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Archelaus Kigurai
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Arrogant and cocky, Archelaus Kigurai ("AHR-kuh-LOUS KEE-gurr-RYE") is the self-proclaimed leader of Hell's Hounds, a group of demons who serve Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. He is the embodiment of the Deadly Sin of Pride.

Physical Description

Mobian Form

Archelaus primarily appears in the form of a slender Mobian peacock. Standing a little over three feet tall, he has a fairly short, pointed beak, a collection of short wires on his head that end in small plumes, and a large and beautiful tail that can be fanned out.

His feathers are mostly black in color, with an ash gray chest and eye markings; his beak is ash gray in color as well. His hair, which is cut quite short and is fairly straight, is dark purple in color, and his eyes are Byzantium in color. He has a collection of purple markings adorning his body, especially on his tail feathers, and also carries his Symbol, the Purple Crown, on his forehead.

True Form



"Oh please, you don't have a Cherouv's chance in the Putriverse!"
—Archelaus boasting
Base Stats
Stamina Great -> Average
(depending on Hubris)
Strength Superior -> Poor
(depending on Hubris)
Energy Superior -> Poor
(depending on Hubris)
Durability Good -> Poor
Resistance Good -> Poor
(depending on Hubris)
Speed Superior -> Average
(depending on Hubris)
Reflexes Superior -> Average
(depending on Hubris)
Magic Superior -> Average
(depending on Hubris)
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Good
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Great
Olfactory Great

As Archelaus' primary form is that of a peacock, he has all the abilities of that species, namely the power of flight (he is the only Hell's Hound who can fly), the sharp beak, and the large and beautiful tail than can be fanned out to serve as either a distraction or a source of intimidation, as he can channel some Fovomantic abilities through his tail.

Like the other Hounds, Archelaus can manipulate HellMagick, and uses practically every ability, but favors all of the offensive techniques, such as Wicked Claw and Infernal Sphere. He also uses some Fovomancy, primarily through his tail. He accomplishes this by fanning out his tail and using his powers to give his tail the appearance of a frightful face; however, it doesn't work on the strong-willed and fearless. His tail can also be used to draw attention to him, like a sort of taunt.

He is also able to travel between the Putriverse and Mobius, although this is energy-intensive, and he must rest a day before traveling again.

Unique Power: Hubris

This is Archelaus' unique power. So long as he is completely confident and believes that everything is going smoothly, and if he is certain that he will be victorious in a fight, he will be at the peak of his power, with formidable physical strength, energy and stamina, high speed and agility, and decent durability. At full power, his physical strength is only slightly lower than Guduros Kentan, and his energy-based attacks are equally powerful.

However, when his confidence starts to slip, if he sees things are starting to fall apart on him, and he begins to truly believe that he might not win in a fight, his power wanes, to the point where his overall strength becomes downright pathetic if he loses all confidence.


Archelaus is also able to influence those who share his Sin, namely those who are highly arrogant, cocky and narcissistic. Those people who he is able to completely influence "gain" a Kigurai form, wherein they gain the ability to wield Archelaus' unique power... but he also has control over them.

Naturally, some people may willingly give themselves over to Archelaus in order to wield his power as well, essentially selling their souls to him. In this case, however, those people who give themselves to Archelaus always have access to his unique power, and don't utilize a Kigurai form.

People that have been influenced by Archelaus, or have given their souls to him;

  • Runihuros Dreadscorch - Archelaus barely had to do anything to get Runihuros' pride going; he only had to suggest that the dragon deserved far better than stolen livestock...

True Form


Archelaus is resistant to the Element of Darkness, as well as HellMagick.


Archelaus is weak to the Element of Light.

Friends and Foes







As the very embodiment of Pride, Archelaus is arrogant and cocky, believing himself to be superior to most of Buer's other followers. Rather prone to tantrums, he quickly becomes angry if things do not go his way, and has a bad habit of belittling and harassing people to dig at their self-confidence, even if they are his allies; the exceptions to this rule are Buer and The Five Children of Darkness, whom he deeply respects (and somewhat fears).

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Neutral Traits



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