight was first trained for six years of his life continuously until he became a master of every combat skill in the Universe and was physically hardlined to resist physical pain. Arclight was also taught to use his anger and hatred passionately, to reject good emotions and to hate all forms of life in the Universe. At the age of 9 Arclight was extremely skilled and was instructed by The Dark Master to help with the creation of a special project with another of his servants, Black Doom. Arclight was given the ability to travel through time upon which he travelled back 41 years into the past aboard The Ark. There he was greeted by Black Doom and was taken to Professor Gerald Robotnik who took part of Arclight's DNA to use as a template for "the Ultimate Life-form". When Shadow was finally created the Government quickly turned and tried to execute everyone on the Ark but as being told by The Dark Master that should things go wrong he was to eliminate anyone that saw him so Arclight murdered everyone he could find aboard the Ark where he eventually found Shadow. Realising that he could be used as a tool later on, Arclight removed Shadow's memory and left him aboard the Ark.

Arclight returned to The Dark Master to find that he was to receive the powers The Dark Master had offered him all those years ago. Arclight was taken to a chamber where The Dark Master shared with him the secret to Dark Energy, The Dark Master told him that Dark Energy was everywhere in the Universe but he had discovered how to tap into this mysterious force using Chaos Energy. Realizing that darkness and chaos go hand in hand, The Dark Master used the Master and Chaos Emeralds to unlock this force and presented Arclight with the Master and Chaos Emeralds. Arclight used the Emeralds to unlock Dark Energy and it began to flow through his veins and blood, transforming him from a blue furred, downed quilled hedgehog to grey fur with white markings and curved quilled hedgehog of darkness, that is when Arclight became Scythe.

His first task of using his new powers was to inspire fear across the cosmos and new exactly how to do it. Scythe had unlocked great and powerful abilities that if concentrated enough could be catastrophic. Scythe concentrated the Dark Energy within him to destroy an entire planet! And he moved across the Universe, planet after planet destroyed civilisation after civilisation extinguished until an entire galaxy was in ruin. The Dark Master was pleased with his new apprentice and after many assignments Scythe was stationed on Earth to keep an eye on Sonic, to ensure he would never discover The Dark Master and his plan.

At the age of 14 Scythe remained on Earth and to keep himself busy, he explored the world until his next assignment. In one city he was visiting he met an echidna by the name of Kate, though Scythe couldn't care less who she was, she was relentless to follow him until the two fought. Scythe was obviously the victor in the battle but he was impressed how long she held him off and agreed to listen to her. Kate told Scythe that she wanted to help him overcome his darkness, though Scythe laughed at this claim he accepted nonetheless. After at least a year of trying to help Scythe, Kate was able to help him though Scythe started fall in love with her as did Kate. Eventually the two met each other regularly realising that they loved each other very much, Scythe felt happier than he had ever been until The Dark Master had enough of this and told Scythe that she was corrupting him, Scythe rejected his master's claim but The Dark Master promised to kill her for him. After realising that The Dark Master kills people as slowly and as painful as possible but also knowing that he had eyes and ears across the Universe, meaning Kate could never escape The Dark Master, Scythe saw only one choice.

When Scythe asked Kate if they could go for a date in the outlands of a city, she agreed to this and they met up at night to see the gleaming city only for Scythe to be filled with sadness when he killed Kate in an instant, as quickly and as painless as possible. As he held her body in his arms his hatred, rage and pain grew to such a point that it formed it's own consciousness, an entity of pure evil which took control of Scythe's body and willingly carried out The Dark Master's orders without question. Though as a last act of his good side he carved a big black scar down his right eye as a sign of his regret and sorrow before being consumed by his now dominant dark side.

Sonic: Beyond


Sonic: Dawn of Darkness


Sonic: Age of Apocalypse



As opposed to Sonic’s joyful, free-spirited and thrill seeking personality, Scythe is very serious, close-minded and extremely depressed. He constantly is full of hate and regret, despite this he does not care for those who get in his way or are around him. For Scythe, death is no big deal he no longer understands the value of life and instead enjoys ending it. Unlike Sonic, Scythe can be extremely patient and can wait for long periods of time; he’s even waited 10 years! His greatest strength is his manipulative personality; he is a master of corrupting others and misguiding them. Scythe never does anything without a plan, he is always cold and calculating never sympathizing and doing what has to be done, no matter the cost.

Scythe’s main driving force is his hatred, which always influences his decisions and moods he is always on edge and has no concept of happiness or joy. Though his moods rapidly change between angry and depressed, it’s not to say that he has a good side. While being conflicted he has a kind heart and sometimes can’t help his feelings, he does have a concept of selflessness and has on many occasions shown this side of him, though it has been very rare. Scythe constantly lives in the past and can’t seem to let go of his past actions, he constantly dwells on his mistakes and choices while always looking to the future and keeping in time with the present his past continues to weigh him down.

Scythe is known for his loneliness and absence of friends in his life, while he is an evil tyrant Scythe longs to be accepted by others and to have a family but he is constantly rejected by others and no matter what he tries to do people still reject him. Scythe is also very depressed and suicidal, he honestly believes that he was born to suffer and that his immortality is to maintain his suffering, he refers to his life as a nightmare and that death is the escape from the nightmare but knows in his heart he can never escape. While Scythe may be chaotic and destructive that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of loyalty and honor. He has never backed down from a fight and will always fight face to face, he is loyal when he needs to be and is always honest if blunt. He is actually very poetic in his wording and how he uses it as well as being extremely dramatic too.

