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Archie Sonic Reborn is a fan continuation of the Archie Sonic Comics by Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh.


Sonic and the Freedom Fighters have just saved the world from Dark Gaia.... or so they thought. It turns out that Sonic has been in a comatose state for a year after stopping the 2nd Genesis Wave. Now that he is finally awake, he has to go back to doing what he does best. Saving Mobius.

Sagas and Story Arcs

Awakening Saga

  • Awakening Arc (Episodes 1-3)
  • Temple Arc (Episodes 4-9)
  • Super Satellite Arc (Episode 10-16)

Visitors Saga

  • The Duel Arc (Episodes 17-28)
  • Jack Rabbit Arc (Episodes 29-38)
  • Hate Arc (Episodes 39-46)
  • The Trial Arc (Episodes 47-55)

The Others Saga

  • Twilight Zone Arc (Episode 56-61)
  • Sol Dimension Arc (Episode 62-69)

Mastermind Saga

  • The Mastermind Reveal Arc (Episode 70-75)
  • The Dark Sonic Arc (Episode 76-78)
  • The Mastermind Battle Arc

Character Redesigns

  • Bunnie - De-robotisized limbs, Pink shirt, vest, blue jean shorts, rocket shoes.
  • Antoine - Eyepatch on right eye
  • Sally - White Tank Top, Black pants, belt.
  • Knuckles - Robotic left eye, brown leather gloves with metal studs, a brown vest, Hawking's cowboy hat.
  • Espio - Black Ninja clothes.
  • Vector - Black Leather Jacket.
  • Geoffrey - Scales on left arm, devil horns, red eyes, elongated canine teeth.
  • Fiona Fox - Yellow T-Shirt with "Heal" spelled in all caps, khaki shorts, Ponytail hair.
  • Julie-Su - Darker Metal on robotic attachment, Long dreadlock tied into ponytail.
  • Blaze - Added White Cape


  • This is the first Story that Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh wrote that has Sagas.