Dark Side

At one point all of Scythe’s hatred, pain, suffering grew so much so that it formed it’s own consciousness, a being of pure evil that has no sense of remorse and seeks ultimate destruction.

Unlike many Sonic villains, which have ambitions to rule the world and are driven by revenge, Scythe’s dark side is unimaginably evil and malevolent and does extremely horrible things because he enjoys them. Scythe’s dark personality is an extremely powerful embodiment of evil, which enjoys the suffering of others. He loathes the idea of happiness and joy and honestly believes that despair and pain is the only way of life and enforces this belief through his actions.

Scythe’s darkness is immensely manipulative and knows exactly how to control others, he plays on their fears and problems allowing him to shape them into tools he can use for his own diabolical ends. He constantly enjoys taunting and mocking his enemies but how this sounds childish is very dark due to him always mocking tragic or dark things that have happened. As described by himself and has shown many times, Scythe’s darkness is heartless and doesn’t care for feelings or emotions, to him life is fun when he gets to end it and he believes that unrestricted destruction is divine.

Scythe’s darkness sadistic in his attempts to satisfy his goals, nothing will stand in his way and he always has a solution, although most solutions seem to involve death and destruction. His darkness is relentless in making others suffer and hopes to accomplish his ultimate goal of destroying reality itself.


Arclight looks very much like Sonic with the same colored fur, skin and eyes but unlike Sonic, Arclight's first two quills opposite each other below his ears are much shorter that the others, he also has two long quills reaching down to his legs behind his quills and two short quills behind his ears as well as having a big black scar down his right eye.

Scythe the Hedgehog Corrupted

Scythe the Hedgehog (Corrupted form)
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For attire, Arclight wears red, black, orange and white gloves but they have extra long cuffs at the end of them using the same color design and the same goes for his boots which have orange soles and red, white and black as well.

But when Arclight becomes corrupted his form changes and is presented as a grey furred hedgehog with white markings all over his fur, his quills are curved up with two long quills behind him like Silver's. Scythe has two horns behind his ears with glowing red eyes and he wears shoulder guards which are grafted to his skin.


Physical Skills

Scythe was trained for six years of his life and was expertly hardlined to exceed normal physical abilities especially his resistance to pain. Thanks to his training Scythe is almost immune to pain as well as being able to endure massive amounts of attacks without flinching making him a difficult opponent to defeat if attacks wont even hurt him.

Dark Powers

Scythe’s most notable and most used ability is his Dark Energy Powers. His Dark Powers were granted to Scythe when he completed The Dark Master’s trials in order to grant him the secret into tapping the infinite reserves of Dark Energy in The Universe allowing him to manipulate Dark Energy into physical forms such as pure energy beams or manipulating the energy into weapons such as swords, hammers, maces and much more. This ability is constantly used by Scythe and is only one of two beings in the entire Universe known to be able to control Dark Energy. As a drawback of being an embodiment of darkness Scythe cannot use singularities of Chaos such as the Master and Chaos Emeralds.


Scythe’s abilities have evolved so much that he no longer requires rings to use abilities. He could destroy an entire Universe and not need one ring.


Scythe is immortal and cannot be killed while this is a powerful ability, he doesn't know why he has his immortally. He has tried to find answers to this but has found nothing. For Scythe his immortality is a curse during a time of great depression for Scythe where he felt his life was too horrible and is the equivalent of a nightmare to him, he attempted to kill himself in many different ways and nothing worked. His immortality is his greatest ally but also his ultimate enemy.


Beyond Form

The Beyond form is unlocked by Scythe only when he gains enough power to do so or his original body is destroyed but this form can only be unlocked by beings who can wield Dark Energy.

Beyond Forms are extremely powerful, they allow the user to transcend their physical form into a deity like form, which enhances the user’s original powers by 1,000,000% and gives the user a more advanced control over Dark Energy. Depending on their usage of Dark Energy will determine how much power the wielder gains from this form.

The Dark Master

Main article: The Dark Master


Scythe has few relationships due to his lonely personality and attitude but the relationships he does have aren't exactly friendly in fact most of the people he knows are his enemies

Sonic the Hedgehog

Scythe’s twin brother is Sonic the Hedgehog. The two share a very deep and intense rivalry with one another that has never been seen before. Scythe hates Sonic for some unknown reason and has made it his mission to make Sonic’s life a living hell. Despite being brothers, Sonic and Scythe are very much opposites to each other with Sonic a force for good who will save the innocent no mater what and Scythe, the embodiment of evil who makes his mission to kill anyone and everyone.

Even though Scythe is pure evil and has made very dark choices, Sonic cares for Scythe and wants to help him overcome his darkness but Scythe hates Sonic and enjoys toying with him by manipulating, torturing and killing his friends, playing mind games on Sonic and much more.

Miles "Tails" Prower


Kate the Echidna


The Dark Master


Nazo the Hedgehog



  • The Dark Master (His master and future self)
  • Kate the Echidna (girlfriend, love each other very much)
  • Nazo the Hedgehog (Partner)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • Fiona Fox
  • Black Doom
  • Metal Sonic
  • Corrupted Shadow (DNA linked Clone)


  • Miles “Tails” Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (DNA Linked Clone)
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